Who Is Sandra Cho? Untold Facts About Kevin Durand’s Wife

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Sandra Cho is a Canadian actress known for films like Cupid’s Arrow and Why Am I Doing This. Cho, however, is more familiar among the general audience as the long-time wife of fellow Canadian actor, Kevin Durand.

The couple has been together since the late 2000s with two children in between. Cho’s partner, Kevin Serge Durand has appeared in numerous movies and TV series including, The Strain, Dark Angel, Lost, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Resident Evil: Retribution. 

While the father of Sandra’s children is still in show business, the actress’ presence has lessened to a significant extent. So much so that she might top the rank among the celebrities whom Hollywood has forgotten completely. Know where she was, what she is doing now, and if she is going to resume her thespian journey. Along the way, also know about her life with her husband, when did their relationship started, their marriage, and others.

Sandra Cho Is Allegedly A Toronto Native Of Korean Origin

While it is to some extent clear that Sandra is Korean, it is not known whether she was born in the country or if it was her parents. She allegedly spent most of her life in Toronto. Durand’s wife Sandra, in light of speculations, was born in the mid-’80s on May 2nd.

The former actress hasn’t spoken much about her heritage, though Cho once disclosed she at least has a brother.

Sandra Cho’s Relationship With Her Husband, Kevin Durand

Sandra married her husband Durand, the actor known for his role as Martin on Lost, on October 1, 2010. Durand, through his Instagram, once revealed he and his Canadian wife tied the knot at the Vivian Event. Together they are parents to two daughters.

Sandra Cho and Kevin Durand allegedly started dating in the late 2000s.
Cupid’s Arrow actress, Sandra Cho married the Legion actor, Kevin Durand in Oct 2010. Source: Getty

Although the couple is quite expressive with their behind-the-screen life — sharing occasional pictures of their family on Insta, Facebook, and Twitter, they are yet to retell the story of their early relationship.

Cho And Kevin Durand First Daughter, Amélie Moon 

On October 30, 2015, Sandra and her six-foot-five-inches tall husband welcomed their first-ever child, a daughter named Amélie Moon. Their little girl whose full name is Amelie Moon Durand was born on Sunday. The couple was in the fifth year of their marriage.

Shortly after welcoming their daughter, Durand took to his Instagram to announce the news. The Resident Evil star, then 41, shared a black-and-white photo where he is holding his then-newborn daughter.

“My wife and I are so proud to announce that we became parents yesterday! Amélie Moon Durand is here! So grateful n Happy? #loveandgoodnesstoall,”

Durand wrote in the captioned.

Sandra Cho's first daughter with her husband Kevin Durand recently celebrated her 6th birthday.
Sandra Cho and The Wolverine Origin actor Kevin Durand welcomed their first daughter Amelie Moon Durand in October 2015.

Sandra and her husband’s celebrity friends, including actor Matt Bomer and former wrestler Robert Maillet, also sent the couple their congratulations, thereby welcoming them to parenthood.

In Oct 2021, Cho celebrated her first child’s sixth birthday. Sharing a glimpse of the celebration on her Instagram, the Cupid’s Arrow actress wrote,

“Happy 6th Birthday my Moon! You are strong and sensitive, fun and observant. You know exactly who you are. We love you forever and ever! ❤️🎂🍭”

Their Second Child, Winter Fox Durand

Four years after the birth of Ami, Sandra and her spouse Durand gave birth to their second daughter, Winter Fox Durand on June 12, 2019. Cho apparently calls her Fox.

Kevin Durand and his wife welcomed their second child in June 2019.
Sandra Cho and her husband, Kevin Durand’s second daughter Winter Fox Durand.

Sandra Cho Owns A Beauty Line 

In addition to being a mom and a wife, Sandra is also a businesswoman. She owns a line of beauty products with her brother. The cosmetics are generally for the daily routine that would have an impact on skin and are also for glowing purposes. Apparently, her line is called, Gviag Beauty.

Kevin Durand's wife says she has been seeing Korean beauty products since her childhood.
The Legion actor Kevin Durand’s wife, Sandra Cho owns a beauty line called Gviag Beauty.

In Feb 2020, announcing her business pursuit, Durand’s  wife, on her Instagram, wrote

I created a line of products with my brother to incorporate into my daily routine that would have a quick impact on my skin and help me glow. Check it out and let me know what you think. Use promo code SD2020 to get 15%off for a limited time. @gviag_beauty.

Through the post, she also revealed how skincare was an integral part of her life from an early age. She said every morning and evening she would hear her mom put on different Korean products onto her face. Sandra also mentioned her mother’s amazing skin and admitted she wanted to glow just like her.

What’s interesting is the actor Kevin Hart also seems to be a fan of Cho’s GviaG Beauty.

She Acted In Two Movies 

Kevin’s wife of over ten years, Sandra Cho, so far has only two IMDB credits.

She made her acting debut in the 2009 film Why Am I Doing This as a Korean Woman. The now luxury skincare entrepreneur then cameoed in the 2010 film Cupid’s Arrow portraying the role of a “Student.”

As evident, it’s been more than a decade since the mother of two appeared in a Hollywood project. What’s still unanswered is if Sandra is going to make a comeback or she has unofficially said goodbye to her acting career.

Sandra Cho Is A Fan Of Horror Movie

In Oct 2014, while talking with Starry Mag, the Robin Hood actor revealed how much of a horror movie lover his wife, Sandra Cho was.

Kevin Durand says his wife loving horror movies is one of the reason why they fell in love.
The Robin Hood actor Kevin Durand with his wife Sandra Cho and their two daughters in Holloween 2019.

When asked if he was normally a horror fan or a thriller fan of films or television, Durand responded

“Yes. Since I was a child, much to the chagrin of my father, my mother would keep me up and I would watch horror films with her since I was about four years old or five years old, so I’ve always been a fan.”

He then added how the tradition would repeat with the mother of his children. The Thunder Bay native said his wife, being a horror fan, kind of added truth to the saying, “And they always say that you marry your mother.”

Durand explained Cho’s being the biggest horror fan ever made him experience a rebirth in terms of his interest in the genre. He also said when he found out about her taste in movies he and his wife, then-girlfriend, Sandra were kind of “snickering & giggling like some little kids going,”  and thought it was going to be “awesome.”

Her Actor Husband Is A Millionaire

Though relatively plain, Cho’s husband is still a million-dollar actor with his net worth resting anywhere in the range of $4 million to $10 million. From what it has been apparent, Sandra Baby’s father may not finish among Hollywood’s biggest takers, nevertheless, is a pretty notable face. Especially when it comes to the indie & action genres.

On the other hand, his wife, Cho’s net worth is a whole different game of theories & extrapolations. In any case, considering her line of profession i.e. the aesthetics goods, there’s a good chance the Toronto native is also doing fine in terms of money.

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Other Facts About Sandra Cho 

  • She is also proficient in baking.
  • Sandra also promotes Rare Edition an online platform for a modern-day collector’s marketplace & grading company.
    It is a means to buy, sell, grade, and store collectibles from sports cards to others. Cho, however, hasn’t revealed what role she serves in the company.


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