All You Need To Know about OpTic’s Gamer, Zlaner

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All You Need To Know about OpTic’s Gamer, Zlaner
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ZLaner or Zach Laner or Z is a Canadian video gamer. He is famous for designing his controllers and merchandise. Zlaner additionally has collaborated with other famous gamers including Dr Disrespect who is also his friend and longtime gaming partner.

Read more about Zalner in the article ahead. Delve into subjects like his early life, relationships, cheating scandals, and so forth.

ZLaner Was Born In The Late ’90s

Zlaner was born on Dec 23, 1997. Although the now 25-year-old Laner has hardly talked about his childhood, he presumably grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Zlaner additionally has kept the details of his parents to himself only.

He however does feature his father on his streaming antics. But most of his childhood is yet to come to public knowledge.

His Career; How He Got Into Gaming?

Zlaner grew up around gaming. He used to play with his father and brothers at every free opportunity. Zlaner’s career as a gamer however started in 2019. The Z says he always wanted to end up as a gamer. He initially started with Halo and Fortnite before jumping to Call Of Duty.

Canadian gamer Zlaner
Fortnite player Zlaner. Scuff Gaming

Zlaner started on Facebook Gaming because of his friend named Dimes. According to Zlaner, Dimes shined a massive spotlight on him at the beginning. Zach eventually created his page and started building his fan base. Laner started streaming on Facebook Gaming in July 2018.

Some of Zlaner’s notable achievements include 43rd place in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup North America East competition and 37th in the Fortnite Champion Series Season 2 Chapter 2 event in 2020.

Call Of Duty player Zach Laner
Canadian gamer, Zlaner or Zach Laner. Scuff Gaming

In early 2020, Zlaner moved away from Fortnite to Call Of Duty: Warzone. Zlaner also did a lot of music growing up, from age 13 to 19. He used to play bar gigs at festivals and college parties. The gamer says that helped him a lot with stage presence.

Who Is Zlaner Dating? His Girlfriend And Their Relationship

Zlaner is dating his girlfriend, Danika Teahara who also goes by the internet name Nika. It is unclear when Zlaner and Danika started dating but the latter announced she was in a relationship on heŕ Facebook on Feb 6, 2015.

The couple haven’t shared much about their union however the couple was part of a headline back in May 2021. It was after the two were robbed at gunpoint.

Zlaner with his girlfriend Danika Teahara
Zach Laner with his partner Nika or Danika Teahara. Twitter

Zlaner, via his Twitter, said he and his girlfriend became the victims of a robbery when they were in their jeep with their dogs. Zach revealed the incident happened at a gas station. Laner additionally said that he had to give up his jeep to be safe. Zlaner however said the police found his jeep later.

His girlfriend Danika is from Grand Falls, New Brunswick.

Zlaner’s Net Worth

Zlaner lacks a definitive figure on his net worth but sources suggest he boasts a net worth estimated in the millions. It shouldn’t be surprising at all considering his prowess as a thriving content creator with a substantial following.

Understandably, diverse revenue streams contribute to his financial success, encompassing earnings from YouTube and Twitch, lucrative brand partnerships, merchandise sales, and generous donations from his devoted fan base.

CoD player from Canada, Zlaner
Canadian gamer Zlaner. YouTube

ZLANER’s popularity is underscored by his engaging content and consistent video production, fostering a significant subscriber and viewer base. These all have translated into increased financial opportunities for the Canadian gamer. Collaborations with fellow content creators and active participation in charitable initiatives further augment his brand and financial standing.

In summary, ZLANER has crafted a prosperous career as a content creator, leveraging multiple income channels to amass considerable wealth.

Zach Cheating Scandal

Back in early 2021, Zlaner faced several accusations of cheating on Call Of Duty: Warzone. However later in July of that same year, Zlaner set up an extra camera and an eye tracker after which he proceeded to drop 38 kills. This, the Canadian did to prove to people that he doesn’t need hacks.

Dr Disrespect partner, Zach Laner
Fortnite gamer Zach Laner or Zlaner.

Z had his traditional streamer camera set up showing his face as he played the game. He additionally had a camera showing his monitors to prove that there were no hacks on screen.

He furthermore had an eye tracker to show that he wasn’t looking at anything hidden from his viewers. Despite being slightly out of his comfort position, Zlaner dropped a big 38-kill game.


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