All About Garrett Clark: Parents, Girlfriend, Bio

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All About Garrett Clark: Parents, Girlfriend, Bio
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Garrett Clark is a social media personality and professional golfer.  He is popular for publishing golf content on his Gmgolf and Goodgood channels. Garret has created some of the most-watched golf videos on the internet. Some also label him the pioneer of the golf YouTube era.

Recently, Clark has also been making headlines for his supposed relationship with another internet personality Corinna Kopf. So know if Kopf is certainly his girlfriend in addition to the detailed life chapters of Garrett Clark.

Garrett Clark Was Born In The 2000s

Clark was born on April 8, 2000. He is the son of Tammy and Gerald Clark. Garrett grew up in Kansas City. As a child, he was a big fan of the Bryan Bros, which motivated him to become a YouTuber himself.

YouTuber and golfer Garrett Clark
Garrett Clark in Feb 2023. Instagram

Clark’s parents weren’t involved in golfing in any manner. Because of golf, Clark was homeschooled.

For his education, Garrett went to Christ Prep High School. Later on, Clark studied at Kansas Community College. He however didn’t graduate and instead chose to focus on his YouTube/Golf career.

Garrett Clark Career; He Didn’t Want To Play Golf

Garrett was initially a baseball player playing for the minor league. However, during elementary school, he transitioned to soccer. Later, he developed a fascination with cameras and filming. As for golf, Garrett originally hated the sport calling it an old man sport.

It was one of his neighbors’ kids that forced him to come to play golf. Afterward, Garrett and his neighbor went head to head and finished 25 shots a piece tying the round. Garrett still thought the game was stupid. It nevertheless was his competitive instinct that ultimately made him pursue golf professionally.

Garrett Clark in 2019
Garrett Clark in Dec 2019 after crossing 100 subscribers. Instagram

Clark started golfing at age 13 and says he hasn’t put the clubs down since. As a freshman, he joined Christ Prep’s golf team. Among his numerous achievements includes shooting a closing 68 despite hitting only two fairways.

Garrett additionally is the founder of the very popular golf YouTube channel, Goodgood Golf. Clarke started his YouTube journey when he was just nine years old. Once in an interview, Clark said his childhood dream was to be a YouTuber. In fact, before pursuing golf professionally, Clark used to upload trick shots for fun.

YouTuber Garrett Clark
Garrett Clark is from Kansas City. Instagram

Garrett now has over 2 million subscribers on his two YouTube channels with more than 500 million views. His Instagram accounts have more than 800,000 followers.

Before Goodgood and GM Golf fame, Garrett was a member of another YouTube squad, BroFive.

Who Is Garrett Clark’s Girlfriend; Is He Dating Corinna Kopf?

It is unclear when Garret and Corinna’s relationship started but the rumors of their fling started after the emergence of a TikTok video where Clark and Corinna shared a kiss in Aug 2023. The speculations soared further after the appearance of another video titled Corinna Kopf Caddies For Me on Garrett’s channel gm__golf on Aug 24, 2023. Since their first meeting, the two have been hanging out several times on and off the golf pitch.

Corinna Kopf and Garrett Clark posing for YouTube video
Garrett Clark and Corinna Kopf for a YouTube video. YouTube

However, the two have never addressed the rumors directly. In fact, Corinna in December 2022 had already revealed her boyfriend Sammy Wilk through a post on her Instagram.

Some have even alleged that Garrett and Corinna have already broken up behind closed doors. As for the present, Clark seems to be single considering the recent videos and vlogs he posts on his channels.

Garrett Clark Net Worth; Is He A Millionaire?

Garrett presumably is a millionaire however his net worth is a mystery. He undoubtedly makes most of his money through his YouTube videos.

In the meantime, Garrett is also the founder of a multimillion-dollar company, GM Attire. He also has a collaboration with Calloway Golf and has his golf lines. Clark additionally has dealt with Lexus, Bose, GoPro, and other big-time brands. He additionally has a high-paying niche on his YouTube channel.

Clark has also shared how good his finances have been since he became a YouTuber. He has gifted his parents some $100,000 to buy a luxury car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By comparison, Garrett’s alleged girlfriend Corinna is much richer but the golfer is definitely on his way to becoming celebrity-esque rich.


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