All About Jena Frumes: Her Dating History, Wiki, Early Life, Sister

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All About Jena Frumes: Her Dating History, Wiki, Early Life, Sister

Jena Frumes is an American model. She became famous for her string of affairs with high-profile people. From sports stars to singers, she has dated them all.

As of now, Jena is in a committed relationship, and with her partner, she even shares a child. So who is Jena Frume’s boyfriend? We’re gonna find out here!

In addition to that, Jena also had other high-profile affairs as well. From dating footballers to soccer players, she has gone out with them all. Let’s also find out about her past affairs and her career as well.

Jena Frumes grew up in New Jersey

She was born on September 21st, 1993, in Union Beach, New Jersey. She belongs to the mixed ancestry of African, French, and Native American. Given her mixed ancestral heritage, now we know where she gets her beautiful genes.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to know about Jena’s parents and siblings. Although some sites claim she has a sister, the information seems to be far from the truth.

Does Jena Frumes have a twin sister?

If you’ve been following Jena for some time then surely you must’ve come across the rumor about her having a twin sister. Many tabloids claim she has a twin sister, however, as it turned out, the girl they all are referring to as her sister is in fact a close friend named Lauren Wood aka Lolo Wood.

The reason why this rumor came to prevalence is that both of them look similar to each other. They have the same body structure, same skin tone, face structure, and of course the same over-the-shoulder perms. To be honest, the resemblance is uncanny. See for yourself!


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Well, whatever the case may be, now we know they are not sisters but only good friends.

Jena Frumes Educational Background: Is she a college graduate?

After finishing up her formal education from a local high school in Union Beach, she enrolled at the college, as a backup in case her career as a model didn’t work out.

She decided to study at the prestigious North Carolina Central University (NCCU). Not only did she get into college, but she also received a full-ride scholarship. Talk about being a beauty with brains. As for what she studied, she joined the Criminal Justice & English literature program.

That being said, Jena didn’t finish college and dropped out after studying for 3-years. Although several tabloids claim she graduated college, Jena herself mentioned in a Tweet post that she dropped out.

Jena Frumes college
Jena dropped out of college after three years.

Jena Frumes Career: She started modeling from a young age

We’ve all come across several instances where a person who is well-versed in their craft starts it young. Well, similar is the case for Jena who moved to Los Angeles in her early 20s and pursued her modeling career.

Upon entering the city of angels, Jena found herself surrounded by several small-time gigs. Her big breakthrough came when she was cast in Nick Cannon’s show, Wild N’ Out. After appearing in the improv sketch comedy show, she became an overnight sensation.

Jena got into the show through a friend who was tight with the show’s producers.

Jena Frumes has modeled for several brands and has her own merchandise

Ever since she got her big break in the modeling industry, Jena had been pretty busy. So far, she has worked for several brands including Lounge Underwear. In addition, she also worked closely with numerous other fashion brands as well.

Apart from her modeling gig, Jena also features her own merchandise. It seems Jena and her husband, both are involved in the merchandise. She operates an Instagram page All Things Jena, from where you can buy her merch. She usually promotes the merch through her Instagram stories and posts.


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We can say she is enjoying her remarkable career as a model.

Who is Jena Frumes’s boyfriend?

We’re sure many of you are curious to know about this vivacious model’s personal life. As of now, she is in a relationship with singer, Jason Derulo. The couple has been dating since early 2020.

They first met while hitting the same gym. It was Jason who made the first move and Jena also found him to be quite cute. Subsequently, the pair started dating.

Jena Frumes Jason Derulo
Jena and Jason on a beach.

Moreover, the lovebird is also a parent of one beautiful child. They welcomed their first and only child, Jason King Derulo on May 18th, 2021. Initially, the pair announced they were expecting their first child together in March 2020.

Ever since giving birth to her first child, Jena has caused a lot of buzz on social media, purely because she stated that she won’t be revealing her son’s face to the public. In an Instagram story, Jena said,

“It’s MY choice not to expose my baby’s face online. A lot of y’all feel too entitled to voice opinions NO ONE asked for. My baby is beautiful and 100 percent healthy, but at this time, my baby is brand new to the world. I refuse to let the negative energy of social media mess with my family’s energy.”

Well, to each their own! Whatever the case may be, we’re happy Jena’s firstborn was born healthy and well.

Jena Frumes has had several affairs

Before she started dating Jason, Jena had had a few high-profile affairs. She was first linked with comedian, Nick Cannon. Rumors of their dating affair first started when Jena featured in his show, Wild N’ Out. Their relationship died down after she left the show.

Apart from Nick, she was also linked with sports stars. Her first public relationship was with NFL star Antonio Brown. The pair started dating in early 2017, however, their relationship died down after a couple of months.

After their break-up, Jena started dating the professional English soccer player, Jesse Lingard. The now-former flames started dating in late 2017. Their relationship broke off after a couple of months.