Brittany Renner Almost Got Married Once: Her Boyfriend, Future Husband, & More

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Brittany Renner Almost Got Married Once: Her Boyfriend, Future Husband, & More
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Brittany Renner is a popular social media personality. Besides her professional life, she is mostly known for her number of unstable romantic relationships. There is a keen interest in people about her dating history and relationships.

Renner has been involved with several famous names belonging to prominent industries. So, is she even married? Who is Renner’s husband? Here, in this article, we will get to know detailed information about her love affairs, husband along with a long list of her boyfriends.

Let’s dig in!

Brittany Renner Has No Plans To Get Married As Of 2023

Renner who has been gaining huge success as an Instagram influencer and Fitness model, is not married till today. There is not a clear reason for Renner being unmarried till the present time, but she must be on the way searching for a suitable partner. Being an independent individual, she is doing well in her profession.

Model and self-help coach Brittanny Renner shows her body
Renner is not married and hence does not have a husband yet. Source: Instagram

Even though the beautiful model has not decided to start a committed life yet, it is not that she has not been in serious relationships. Brittany has been with several famous Rappers and athletes.

Brittany Is Taking A Break From Committed Relationships As of 2023

Renner’s living a prideful and peaceful life today. In fact, she has even taken a break from dating life as she does not seem to be dating a boyfriend as of 2023.

With a lot of high-profile romantic involvement previously, the fitness model has chosen a life without any lover. She is always open about her love life and sexual experiences. Renner also stated her dissatisfaction with how she has always felt more sexually invested in every relationship than emotionally. She said,

“I know what it’s like to be desired by men. I don’t know what it’s like to be valued by one,”

The model also shared how she has always valued others more than herself in every relationship and felt worthless later on. This might be the key reason for Brittany being single today and living her life for herself.

So, how were Brittany’s past relationship experiences? Who did she date? Read further to find out.

Brittany Renner Had Numerous Boyfriends In The Past

Brittany’s love life has been full of ups and downs. She has reportedly been with several well-known figures in the industry. Her first known relationship was with late YouTuber, Kevin Samuels. Unfortunately, Samuels sadly passed away last year i.e. in 2022.

Brittanny with one of her ex boyfriends Kevin
A picture of one of Renner’s ex-boyfriends, Kevin Samuels who passed away in 2022. She had a long dating history.

Following the end of her relationship with the YouTuber, she got involved with footballer Casey Therriault. After parting ways in a very short time with Therriault, Britanny also got her name joined with NFL Player, Colin Kaepernick in 2013 which was also not a serious one.

After being connected with the prominent players, the model made her way to singers. Brittany got into a relationship with R&B lead singer, Trey Songz in 2014. Soon after him, she got with the popular singer and songwriter, Chris Brown. They started hanging out around 2015 and separated the same year. Following Brown, Renner also got shortly with Tyga and then with basketball player Ben Simmons in 2016

The list of Brittany’s ex-lovers goes on along with her being spotted with Ceasar Chukwuna, founder of CHR Law Group. Again, getting back to the stars of the music industry, Renner got with Lil Uzi Vert and then moved to the famed Drake. Gradually getting out of contact with musicians, she moved to athletes and dated James Harden around 2018. This was followed with her relationship with another basketball player, Jamal Murray.

Brittany’s Controversial Relationship with P.J Washington

Moving on from Murray, the established model got with PJ Washington. In the year 2019, the couple started dating each other. PJ invited her to watch him play basketball for the University of Kentucky. At the time, Washington was just 18 years old whereas Renner was already 24. They confirmed their relationship in the following year in 2020.

Self-help coach Brittanny with her ex-partner PJ
Brittany and PJ had a complicated love affair. They broke up in 2021.

PJ was still on his way to establishing his career in sports when he was involved with Brittany. The couple was also rumored to have got married secretly but it was not the truth. Slowly, with time their relationship turned sour. We have always witnessed the connection between a couple strengthening after giving birth to a child together, but it was the complete opposite for the couple.

So, what happened between them?

About Renner and Washington’s Son

After being in a relationship for barely 2 years, Brittany got pregnant with her then-boyfriend’s child. There was no hint about the problems before and during her pregnancy, the couple, unfortunately, started having conflicts in their relationship.

Brittany gave birth to a baby boy, Paul Jermaine Washington III in 2021. But unfortunately, the new parents separated only after two weeks after the birth of their baby.

Renner with her ex-partner and their son
A picture of Brittanny and PJ with their son, Paul taken shortly after his birth in 2021.

The reason behind their separation was not out until the newborn was rumored to have taken birth against the will of the baby-daddy. Renner was blamed by PJ’s fans for allegedly seducing PJ into a relationship and strategically getting pregnant with the “Oops (accidental) child.” In reply to this, the model fiercely said;

“You asked me to move in with you. You wanted me to have your child at 22 years old. And here we are. I told you, ‘I’m ok to wait. I’m not in a rush.”

To this, she added that Paul was their planned child and PJ on the other hand was not acting as a responsible father.

Where Are Brittany And Her Son Today?

Renner holds custody of her son, Paul today. According to Hoops Bank’s claims, the baby’s father, PJ will have to pay $200,000 a month as child support to Renner for the next 18 years.

Paul’s father today is engaged with Alisah Channel whereas, Renner was with Kevin Gates for a short time in 2022 but has been living a single life recently. She is active on Instagram and often shares cute moments with her 2-year-old son.

A recent picture of Brittanny with her son Paul
Renner’s son Paul is 2 years old. Source: Instagram

Brittany who initially came from a mixed ethnic family, today is established as a self-help coach. Similarly, she is also the author of her book, Judge This Cover. 

Her book is also based on her relationship experiences where she has revealed how her romantic involvements have affected her life.

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