Canon W. Jack Curry: Untold Details On Stephen Curry And Ayesha Curry’s Only Son

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Canon W. Jack Curry: Untold Details On Stephen Curry And Ayesha Curry’s Only Son
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Canon W. Jack Curry is the5 year-old son of an American professional NBA basketball player Stephen Curry. Canon’s dad is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, who has been playing for the Golden State Warriors since 2009.

Likewise, Cannon’s mother Ayesha Curry is a Canadian-American actress known for Gary Unmarried, Love for Sale, and Irish Wish. Further, she is also a cookbook author and a TV personality. Well, having been born to such notable personalities, Curry has caught the media attention since his birth and lately, there has been a growing curiosity about his inside life.

So, today, we have included many details about Cannon in the following piece of article. Go through it.

How Old Is Canon W. Jack Curry?

He was born to his parents Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry on July 2, 2018, in California. Soon after his birth, his father took to his Instagram to share the news of his arrival and wrote,

Our beautiful baby boy Canon W.Jack Curry 7/2/2018. He joined us earlier than we thought and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful. Family of 5!”

Canon W. Jack Curry at his 4th birthday
Canon posing at his 4th birthday. Source: His mom’s Instagram

Likewise, his mom Ayaesha shared her infant’s picture with his sibling and captioned, “My heart is FULL. God has been too good to us.”

Just for your information, the baby Curry has a birth sign of Cancer.

Cannon Was Born Pre-Mature; His Mom Had A Difficult Prenatal Journey

The star kid arrived into the world four weeks earlier than his expected due date. Though born premature, he was a healthy baby.

Infant Canon W. Jack Curry
Infant Canon W. Jack Curry

Regarding this, his mom wrote a long status on her Instagram on July 27, 2018, which said,

It’s so hard to believe that today was my actual due date! Our little man decided to make his grand appearance super early at 36 wks completely healthy and for that we are forever grateful!

After his birth, his actress mom revealed how difficult her pregnancy period with Cannon was. About her prenatal journey, she said,

“I still have nausea, can’t sleep, pee every five seconds and am just so darn tired. I have what docs call Hyperemesis. This basically means the nausea, incessant sickness, and exhaustion probably won’t go away,”

Ayesha continued,

The only silver linings here are that my itty-bitty baby is healthy.

How was Canon W. Jack Curry Named? ‘W’ In His Name Stands For?

The reason behind Cannon’s name is quite interesting. His name ‘Cannon’ was picked by his parents during their honeymoon. While having an exclusive talk with People magazine, his matriarch narrated the story of how they named their last-born child. She told,

“It’s so funny. His name was the first name we picked out on our honeymoon,” We had his name picked out and then we had another girls’ But Canon always stuck with us, “We fell in love with the name So seven years later, we finally got to use it.”

She also stated that the name ‘Cannon’ is linked with their favorite place France as the French derive its meaning as the young wolf. Also, the couple stuck to the name due to their common faith in Christianity as the name Cannon in religion means ‘official of the church’.

Well, in case you are unaware, his middle name W stands for ‘Wardell’. His middle names Wardell and Jack are family names and Curry, it’s a surname.

Cannon’s Ethnicity, Nationality, Height, And Eye Color

With regard to his ethnic background, Cannon is African-American from his father’s side and has an ancestry of Polish, Jamaican, Chinese, and African from his mother’s side. Further, he is an American citizen.

Speaking of his eye color, he has beautiful blue-green eyes.

Canon W. Jack Curry Has Two Siblings

He is the youngest child of his parents. He has two elder sisters named Riley Elizabeth Curry and Ryan Carson Curry.

Canon with his two sisters
Canon with his two sisters. Source: Instagram

Riley is his eldest daughter born on July 19, 2012, and is currently 11 years old. She is interested in playing volleyball and also developing skills in cooking like her mother.

Ryan, on the other hand, is 8 years of old in 2023. She came into this world on July 10, 2015, and is growing up compassionate, headstrong, caring, and smart as per her mom.

Canon Curry Might Follow His Dad in the NBA

Several times, little Cannon has accompanied his father on the NBA basketball stage. He excitedly watches his father playing from the audience’s seat. With this, it seems like he has also developed a great interest in basketball. At such a young age, he has been able to dribble two basketballs at the same time.

Canon playing two basketball at once
Canon playing two basketballs at once. Source: His Instagram

On June 14, 2022, his mom shared his video dribbling two basketballs at once on her Instagram.

Canon Jack out here stuntin like his daddy. 😍😆

This was not the only time his mother shared a video of Cannon playing hoops. When he was just two, his mom posted a clip in which he seemed quite stubborn about practicing basketball.

Young Wolf trying to dribble like dada. I give it 3 years until he has the routine down 😂😂😂

After looking at all this, we can consider it as a sign that he may follow in the footsteps of his father in the future. 

Canon W. Jack Curry Likes Painting As Well

Curry seems to be well aware of what he wants to do. As aforementioned, he is interested in basketball and besides that, he likes to do painting as well. He started painting in his pre-school days. His love for art was revealed by his mom on November 16, 2020.

Canon while doing painting
Canon while doing the painting. Source: His mom’s Instagram

Sharing Jack’s picture with a painting brush and his painting on his side, the Love for Sale actress wrote,

Painting with auntie jaja! Canon loves art so much. His painting collection is growing fast and I’m saving ALL of them 😩🥰😍

Curry’s Adorable Video Of Greeting Klay Thompson Went Viral In 2022

On December 2022, after Warrior’s win in the NBA final game, Cannon walked through the tunnel towards the locker room holding his dad Stephen’s hand. Behind them, the star of the night Klay Thompson was coming too.

From the start, Junior Curry was trying to reach Klay. He was looking back at him again and again. However, after the trio reached the locker room, Cannon adorably said, “Hello, Klay Thompson” and the video was later posted by Warriors on NBC on its official Twitter which went viral.

Canon W. Jack Curry’s Mom Is Extremely Possessive Of Him

For every mother, her children are everything to her which is a common trait worldwide. However, in the case of Cannon’s mom, it seems a bit different. There’s no doubt that her son is dearest to her but side by side she is extremely possessive about him.

Canon with his mom Ayesha
Canon with his mom Ayesha. Source: His mom’s Instagram

Once in an interview with People, Ayesha stated,

“There is just something special about the bond between a mom and her son. “It feels like he’s my little boyfriend.”

She further said,

“I don’t know what it is but I just feel love oozes out of me,” she adds. “I am like a jealous girlfriend — I don’t want anybody to touch him. I don’t want anybody to hold him for longer than two seconds. He is all mine, and I want to keep it that way.”

She also added that with this attitude she fears for the future when Jack reaches the age of dating and said, ” I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Where Is Jack Curry Today?

He is growing up in his parent’s lavish home in California alongside his two elder sisters. As the son of such an accomplished individual, he undoubtedly has a luxurious lifestyle.

Looking at his age, he is currently a Kindergarten student.

Canon Is a Popular Star Kid; He Has a page on Instagram

Stephen Curry’s only son Cannon is quite popular, especially among NBA audiences. It looks like his cuteness has enticed people to a large extent. As a result, his fan page has been created on Instagram which has 21.5k followers in total.

Though he is yet to have his own social, he often appears on his mom’s Instagram which has 7.9 million followers in total. Further, his father is on Instagram with 52.3 million followers.

Cannon’s Father Is A Multi-Millionaire

His dad, Stephen Curry has an estimated net worth of $160 million at present. He earned such a massive amount from his career as an NBA basketball player. Also, Cannon’s mom Ayesha is a millionaire with a fortune of $10 million as of 2023.

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