Colton Osorio’s Parents Belongs to Mixed Ethnicity; His Full Bio

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Colton Osorio’s Parents Belongs to Mixed Ethnicity; His Full Bio
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If you do not know already, Colton Osorio is an aspiring child actor. Some might recognize him as “Young Luffy” from the real-life adaptation of the popular anime series, One Piece. However, he’s been in the business long before he appeared on the 2023 show.

So, who is this new actor? What about his parents and ethnicity? Many who’ve been admiring his work know that he comes from a mixed background. But, many do not know what’s behind it all!

In the article below, you’ll find some exciting details about Osorio.

Colton Osorio’s Parents Live Off The Radar

Born on 17th April 2009, Colton is 15 years old as of 2024. Furthermore, he is a native of Lowell, Massachusetts, born to Wilson and Maria Osorio. His Colombian-American parents helped him grow into the incredible young man he is today.

14 y/o actor, Colton Osorio is a Colombian-American
Osorio posing with his dog.

Both his mom and dad are of differing heritages. Unlike their baby boy, Mr. and Mrs. Osorio like to lay low. Moreover, the Daddy’s Home 2 actor also doesn’t post his mother and father much online.

Perhaps, in the coming days, his parents might make a grand public appearance. But for now, this is all there’s to know about them.

Mr. And Mrs. Osorio Have Two Children

You’ll be happy to know that he is not the only child of his parents. The couple, in the course of their marriage, have given birth and are raising two children together.

Like them, their younger child, Giana Capri isn’t the one for the media. Even her big brother doesn’t mention her during interviews or elsewhere. Nevertheless, the brother-sister bond is unbreakable.

What Is The Child Artist’s Ethnical Background?

As mentioned already, his ethnical background is a mix of Colombian and American heritages. Tabloids across the Internet might confuse you on the topic; they have misinterpreted that both of his parents are Colombian. But, it is to be noted that his father is Colombian, while his mother is an American.

Young and famous, Osorio has a supportive family background
The little guy loves his abuela to the fullest! – a picture of him and his Colombian grandmother

How do we exactly know this, you ask? Well, a little digging into his social media led us to the conclusion. Upon stalking his Instagram profile, we found that he calls his grandmother on his father’s side “abuela”, and his aunt, “tia”. Furthermore, his tia goes by the surname, Agudelo – it is a well-known name in Colombia.

He Is Close To His On-Screen Mother

In the newer episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, you see Colton appearing alongside his co-star, Angelic Zambrana. The actress holds the role of Rosa Estrada, a homeless woman who’s a victim of human trafficking.

Colton Osorio is an actor from Law and order SVU
A picture with his on-screen mother – they have a bond like no other

Over and above that, she is a single mother – guess who’s her kid? It is none other than, Colton himself!

The little guy constantly shares pictures with his on-screen mother on his Instagram. By the looks of it, the co-actors share a very close bond too. In one of such posts, he even has the hashtag, #mom. With that being said, you can guess how well he can mingle with his colleagues. Given his young age, we’re truly astounded.

When Did Colton Begin His Journey In Showbiz? All About His Career

Around the age of 6-7 years, Osorio began his journey in the entertainment business. Initially, he used to model for high-end brands like Puma and Nike. Eventually, as an 8-year-old, he got the opportunity to work on the big screens.

In 2017, he made his debut through the series, Kevin Can Wait. The show was a stepping stone for the child actor; he further received tons of invitations from filmmakers all over. Subsequently, he did a few guest roles as well. Colton is known for his parts in Daddy’s Home 2, God Friended Me, Luce, Love Life, Sesame Street, and New Amsterdam.

Besides, his greatest achievements so far have been projects like Cha Cha Real Smooth and live-action One Piece. While in the 2022 movie, he plays the role of Rodrigo, in the 2023 Netflix series, he’s Young Luffy – both are leading characters.

Wilson Osorio Held An “Impromptu” Viewing Party For His Kid Back In The Day

In 2019, when Osorio made his grand debut on the big screens, his dad surprised him with a viewing party. Wilson invited over 17 people to the gathering to support his baby boy. All the cheering and screaming that day, seeing little Colton on TV for the first time, made everyone immensely proud, especially him and his parents.

Mr. Osorio shared his experience during an interview as well. He said,

“It was amazing. They were really great. All the kids were super excited to see Colton on there.”

He continued,

“I’m extremely excited for him and for people from Massachusetts because it might open the doors for other kids in Massachusettes, to be seen on a national level. I’m really greatful, as Colton has never taken any formal acting classes or coaching, or anything.”

Furthermore, he thanked Evergreen Montessori House in Dracut for helping his son learn to read and act out characters from books. If not for them, his talent as an actor would not have flourished.

How Much Is Colton’s Net Worth?

At present, the star from the series, Kevin Can Wait has a net worth of $1.7 million. He’s only a teenager and is already a millionaire – how cool is that!

In the six years of his career so far, he’s worked really hard. We do hope that in the coming years, Osorio will work even harder. As a result, his wealth is bound to reach the multi-millions by the time he is a well-established adult actor.

Colton Osorio Is Too Young To Be In A Committed Relationship

Colton is just 14 years old. Therefore, the actor is too young to even have a girlfriend, let alone be in a committed relationship. Although, he does have many years of happy affairs ahead of him.

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