What Is Gabriel Basso Net Worth? His Financial Stature

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Gabriel Basso, born on 11th December 1994, is an actor known for his role in the Netflix show, The Night Agent. He portrays the role of Peter, alongside Luciane Buchanan in the 2021 thriller series. Way before this, Basso started his career in acting around 2007 with small roles in feature films. He is today one of the most adored actors in America better known for his skills in The Big C, Super 8, and The Kings of Summer.

After knowing briefly about his somewhat successful acting career, you must be wondering about Gabriel Basso’s net worth. How much is it? Does Gabriel have a million-dollar wealth? If yes, how did he reach such great heights with his fortune alongside fame? Well, this article is all about that.

Therefore, to know what Basso’s earnings and income source are, dig in the article below!

Gabriel Basso Net Worth; Is He A Millionaire?

As of 2023, actor, Gabriel has a net worth of $5 million dollars. That’s right, the young 28-year-old actor is a millionaire. It took him almost 16 years to come to this level. After starring in tons of demeaning roles, Basso has come a long way in his acting career. Furthermore, it took him a great deal of determination to reach where he is today – we’re proud of him for that.

Gabriel Basso has a million dollar net worth
The up-and-coming actor, Gabriel Basso is worth in millions

Thus, we know for a fact that Basso did not always have such a huge sum of $5 million dollars. Although the Internet talks less about his wealth before fame, here, we give you an assumption of his financial stature.

Furthermore, Basso who is still unmarried is also believed to see an increase in his wealth as he reaches even great heights in his career as an actor.

Our Guess On His Ranging Fortune After 2020

YearNet Worth
2023$5 million
2021-2022$1 million

What Is The Source Of Basso’s Wealth? A Summary Of His Career As A Top-Class Actor¬†

28-year-old Basso’s main source of a $5-million-dollar net worth is his career as an actor. He started his career as young as 13 years old by playing minor roles in a few feature films, as we have already mentioned. Moreover, his first lead role was in the Dailymotion Kids web series, Ghost Town. Hence, it is safe to say that he started out as a child actor.

American actor, Gabriel Basso
The actor from Netflix show, The Night Agent

Later on, recognizing his talent in acting, Basso was offered a bunch of roles on TV shows as well. With this in mind, he has appeared as a guest on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and ABC’s The Middle. Furthermore, his big break would be on the Showtime comedy series, The Big C. There, he portrayed the role of Adam Jamison for almost 3 years from 2010 to 2013.

A List Of Movies/TV Shows Gabriel Basso Is Famous For

  • The Big C
  • Super 8
  • The Kings of Summer
  • Barely Lethal
  • The Night Agent


What is Gabriel Basso known for?

Gabriel is known for tons of TV shows and movies. For instance, he is more popular for his roles in The Big C, Super 8, and The Kings of Summer.

What is the recent Netflix show Basso a part of?

In 2021, Basso starred in the Netflix show, The Night Agents. There, he portrayed the role of Peter and won millions of hearts.

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