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Constance Nunes is a model and car mechanic who is noteworthier as the host and the lead mechanic of the Netflix restoring and flipping the cars series, Car Masters: Rust To Riches. The show features a team of experts giving a complete modern transformation to old cars. Constance has been the frontrunner of Rust to Riches since day 1.

On the show, she entices viewers by bringing back classic cars to modern features. She additionally is the only woman and engine specialist at Gotham Garage, another likewise reality series and also a shop. Constance also has a worth mentioning modeling portfolio. She has appeared in magazines like Maxim and others.

Nunes, for many women who love to work behind the wheels, is an inspiration. She is continuously in search of opportunities and raising awareness and diversity for the community of automotive lovers. Read about the things she hardly allows the outsiders to know; her early life, parents, the formative years as a car mechanic, her relationship, and more.

Constance Nunes Is A Portuguese By Birth

Constance Nunes who is now 32 years old is Portuguese-born. She however grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

She spent her childhood within the confines of family members who all owned Chevy. The descent from the Iberian Peninsula Constance Nunes was born on November 17, 1989.

Constance Nunes Got Into Cars Through Her Father

Constance apparently has had a strong bond with her father since she was a child. In fact, it was her father that Nunes developed her love for cars. Nunes as a child watched her father racing and building muscle cars which actually sowed passion for cars in her.

1964.5 Ford Mustang owner and cars customizer, Constance Nunes. 
Gotham Garage and Cars Masters: Rust To Riches lead star, Constance Nunes.

Her father was a mechanic as well as an amateur car racer, a drag racer. He also had a car shop in Thousand Oaks, California. During an interview with Carlyle Motors, Nunes, whilst talking about her father, said,

“I grew up building cars my whole life. My dad was a drag car racer, and our whole family is into the building.”

She would work on cars at her dad’s garage as a kid. In addition, she would also help him when he was working. Nunes would later expand her knowledge about vehicles by working on numerous of them.

Nunes Career As A Car Remodeler 

Over the years, Constance has worked in the service department of several top car manufacturers. Some corporations for which Nunes has worked are Gotham Garage, and some Southern California brands including CARS Etc, Classics, and Charlie’s Corvettes.

Nunes has also been in the build teams of VP Racing Fuels, 4 Wheel Parts, Nitto Tires, and Audi. For all these, she, however, mostly worked as a specialist. She also explored the service department of BMW, Ford, and Acura dealerships in addition to being an aftermarket director.

In addition, she builds cars for specialty shops.

Constance Nunes Other Credits

Constance has also been an employee for Fortune 500 companies. One of them is Mattel (Hotwheels). She further has hosted, judged, and made celebrity guest appearances on hit auto shows like SEMA, Wekfest, Goodguys, National Geographic TV’s The Numbers Game, and Motorama.

Portuguese born Californian model and car mechanic, Constance Nunes.
Thousand Oaks native and car restorer Constance Nunes.

What’s more, in 2019, she also became the first female ever to be in an Edelbrock national commercial.

Nunes has additionally participated, as a racer in several competitions including Targa Trophy and The Gumball 3000 Rally. She has also been on several other showbiz projects.

Constance Nunes Modeling Works

In addition to TV personality and a mechanic, Constance has also divided her time into modeling. In fact, she stepped into the fashion industry whilst building her resume in the automobile sector. She has also served as a model at car shows.

Nunes as a model has posed for companies including Wranglers, Jockey, Jlux Label, Javanan Magazine, and Feral Cosmetics. Although she is a reality star and a model, Constance spends the majority of her time mending and restoring cars.

She Has Been On Several Commercials

In addition to fixing cars, Nunes has also done several television commercials. Some brands and figures for which she has advocated include Reebok, Motorola, and Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game.

She additionally appeared in Kia’s Superbowl Commercial in 2016. Nunes portrayed a minor character alongside The Pulp Fiction actor, Christopher Walken.

The mechanic was also a model for Toyota at the Grand Prix of Long Beach, in 2015. As a model, the restoration specialist is currently signed with NTA Talent.

Nunes Also Owns A Shop

Nunes is also a car restoration shop owner. The Grand Prix model owns CARS By Constance. The business focuses on building dream cars for its clients. Her shop provides clients with restoration options for 1950, 60, and 70s muscle cars.

The workshop mainly specializes in 60s-era Ford Mustang and at times from Sunday cruisers to hot rods.

Who Is Constance Nunes Married To?

While it is unclear in the present, Nunes in the past was married to fellow four wheels lover, Jared Toller. Toller and Constance were husband and wife for 10 years.

Nunes married her ex-husband Toller in Piru California at the New Hall Mansion on Feb 19th, 2009. The wedding was a rather intimate ceremony performed among family and friends.

When Did Nunes And Her Husband, Meet Each Other?   

Despite being married for a decade, Nunes when she was with her husband, Toller, didn’t divulge much about their relationship. She, however, did share briefly about her dissolved marriage during an interview with the No Focks Given podcast on YouTube in Feb 2021.

Constance with her ex-husband Jared Toller.
Jared Toller with her ex-wife and Cars Masters: Rest To Riches star, Constance.

Talking about the subject, the restoration expert in classic vehicles said,

I was married for 10 years.

Nunes then added that while she and Toller were students of the same high school and didn’t meet each other until after the end.

We were young and it was great and everything was like, fine, and then we got married.

Constance said sharing further about her and her ex-husband’s relationship.

Why Did They Divorce?  

As for the reason behind her divorce, the engine specialist, Constance didn’t say much except for pointing to the fact that relationships are complicated. She also complained about how people often underestimate it.

Constance said after her divorce she felt like it was the end of the world. The Gotham Garage mechanic admitted to having the feeling of cluelessness when she became a divorcee. It was Toller who filed for the divorce in Aug 2020 in Orange County Superior Courts, Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, California.

She Is Not A Typical Model On Instagram

Nunes is categorically popular on social media settings, especially on Instagram where she has over 1 million followers. Nunes however isn’t your average model who frequently shares pictures in tiny bikinis.

Interestingly, despite being a model and followed by quite many people, Nunes once revealed she is actually very bad at taking selfies. She admitted that as a model it was something that she didn’t inherit.

Cars Masters Rust To Riches lead star and model, Constance Nunes.
32 years old model and car remodeler, Constance Nunes with her 1964.5 Ford Mustang.

The Californian also said she is not very good with camera work. She, nonetheless, still uploads some model-Esque photos on her Instagram, although the poses are rather numbered.

The now 32-year-old has said life is not just about posting perfect pictures on social media. Her Ig is more about her sponsored images for brands such as Rockstar Energy Drinks, JLUXLABEL clothing, VP Racing Fuels, and others.

How Much Nunes Make As A Car Customizer And From Cars Masters; Her Net Worth And All

Although Nunes is involved in producing extravagant cars with premium price tags, what she has made for herself whilst making them is a bit of a riddle.

Ex employee of BMW car build team, Constance.
Former Audi service department member Nunes.

She and her team are responsible for upgrading a mere couple of thousands of dollars cars to six figures and even higher. While the journals are yet to assess the detailed financial ins and outs of Cars Masters and its members, speculations and a fluky set of data do show each of the stars and the show itself is bringing in quite a ton of money from all those TV rights, paid promotions, and the sales, itself.

In any case, it’s likely that Constance has a net worth equivalent to any number from the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Constance Nunes Other Facts

  • Nunes bought her first car at age 16 and it was her 1964.5 Ford Mustang. She calls her first vehicle Babysitting. As a remodeler, Nunes has spent countless hours in the car.
  • She has also been a background character in Enrique Inglesias and Pitbull‘s dance track “I’m a Freak” and Paris Hilton’s “High Off My Love.” Nunes likewise has been a model for another music video, Young Forever by Michael Canitrot.
  • She has worked as a stunt woman in the movies, Bring It On and Dodgeball. In the latter, she was more of a background artist.
  • Contrary to some rumors, Nunes hasn’t affirmed or ever addressed the hearsay that she went through some cosmetic surgery.


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