Three Things Kathryn Newton Did When She Turned 26 Years Of Age

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The Orlando Florida-born Kathryn Newton plays Cassie Lang in Antman Quantumania. Kathryn, age 26, assumes the role of Ant-Man/Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie. Newton who also had roles in Blockers, The Society, and Big Little Lies, gained a whole new popularity with her part as Cassie Lang in the new Antman movie.

But before being part of the MCU, Newton has had a long career starring in both lead and supporting roles in films and television like Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Lady Bird, and the aforesaid Big Little Lies and The Society.

In a way, one could say, Newton grew up with each of her new roles and her fans consequently did get the chance to see her through her different ages. However, the write-up below will focus specifically on her recent age milestone; her 26th birthday, and how the actress celebrated it. Also, read other details surrounding her age.

Things Kathryn Newton Did When She Turned 26

Newton while talking to LA Times in Feb 2023, said her 26th birthday was a very crazy birthday. The actress, who is also the daughter of Robin and David, told she flew to Toronto that night on a red eye. Following that, Newton went to a premiere where the whole audience sang her happy birthday and they brought her a cake. Kathryn said it was overwhelming.

Antman Quantumania actress Kathryn Newton 26th birthday was crazy
The Society actress Kathryn Newton mostly celebrated her 26th birthday during the premieres of Antman Quantumania. Getty

The Society actress during the interviews also revealed that she had never had so many birthday wishes and parties as she did on her 26th.

Shortly after her 26th birthday, Newton, who is reportedly a millionaire, did a photo shoot for LA Times. She also went to London England to get ready for an event presumably the Antman premiere.

Kathryn Newton Received A Top Secret Gift From Her Co-Star, Paul Rudd

During her interview with Seth Meyers on his eponymous Late Night show, Kathryn revealed she received a top-secret gift for her birthday when she turned 26. The actress said it was a prop from the film. Newton however quickly added that she didn’t have the liberty to tell what it was. Right after that, the host, Seth Meyers questioned the actress if it was a spoiler based or if it could get Rudd into trouble. To that, Newton said, “I think both.”

Orlando Florida born actress Kathryn Newton, Things Kathryn Newton Did
Kathryn Newton says she received a top-secret gift from her costar Paul Rudd. Film magic

While the actress didn’t reveal what it really was, she did say Rudd bringing the film’s prop to her made her birthday special. Newton also said that she was going to keep the gift her forever.

Kathryn Life And Career

Kathryn was born as the only child of Robin and David on Feb 8, 1997, in Orlando Florida. As a kid, Newton was also into golf, professionally. She started with the sports at age eight and was a member of the Notre Dame High School girls’ golf team.

26 years old actress from Antman Quantumania Kathryn Newton, Things Kathryn Newton Did
Kathryn Newton is known for playing Cassie Lang in Antman Quantumania.

Newton started her acting career at age four. She made her debut on the soap opera All My Children. She then starred in two short films, Abbie Down East and Bun Bun. Then in 2008, Newton got the role of Louise Brooks in the CBS television series Gary Unmarried. Two years later, she played Chase Rubin Rossi in the 2011 film Bad Teacher following which Newton portrayed the leading role of Alex in the 2012 film Paranormal Activity 4. Around the same time, she also appeared in the recurring role of Claire Novak on Supernatural.

In the subsequent years, the now 26 years old would have appearances in shows and films including Big Little Lies, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Ben Is Back, Detective Pikachu, The Society, Freaky, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things, and ultimately Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania.


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