Hendrix Wilburn; Untold Facts About Future’s Son

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Hendrix Wilburn; Untold Facts About Future’s Son
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Hendrix Wilburn is the son of popular rapper, Future and social media influencer and dancer, Joie Chavis. Belonging to such famous parents, Hendrix has already been living the life several people wish for. Although being a child, the facts of Hendrix’s life and his parent’s relationship are often discussed in the media.

Well, here will explore his life as a celebrity kid in detail and Hendrix’s parents’ relationship.

Hendrix Wilburn: The Fifth Child of Rapper Future

Wilburn was born on 15th December 2018 to his parents, Rapper Future, and social media influencer Joie Chavis in the United States. He is 5 years old today and belongs to African-American ethnicity.

Hendrix Wilburn is the son of rapper Future and his ex-partner Joie Chavis.
A picture of Hendrix his mother, Joie shared a few days after his birth. Source: Instagram

A few months before his birth, Hendrix’s mother also shared about her pregnancy and celebrated a huge baby shower with the presence of Wilburn’s father and other family members.

Wilburn is Homeschooled

Similar to several other famous star kids, Hendrix is also homeschooled until today. He must be attaining his primary level education at the time.

Hendrix Wilburn’s Parents Were Never Married

Hendrix’s parents started dating in 2017. When his father Future and his mother Joie were together, their relationship was quite famous among the fans. Despite their early romance, Wilburn’s parents broke up when his mother Chavis was pregnant with him.

They were not together even for a year. The reason behind their separation was not clear but many assumed that both of them had infidelity issues which led them to their separation.

Hendrix Wilburn's parents, Future and Joie
Wilburn’s mother and father during the baby shower before his birth.

After their separation, the two decided to keep a close relationship during the pregnancy. Thus, the rapper was present at the baby shower that was held at Joie’s home before her son’s birth, i.e., on November 5, 2018.

Future Said That He Never Love Hendrix’s Mom

In 2021, an audio of the rapper was leaked by his ex-partner, Brittni Mealy. The message includes the rapper accepting that he had no love for Joie. He said,

“I don’t look at her the same way like that. I don’t look at Joie the same way that I look at you. Me and Joie have always been friends, super cool, me and her just always been super cool to the point where we still could be cool right now. I don’t look at her like someone I love. I never loved her like that. She know that I never loved her. I never told her, ‘I love you.’ But we had a good ass friendship. I ain’t never tell her I love her like I love you.”

This message escalated soon although Britnni deleted it. The motive behind her spreading the audio was not cleared but later she apologized to Hendrix’s mom that she did not have any intention to hurt her.

During all this fuss, Joie chose to remain silent and did not comment on anything publicly about it. Maybe the two resolved the issue on their own.

Future and Joie Are Co-Parenting Hendrix

Despite their controversial relationship, Wilburn’s mom and dad have been perfectly co-parenting their son. According to a few sources, his dad pays around $5k per month as child support to his mother.

His single momma Joie is a well-established dancer as well as an entrepreneur on her own.

Hendrix Wilburn Lives With His Mother Joie Chavis and a Half-sister

At present, Future’s son lives with his mother Joie, and his half-sister, Shai Moss in Los Angeles, California. Shai is the first child of the dancer and she gave birth to her with her ex-partner rapper Bow Wow. She was born on April 27, 2011, and she is 12 years old.

Hendrix with his mother Joie Chavis and half-sister Shai Moss.
A picture of Hendrix with his mother and half-sister Shai. Source: Instagram

Hendrix and Shai are growing up together and seem to have an incredible bond. Their mother often shares pictures of them which include them on vacations as well as sharing lovely sibling moments at their home.

Wilburn Has Eight Other Half-Siblings From Hid Dad’s Side

Besides Shai, Hendrix also has other eight half-siblings from his dad’s side. They are, Reign Wilburn, Londyn Wilburn, Jakobi Wilburn, Future Zahir Wilburn, Legendary Wilburn, Prince Wilburn, Kash, and Paris. The oldest one is Jakobi who is 21 years old as of 2023.

Rapper future with his 5 children.
Hendrix (downward right) with his half-siblings from his father Future’s side.

All of the Future’s children are from different women which include, Jessica Smith, India J., Brittny Mealy, Janelle, Ciara, Eliza, and two others whose identity is not revealed yet.

Both of Hendrix’s Parents Are Single Today

As of 2023, Wilburn’s mom and dad are both living a single life. The last known affair of his father, Future was with the musical artist, Dess Dior. Similarly, her mother was dating NFL player, Trevon Diggs until a few months back.

Following several unstable and short-term relationships, the two seem to have taken a break from it for a while now. After all this, the rapper shared that if he ever gets married in the coming days, he wishes to give birth to multiple children with his wife.

Hendrix Wilburn’s Parents’ Net Worth?

His father who is worldwide popular has a net worth of a whopping $80 million at present. Similarly, his mom has assets of over 1.2 million today.

We can surely say that the child has already been living the life many people wish for.