Who is Marlee McKeehan, TobyMac’s daughter?

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Who is Marlee McKeehan, TobyMac’s daughter?
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Marlee McKeehan is an uprising musician and singer. She is better known as the adopted daughter of Christian musician, rapper, songwriter, and record producer, TobyMac. Marlee is just another celebrity kid who is slowly becoming a person of intrigue on her own.

Now well into her coming up age, a look at how Marlee’s doing is worth considering. So, read all that there is to know about her including her childhood, her relationship with her father TobyMac, and also her love life.

Marlee McKeehan Was Born In The Early 2000s

McKeehan was born on April 29, 2002, at 11:57 am. She initially had a different birth name, Makayla. She also has a twin brother, Moses who is six minutes younger than her.

Her twin brother Moses, however, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He was diagnosed in 2015. This disability makes Marlee’s brother need constant care and stricken in a wheelchair.

Who Are Marlee McKeehan’s Biological Parents?

TobyMac has maintained a degree of privacy regarding the biological parents of Moses and his sister. Nevertheless, Life Defenders reports that Marlee’s birth mother identifies herself as Jina.

TobyMac with his daughter Marlee McKeehan
McKeehan with her father TobyMac. Facebook

According to the piece, Jina shared that she was in a relationship with Moses’ biological father during the 9/11 incident, but the two never married. At the time, Jina, a single mother of two, was residing with her mother in Norfolk, Virginia.

She became pregnant with Moses and his sister at the age of 20. Although she did not disclose the name of the biological father, Jina revealed that he, too, was young and already a father to a boy with another woman. He additionally was expecting another child with his then-girlfriend.

Given their circumstances, with Jina being a single mother and the biological father having his own responsibilities, she made the decision to place her next two children up for adoption.

Following their birth, Moses and Marlee spent a week in a special care nursery. Jina, however, regretted the adoption decision and attempted to bring them back into her care. But after facing challenges, she reconsidered and opted for adoption once again.

Upon entrusting Moses and Marlee to TobyMac and Amanda, Jina maintained a connection with her biological children through photos, videos, and occasional visits. She now engages herself in activism. Marlee’s birth mother focuses on raising awareness about adoption and providing information to women considering abortion, emphasizing life-affirming alternatives available to them.

Marlee’s Siblings; One Of Her Brothers Died

She has one biological brother and two adoptive brothers. The latter are the biological children of TobyMac and Amanda. Marlee also had one more brother, Truett who was also the biological son of Amanda and TobyMac. He, sadly, lost his life on Oct 23, 2019.

TobyMac with his late son, Truett
The late Truett McKeehan with his singer father TobyMac. Instagram

He died from an accidental drug overdose of fentanyl and amphetamines. Truett was 21 at the time. He was a rapper following in his father’s footsteps.

Marlee McKeehan Has Written A Song With Her Father, TobyMac

McKeehan has recorded a song collaborating with her father. The single with the title, Everything About You features Marlee’s voice in the opening verses. The song actually is a tribute to Marlee’s brother and TobyMac’s son, Truett who passed away from an accidental overdose on Oct 23, 2019.

Marlee McKeehan recorded a song for her late brother Truett (1)
TobyMac’s daughter Marlee during the recording of Everything About You. Instagram

Speaking about the collaboration, TobyMac on his Instagram, wrote,

I’m SO proud of my girl! It was VERY special to write and record together. And Mar crushed this song vocally…..crushed it!

Marlee is now pursuing music, however, it is unclear if she is up to producing her own creation.

Does Marlee McKeehan Have A Boyfriend?

Marlee doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend. A see-through of Marlee’s Instagram suggests that she currently navigates the realms of single life. Her Instagram page unfolds the adventures and radiant smiles of Marlee and her friends.

The young adult seems to be enjoying sharing the spectrum of her experiences ranging from thrilling escapades to some beautiful family gatherings. However, Marlee has hardly teased on the subject of heart matter. It clearly is an elusive subject in the case of hers.

Moses McKeehan with his family
The McKeehans: Back row, left to right: Truett, Amanda, Marlee. Front row, left to right: Toby, Moses, Judah and Leo.

Regarding her socials, Marlee, no doubt, is the protagonist of her life but the chapters that could have shown her love affairs are yet to be written.

TobyMac’s daughter sure loves to tell stories through her social media handles but the answers to who her boyfriend is or who she is dating, for the time being, remain to herself only. Then again, considering the fact that she loves to share, it is only a matter of time before her romantic endeavors are out in the open.

Net Worth

Marlee’s net worth is, nevertheless, yet to be estimated. But, her father TobyMac is a multimillionaire with a net worth of $10 million in 2024.


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