Interesting Facts About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents

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Interesting Facts About Bhad Bhabie’s Parents
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Danielle Bregoli, popularly known as Bhad Bhabie, is a young American rapper and an Internet sensation. She is just a 19-year-old girl in her late teens who became famous in 2016 after appearing on the show, Dr. Phil. Her phrase, “Cash me outside, how bout dah?” from the talk show immediately went viral and the girl started to shine as a sensation.

In addition to all this, just a year after, her debut single, These Heaux led Bhabie to become the youngest female rapper ever to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Following this, a line of fame and fortune entered her life and she expanded her career into a reality show and entrepreneurship. However, this wasn’t the case in her early life. Bhad Bhabie comes from a house with a broken family.

So, who are her parents, and what went wrong during her childhood? In this article, we bring you some interesting facts about Danielle’s aka, Bhabie’s parents. Let’s dig in!

Bhad Bhabie Was Just A Baby When Her Parents Called It Quits

Bhabie was born Danielle Bregoli on 26th March 2003. Her parents, Ira Peskowitz and Barbara Ann Bregoli were only dating for a year before their daughter entered the world. They lived in a house together in Boyton Beach, Florida for some time after Bhabie’s arrival. However, they separated shortly after, when the young rapper was only an infant.

Ira Peskowitz abandoned his family when his daughter was an infant
An old photo of Danielle as a baby with her dad.

So, why did her father and mother separate? Many have accused her dad, Ira of abandoning the mother of his child and daughter. Due to the lack of evidence, however, this is yet to be proven true.

The Young Rapper Was Just 4 Years Old When Her Mother Was Diagnosed With Cancer; Bhabie Had A Troubled Childhood

After the separation between her parents, Bregoli lived entirely with her mother in their house in Florida. The mother-daughter duo had a happy time together until the day when Barbara Ann was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. At that time, Bhabie was just a 4-year-old kid.

Danielle Bregoli's mother has been her sole caregiver
Bhad Bhabie with her darling mother, Barbara Ann.

Since Ann only had her daughter by her side, Danielle became her mother’s primary caregiver. The little girl had to rub aloe on her mom’s chest every single day to relieve her from the pain caused by cancer treatments, among other things that went on around the house.

Furthermore, in late 2007, Barbara’s cancer was in remission. Despite this, she had not recovered well enough to get a job. So, for a long time, she and her daughter survived on insurance, child support, and help from Ann’s side of the family.

Bhabie even expressed how she felt during those tough times to Palm Beach Post. She said,

“Sometimes you think you are alone, but there are a bunch of moms like me out there who should be recognized. It’s hard being on your own. A dad is a dad, but a mom is the one who gives birth to a child. She nurtures that child. You are a mom for life. That never changes.”

Sadly enough, her mother’s cancer was back when Bhad Bhabie was just about to turn 11. This return was the cause of her rebellious behavior, according to her mother.

Did Her Mom, Barbara Ann, Really Take Advantage of Danielle’s Fame?

Coming from a broken family and troubled childhood, Bhabie started to act out. As a young girl, she constantly changed schools and nothing was stable in her life. Thus, it was after the 6th grade that she became quite a rebel.

As it turns out, Danielle became a full-fledged criminal at just 10-11 years old when she stole her mom’s car. Following this, she was immediately arrested as well. Hence, began her life as a felon and her mother believed that she was failed by the court system.

Barbara Ann Bregoli raised her daughter despite suffering from cancer
Bhabie is the happiest around her mom!

Soon, in 2016, Barbara Ann, Bhabie’s mother, contacted Dr. Phil. She wanted to give her daughter the justice she deserved but the show, in turn, portrayed her in a negative manner. Everyone started to accuse her of being a mother who had given up on her own child.

Just a year after all this drama, when Bhad became famous, Ann’s attitude toward her daughter changed. She had now begun to embrace her offspring after many believed that she had already given up on Danielle. Furthermore, she also had an answer ready for her critics after these accusations were made public.

Barbara Ann said,

“I put my daughter on that show to save her life. These people don’t know me from a goddamn hole in the wall. Have they ever talked to me? Have they ever sat with my daughter? No. But they’ll hate on her now. You know why? She’s got a personality. She’s got a gift.”

It is a shame to believe that a mother is using their child to get famous. We really hope that it isn’t the case for Bhabie and her mom.

Why Did Bhad Bhabie Not Grow Up Around Her Father? He Gave Up On His Own Daughter

Ira Preskowitz has been out of Bregoli’s life from the very beginning. We can even say that she has an estranged relationship with her own biological father. However, in 2018, Ira entered the picture.

In 2018, Mr. Peskowitz released a video claiming that he was locked in a custody battle with Bhabie’s mother since 2003. Furthermore, he explained that he did not actually give up on his only daughter but gave up on her custody after facing constant frustration from the court and legal fees. In addition to this, he even criticized his ex-partner’s way of upbringing their daughter.

Similarly, Bhabie’s dad even claimed that he had put his daughter on his health insurance and tried to engage her in rehab. Ira also claimed that he wanted her to be closer to her half-siblings and step-mother too.

Despite this, many accused her dad of also trying to benefit himself financially from his daughter’s growing fame. On the contrary, Ira denied these accusations and assured everyone that he posted the video out of the love he has for his darling daughter.

Bhad Bhabie Almost Got A Restraining Order Against Her Dad

At the beginning of 2020, Bhabie shared a post aimed at her dear old dad. Research suggests that it was a reply to Ira after he posted a statement on his Facebook claiming that Bregoli’s mother was abusive.

Bregoli's dad is a married man with two other kids today
Bregoli’s estranged biological dad, Ira Peskowitz

Moreover, the rapper did not stay quiet. In her IG post, she accused her dad of abandoning her mother and marrying a stripper he met in Canada. In addition, she also claimed that Mr. Peskowitz made that post out of his need to get attention.

Thus, she wanted to get a restraining order against him.

Ira Peskowitz, Bregoli’s Father, Claimed That She Was “Groomed” To Become An Adult Star

During an interview with The Sun, Danielle Bregoli’s father expressed his thoughts on how his daughter was “groomed” to become an adult star. In the interview, he commented on the way she dressed and acted and how he believed that everything she did had always been sex-related.

This interview came out after Bhabie reportedly began an OnlyFans account. Her father was not happy with the way she was now earning money. This also created a lot of chaos in the whole Bregoli-Peskowitz family drama.

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