Candy Adams-Unknown Facts About Sonya Curry’s Mother

Candy Adams-Unknown Facts About Sonya Curry’s Mother
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Candy Adams is not a commonly heard name in the industry. Whether to call it an advantage or a disadvantage, if you are related to somebody famous, you are prone to get known around too. The scenario is the same with Candy Adams.

Candy is the grandmother of two famous basketball players of the National Basketball Association, Stephan Curry and Seth Curry. She is also the mother of Sonya Curry, an educator. Besides, Adams also got into popularity due to her husband and children.

So, who is her hubby? How is her personal and personal life going now? Here is everything you need to know about Sonya Curry’s mother Candy.

Who Are Candy Adams’s Parents? She Was Born In 1949

Candy Adams was born on May 6, 1949, in Virginia, USA. She was born to her mother Evelyn but her father’s name is not mentioned anywhere. Growing up in Virginia, Adams belongs to Haitian descent. She is 73 years old as of the year 2022.

Candy lived in the town of Radford with her family in her early days. Besides, Adams, who belonged to a poor family got her education from an all-black school in the 50s and 60s. She completed her high school diploma from Radford High School. The 73-year-old, however, never got the chance to get into any college.

Adams Faced Racism While Growing Up

In 2018, while getting interviewed alongside her daughter, Candy opened up about her bitter experiences. It was hard being a black or interracial child in the 1900s.

She shared that black people rarely traveled since cars were not as readily available to blacks today. Adams also said of witnessing her brothers being beaten by the white students in the school. Thus, her family restricted the children to move around the city to avoid getting harassed. She also addressed being called by the N-name and was always getting into fights for speaking up for herself.

Besides the school, the Adams family faced racism in the community too. They mostly shopped at black-owned stores to steer clear of the high level of harassment that they faced in white stores. She said,

“If you went into a white store, they followed you around”.

She further added,

“You couldn’t ride the city buses. We had to walk to school, maybe about 5 miles, because they didn’t have city buses for us and we didn’t have school buses because it was a local high school.

“We didn’t think it was that bad then. When I tell people today they say how horrible it was, but it was normal to us. We didn’t know any better.”

Candy Adams Started Working At A Young Age; Her Career

Belonging to a poor family, Candy developed the awareness of being independent at a very young age. As you all read above, she could not even get a college degree, so she also could not get any sophisticated job later in her life.

Candy Adams, Sonya Curry's mother, volleyball player, basketball player, NBA Player
A picture of Candy and her daughter, Sonya shared on her Instagram Account

A little is known about her career is that Adams once used to do a 9-5 job using her high school diploma to support herself and her family’s expenses. Nevertheless, we don’t have much more information about what is Candy up to these days.

Who Did Candy Adams Marry? About Sonya Curry’s Father

Candy met her to-be-husband, Cleive Ester Adams, in the 1960s when she was in her 20s. Her husband Cleive is of African-American descent. They dated for some years and then decided to get married.

However, Candy could not get away from the racist harassment after the marriage too. The family was humiliated to a certain extent wherever they visited. With God’s grace, they did not give up. The couple fought against all the problems and made a good life for themselves.

Candy Adams’ Husband Cleive Runs A Drywall Construction Company

Like his wife, Cleive too could not get a college degree. He initially did a number of odd jobs. Later his hard work and dedication paid off and he established his own company.

Currently, Candy’s spouse is an established entrepreneur in the business world. He runs a Drywall Construction Company, a construction company, which takes part in the finishing stages of the building of the structures and is responsible for the placement of all the necessary panels in the interior.

Candy And Cleive Adams Are No Longer Together; Where Are Sonya Curry’s Parents Now?

The former couple had been together since the 1960s and gave birth to three children together. But their marriage could not last long. According to the sources, they separated only a few years after their marriage.

The real reason behind the separation of the couple is unknown till today. We can assume that there might have been some inconvenience between them. But even after the divorce, they both reside in the New River Valley Area of Radford.

Candy Is The Mother of Three Children; Sonya Curry’s Siblings

The Adams couple gave birth to three children in their lifetime. Sonya Curry is the eldest daughter of the family. She is the ex-wife of the former NBA player Dell Curry. Along with her NBA player husband, Curry gave birth to three children, two sons and a daughter. Curry is 56 years old today but looks miraculously young than her age.

Sonya Curry, Stephan, And Seth Curry's Mother, Volleyball player, basketball player, NBA player
Candy Adam’s Elder Daughter, Sonya Curry Source: Instagram

And Candy’s oldest daughter currently works as the president of the Christian Montessori School of lake Norman. She has also written a book, Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose which was published in 2022.

The other two children of Candy are India Adams and Cleive Adams Jr. Like her sister, India is also a school educator and Cleive is a College Football Coach.

About Candy’s Famous Grandchildren; Sonya Curry’s Sons

The grandchildren of Adams have the most athletically strong bloodline in Roanoke history. Their mother, Sonya Curry played volleyball, track and, field, and basketball. She was one of the prominent student-athletes at Virginia Tech.

Sonya gave birth to her first son, Stephan Curry with her husband Dell Curry. Today, the 32 years old Stephan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and the greatest shooter in NBA history. He has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player twice, has won four NBA championships, and received an NBA Finals MVP Award and an NBA All-Star Game MVP Award.

Stephan Curry, Sonya Curry's son, basketball player, NBA Player
Basketball Player, Stephan Curry Source: Instagram

Curry helped the Warriors return to the NBA Finals in 2017, 2018, and 2019, winning back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018, but falling to the Toronto Raptor in 2019. Recently in 2022, he won a fourth championship with the Warriors against the Boston Celtics.

Sonya Curry’s Second Son, Seth Curry Is Also A Professional Basketball Player

Similar to his elder brother, Seth also made his career in the basketball field. His interest in basketball gradually grew during his college days when he played as the leader. Professionally, Seth made his NBA debut in 2014 after waiving goodbye to the previous team Grizzles.

He joined Brooklyn Nets by being traded along with Ben Simmons and Andre Drummond. Curry led the team in scoring 23 points in a 109-85 win against the Sacramento Kings. Stephen and Seth Curry became the first brothers to ever compete against each other in a BA Conference Final in 2019 when Golden State played Portland.

Seth Curry, Sonya Curry's son, Stephan Curry's brother, basketball player, NBA Player
Basketball Player, Seth Curry Source: Instagram

Stephan and Seth have a younger sibling Sydel Curry. She is a YouTuber and also played for the women’s volleyball team in the past.

Candy Is Very Proud of Her Grandchildren

Candy is in her early 70s today. Despite her old age, she is seen accompanying to several events to watch her grandchildren shining in their fields.

Candy Adams, Sonya Curry, Stephan Curry, Sydel Curry, basketball players, NBA Players
Candy Adams(left) along with her daughter and grandchildren( Sonya on the right, Stephan and Sydel) in an event where Stephan received MVP Trophy

The last time she attended such an event was in 2015. The loving grandmother proudly watched her grandson, Stephan receive the MVP Trophy.

Candy’s Children and Grandchildren Are Very Wealthy

Candy is currently living a wealthy and peaceful life. Brought up in a poor family, today her children and grandchildren have given her a happy and rich living. Her daughter, Sonya Curs estimated net worth of $6 million.

Similarly, Candy’s grandchildren have also earned very well. Both of her grandsons Stephan and Seth are millionaires.