Is Gabriel Basso Married To His Wife? His Girlfriend and Daughter

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Is Gabriel Basso Married To His Wife? His Girlfriend and Daughter
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Gabriel Basso, born, Louis Gabriel Basso III is a popular American actor. Born on 11th December 1994, the 28-year-old artist is known for his role in the Showtime series, The Big C. Besides, his fans are always dying to know what is going on in this handsome hunk’s romantic life – is Basso married or single? We have the answers here.

Therefore, to know more about who his wife is or if the actor is even in a relationship or not, read the article below.

Is Gabriel Basso Married to His Wife? 

Unfortunately, Gabriel is not married yet. The 28-year-old actor from Netflix’s The Night Agent has always been very secretive about his romantic life and wife. His fans are always curious to know what is going on with Basso, yet he does not reveal any intimate details about his personal life.

Furthermore, if we have to guess, Basso has had a fair share of girlfriends. Even more so, although uncertain, the young actor might even have a recent love interest. However, the details are not disclosed yet. Therefore, as his sincere fans, we have to assume that the Night Agent actor Basso is a single man in 2023.

The Big C Actor Has Had A Few Secretive Relationships

The actor from the 2011 fiction film, Super 8, Gabriel is a heartthrob to most women in America and around the world. So, who was lucky enough to actually date him? Sadly, the answer is not known.

"The Big C" Actor
Young and handsome actor, Gabriel Basso

As we have already mentioned, Basso is very secretive about his personal affairs. Thus, to come across details of his past (or present) dating life is an impossibly tough task. Despite this, we are sure the handsome hunk has been swept off of his feet quite a few times by the most gorgeous women.

He must have really had a great dating life before he decided to keep any information on it under wraps. On the contrary, he might still do, but we do not just know about it just yet.

Is Gabriel Basso Dating His Co-star, Luciane Buchanan In Real Life?

In 2021, Jason Basso starred alongside actress, Luciane Buchanan on the Netflix show, The Night Agent. Apparently, both the actors have amazing chemistry as Peter and Rose. Thus, the fans have always wondered whether the two good-looking actors are dating in real life as well.

Luciane Buchanan and Gabriel Basso
The Night Agent actors – Luciane and Gabriel pictured together

The answer is no. Basso and Buchanan are not dating in real life. In fact, in their normal lives, Luciane and Gabriel are very good friends. Furthermore, during the promotion of The Night Agent, the friendly dup also shared a story of how Basso convinced his co-actor to go bungee jumping with him. Therefore, it is now quite obvious that the actors have an unbreakable bond of friendship between them.

Gabriel Is Not Married To A Wife But Has A Daughter

Surprisingly, The Kings of Summer actor, Basso is not married but has a daughter. Back in 2020, Basso announced that he is a father of a beautiful baby girl. However, he never to this date has elaborated more on who the little girl’s mother is or if is he married to her. Moreover, the actor constantly shares cute pictures with his daughter on his Instagram to let his fans know what great of a dad he is.

Unmarried actor, Basso is a father
A lovely picture of Basso with his baby girl

In our opinion, he might be a single dad working hard as an actor to raise his perfect girl – although this can be untrue. Regardless of whatever the truth might be, we are rooting for Gabriel!

Is He Planning A Wedding In The Future?

As far as we know, the 28 years old Basso does not seem to have any plans to tie the knot anytime soon. As of 2023, he seems to be more into wok rather than planning a wedding. We might have to wait a few years before we get to see his better half.


Is Gabriel Basso married to a wife?

No, Gabriel is not married yet.

Who is Basso’s girlfriend?

Unfortunately, no one knows who Basso’s girlfriend is at present. The actor is very protective of the intimate details of his personal life.

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