Blondedy Ferdinand Husband, Net Worth: Full Bio

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Blondedy Ferdinand Husband, Net Worth: Full Bio
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Blondedy Ferdinand is a well-known Haitian actress, singer, and entrepreneur. Along with her active professional engagement, Blondedy is also an avid user of social media through which we can get a glimpse into her private life. So, is she married? Who is Blondedy Ferdinand’s Husband?

Here, we will have a peek into Ferdinand’s married and love life. Following this, we will look into the income and net worth she established from her professional life.

Blondedy Ferdinand Married Yves Jean Louis in 2017

Blondedy has been married once until today. She happily wedded Yves Jean Lious around in 2017 who is a resident of Haiti.

Blondedy Ferdinand with her ex-husband Yves.
Ferdinand married her then-boyfriend, Yves Jean Lious in 2017.

Despite being the husband of such a popular artist, Yves surprisingly has a private life. Along with the details regarding his life, the marriage relationship between them is also a matter of secret.

She and Her Husband Gave Birth To Two Children

Ferdinand and her spouse, Louis gave birth to two children together before they got married. Firstly. they welcomed their, daughter Veronica. The actual birth details about her are private but we can assume that she was born in November 4, 2006 as per a birthday wish Blondedy posted on her Instagram account for her.

Following her, Ferdinand and Yves also have a son, Veron Jean-Louis. Similar to Veronica, the information regarded his birth is also kept private.

Blondedy Ferdinand has a son and a daughter.
Ferdinand with her daughter, Veronica, and son, Veron. Source: Instagram

Both children are present on Instagram and already have thousands of followers.

Blondedy Ferdinand Divorced Yuves Jean in 2020

After less than 3 years into marriage, Ferdinand and her partner decided to separate. The couple who stayed private and quiet about their relationship all these years, took their separation the same way as well.

Blondedy publicly announced their parting from her social media account and wrote,

“As a wife, I have done my best to keep my personal issues private and I hope I can continue to do so with the help and support of all of you my fans.”

According to Haiti 24, they started living separately before getting an official divorce and the separation was mutual. The actress also shared that Yves is a very good dad and she will always love and respect him.

She Moved On Quite Quickly After The Separation

Soon after separating from her ex-husband, Blondedy seemed to have moved on pretty quickly. She started dating Haitian Singer-songwriter, D Perfect.

They met through their profession as they have worked together on a few songs and music videos such as Number One LadyHello, Till the End, and so on.

D Perfect Proposed Ferdinand For In A Private Ceremony

On March 8, 2021, the Ekip Group singer, DPerfect decided to take a chance and propose to Blondedy. Soon a video of him kneeling with a ring asking her to marry him was out. Ferdinand agreed to the proposal and they got engaged.

Dperfect proposed girlfriend Blondedy for marriage
Actress Blondedy has been engaged to singer Dperfect for two years now.

Although they have been in a relationship for a short time, the duo has maintained good hype among the fans through their relationship. Blondedy and her fiance are also popular for sharing wonderful pictures on their Instagram account.

Ferdinand Is Pregnant At Present

On August 6, 2023, the actress shared dreamy pictures along with her partner announcing her pregnancy. Since then, the Instagram feed of the duo has been filled with pictures of Blondedy showing off her mummy tummy.

On the 29th of November, Ferdinand also celebrated a Baby Shower which was organized by her work team as a surprise gift for her.

Blondedy Ferdinand and Dperfect announced pregnancy through a couple photoshoot.
Blondedy Ferdinand and Dperfect are about to welcome their first child together. Source: Instagram

The couple are all ready to welcome their child anytime soon.

Where Is Blondedy From? Full Bio

Blondedy was born in the Chanterelles Hospital located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on March 13, 1983. She grew up with her parents in the Carrefour-Feuilles district.

The personal details about her parents and other family members are unknown. But we know that Ferdinand’s mother and father did everything they could to support their daughter.

Ferdinand Has a Well-Established Career

The actress, as well as singer, worked from an early age for her establishment in this field. Blondedy is popularly known for her feature in the movie, I Love You, Anne, which she played at the age of 20.

Since then, she has been also actively engaged in the music field and released such few songs including, ‘Renmen m renmenw’, ‘Ki palares ou’, and a few others.

At present, Ferdinand also owns a cosmetic line and studio BlondedyFerdinand Studio & Shop which has five branches, one in New York as well.

What is Blondedy Ferdinand’s Net Worth?

With such a stable professional life, Blondedy Ferdinand has a net worth of $5 million as of 2023. Her major sources of income comprise her acting and music career, cosmetic line, and social media.

Reportedly, Ferdinand earns over $3,000-$4,000 through her business. Alongside this, her YouTube channel with over 436k subscribers also has become a good addition to her earnings.