Kathryn Newton Boyfriend List? Who Is She Dating in 2023?

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Kathryn Newton Boyfriend List? Who Is She Dating in 2023?
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Over the last few years, people have been easily able to recognize the Antman: Quantumania actress Kathryn Newton. She was already gaining ground before becoming an MCU actress with series like The Society, Big Little Lies, and others.

As happens with every breakout star in Hollywood, the concerns regarding her dating life or who Kathryn Newton boyfriend is has also been heating up and it has been so for some seasons now.

However similar to many young actors her dating life, too, isn’t much of an open book. So deduce who her boyfriends might have been and whether she is currently dating or not.

Kathryn Newton Boyfriend; She reportedly dated Pamela Anderson Son

In 2019, there were speculations that Kathryn was in a romantic affiliation with Brandon Thomas Lee. Brandon is the son of Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband Tommy Lee. Besides, rumors of Kathryn and Brandon’s affair particularly emerged sometime after the two began working together on a project in addition to people noticing them together.

Antman Quantumania actress Kathryn Newton and Pamela Anderson's son, Brandon Lee Thomas
Both Brandon Lee Thomas and Kathryn have denied of romantic relationship going on between the two. Shutterstock

Brandon later however denied the hearsay and stated that he and the Ant-Man actress were just friends.

Kathryn on the other hand also confirmed that their linkage was purely platonic and that they had been friends since high school. Ultimately there was zero truth in the rumors that suggested they were girlfriend and boyfriend.

Was Lucas Hedges Kathryn’s Boyfriend?

Hedges is one actor with whom the daughter of David and Robin, Newton has crossed paths quite often. They have appeared together on Ben Is Back, Three Billboards, and Lady Bird. The two have always appeared as good friends of each other. Katherine once also admitted to liking having Hedges around. Especially for a rom-com movie.

Kathryn Newton and Lucas Hedges worked together in Ben Is Back.
Lucas Hedges and Kathryn Newton. Getty

In an interview, Newton said she and Hedges never did get to see each other because they were always on the other side of the world filming. Kathryn revealed she joked with Hedges that they need to make another movie together just to hang out again.

Newton, clearly, liked being around Hedges back then. It however never came to light whether Newton was just fond of Lucas or there was something really going behind between the two.

So, Is Kathryn Newton Dating Anyone In 2023?

So far, from the looks of her Instagram, it seems as though Kathryn is very much single and not dating. Moreover, she is also not married to anyone, as of yet. This so much looks true if one is to consider her Ig posts from 2023 onwards only.

Former Big Little Lies actress Kathryn Newton isn't dating anyone at the moment
The Society actress Kathryn newton. Getty

However, it is also equally possible that she is dating someone in secret; someone who may not be from the entertainment industry. In the event that this is true, her fans will have nothing but to accept that Kathryn is strongly secretive. Unfortunately, there are no clear indications to suggest that she is really dating.

Back in 2019, while talking to Cosmopolitan, Newton said that she had never had a boyfriend. This she stated whilst claiming that she, though, worked with many attractive people throughout several projects. Kathryn also mentioned seeing other young girls suffer heartbreaks.

26 years old actress Kathryn Newton
Kathryn Newton plays Cassie Lang in Antman Quantumania. The WB

She also revealed a fellow actress Emma Roberts trying to set her up with someone but Kathryn wasn’t keen on dating actors. If nothing it definitely implies that her boyfriend is going to be a non-Hollywood. For now, the actress just doesn’t seem to have anybody special in her life other than her parents, per se


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