Is Kelly Ripa Anorexic? Does She Suffer from Eating Diorder?

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Is Kelly Ripa Anorexic? Does She Suffer from Eating Diorder?
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Kelly Ripa rose to fame as the co-host of the syndicated morning talk show Live! with Kelly and Mark. Apart from her profession, most of the time, she has been in the headline with her eating habit. Two years back in 2020, when the All My Children actress revealed her food routine with Harper Bazaar, many of her viewers speculated that Kelly has an eating disorder.

Yes, of course, Kelly follows certain forms of diet but assumptions are still prevalent in the media if she is an anorexic. So, what’s the truth? Does she follow a particular diet to prevent anorexia?

Have a look at the below article to know in detail about Kelly’s food habits.

Is Kelly Ripa Anorexic? Does She Suffer from An Eating Disorder?

No, Kelly is not Anorexic which means she hasn’t suffered from any kind of eating disorder. Instead, the 52 years old talk show host follows a strict diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle at her age.

Kelly doesn't have eating disorder
Kelly is a TV host. Source: Her Instagram

Not Anorexic but Ripa has misophonia in which she often gets irritated from the sounds of chewing food. In an exclusive talk with Mercury News, she opened up on her struggles with ‘Select Sound Sensitivity, called Misophonia since a young age. The Berlin native who grew up alongside her sister Linda Ripa told,

At around 12 or 13, I started to become irritated by my father chewing food with his mouth open.

She further stated,

“I can’t stand it when someone behind me at a movie chews popcorn with his or her mouth open. I mean, I really can’t stand it.”

Also, the mother of three children went on to disclose that she finds really difficult to listen to the chewing sound made by her husband and children.

She said,

“(It) can really enrage me, “I feel like I can turn into the Hulk.”

Kelly Ripa’s Diet Exercise; What She Eats In A Day?

Back in 2020, Kelly shared her daily eating routine with Harper’s Baazar. She said that she starts her day with a breakfast that contains a mix of a microgreen powder with a glass of water to “alkaline the digestive system.” After that, she drinks a coffee and takes personalized multivitamins that contain probiotics, ginger, and other supplements.

Kelly Ripa follows strict diet
Ripa is a co-host of Live! with Kelly and Mark. Source: Her Instagram

Further, for dinner, she eats a smaller version of the microgreen salad, mixed with grilled greens or seasonal vegetables. Ripa also adds plant protein mixed in such as grilled or fried tofu, and sometimes tahini. Her proper diet also contains Avocado toast, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and many others. After she shared her diet meal, many people commentated ‘She scarcely eats anything or she must be hungry always.’ That’s when the rumor of her eating disorder surfaced in the media.

But the reality is, Ripa follows such a strict diet to maintain herself. In an interview with ABC News, she said,

I eat a very clean diet. I have lots of vegetables, I eat protein, but I really don’t put a ton of thought into it. don’t eat too much crap, and I don’t,”

So, after all this, we like to conclude that Kelly is not anorexic.

Is Kelly Vegetarian?

As far as the information we get, Kelly mostly avoids meat and dairy products but having said that doesn’t mean she is 100% vegetarian.

It’s just that her intake of food is 99% plant-based. Her diet is a plant-based alkaline diet. She mostly mixes up green vegetables, healthy fats, and moderate protein in her menu.

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