Is Lorraine Taylor Still Alive? Discover Her Current Whereabouts

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Is Lorraine Taylor Still Alive? Discover Her Current Whereabouts
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Lorraine Taylor is often known as the first wife of the late American musician and songwriter, Ike Turner. However, the fact is that Taylor was never legally married to him. They had been in a live-in relationship for years before things turned for the worse.

After her split from the late musician Turner, Lorraine has, nevertheless, remained entirely off the radar, making many wonders to know about her current whereabouts. Many people even ask if Taylor is still alive or dead.

Key Takeaways

  • Lorraine’s parents owned the sausage business.
  • Taylor and Ike never legally married even though they had two children together.
  • Her relationship with Ike has been described as ‘tumultuous.’
  • She has maintained such a private life that her current status is hard to locate.

Is Lorraine Taylor Still Alive?

It is hard to find out whether Lorraine is still alive or passed away since she has stayed out of the public spotlight after her separation from her former boyfriend Ike Turner. Sadly, her ex-partner Ike left this world in 2007 at the age of 76 due to a drug overdose.

As per reports, the late musician spent roughly $11 million on cocaine. He also got arrested several times for drug-related activities.

Taylor Was The Live-In Girlfriend of Ike Turner

Even though lots of sources claimed that Taylor was married to Ike Turner and is often referred to as his first wife, she was never married to him. They were in a live-in relationship but couldn’t make it to the aisle.

Sources suggest Ike used to share bed with several women while still in a relationship with Taylor.

She Was Jealous Of Any Women Who Came Close To Ike

Lorraine was known to become jealous of any woman who got close to her then-boyfriend Ike. Around the same time, the late singer Anna Mae (Tina Turner) came into the picture and started living under the same roof.

At the time, Taylor was pregnant with Ike’s child, and in the same time frame, Tina also became pregnant, however, her baby’s father was Raymond Hill and not Ike. But Lorraine believed that Tina was impregnated by Ike and not Raymond due to Ike’s habit of fooling around with random women all the time.

Lorraine Taylor Once Tried To Kill Tina

As Lorraine was already suspicious 0f Tina and Ike’s infidelity, she couldn’t hold her frustration and one night, she burst into Anna’s room with Ike’s loaded .38 pistol and iron poker from the stove. She pointed the gun at Ann’s head and asked her for the truth. Anna swore there was nothing going between them.

She Once Attempted Suicide

Soon after her confrontation with Tina, Taylor locked herself inside the bathroom and ended up firing the bullet through her lungs. As soon as Tina and Ike listened to the gunshot, they called an ambulance. Taylor was then rushed to the nearest hospital on a stretcher.

Fortunately, she survived the gunshot.

Fall Of Lorraine And Ike’s Relationship

Due to Ike’s constant cheating on her with other women, the former flames broke up. After their nasty break-up, Ike got involved in multiple romantic relationships, whereas Lorraine always remained tight-lipped about her love life.

How Did Turner’s Relationship With Tina Begin?

Despite the fact Tina and Ike were like brothers and sisters when the singer was still in love with Taylor, things turned romantic between them soon after his break up with Taylor. In 1962, the two decided to get married in Tijuana.

Two years before their marriage in 1960, the former duo had already become parents of their son named Ronald “Ronnie” Turner. Sadly, their only son Ronald died in 2022.

Ike Turner and Tina Turner
Ike Turner with his then-wife Tina Turner

However, Turner’s marriage with Tina also came to an end in 1978.

Lorraine Taylor Had Two Children With Ike

Lorraine and Ike had two sons together, Ike Turner Jr., born on October 3, 1958, and Michael Turner, born in 1960. Both of them are currently in their late 60s.

Talking about their oldest son, Turner Jr. has been following in his dad’s footsteps. In 2007, the artist also won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album for his album “Risin’ With The Blues,” released on September 12, 2006.

Ike Turner jr with his father
Turner with his son Ike Turner Jr

Ike Turner Jr. Was Arrested

On May 6, 2023, Turner Jr. was arrested in Alvin, Texas for the possession of a controlled substance. Upon the investigation, authorities found 1.7 grams of crack cocaine and .7 grams of methamphetamines.

He was subsequently sentenced to 18 days in jail.

Lorraine Had Two More Kids Before Ike

Lorraine had a total of four children including Turner Jr and Michael. Before started dating Ike, she already had two children with an unknown guy. However, neither the names of her children nor the identity of their father are still available.

Tina Turner Adopted Taylor’s Children

After Taylor’s split from Ike, Tina, the second wife of Ike adopted their kids Turner Jr. and Michael. As per sources, Taylor wasn’t a good mother. Even her son Turner Jr. said of her adopted mother Tina,

“Tina raised me from the age of two. She’s the only mother I’ve ever known.”

Her Parents Had A Sausage Business

Although the names of her father and mother were never revealed, they owned The Taylor Sausage Factory in St. Louis.