Johanna Leia Bio, Birthday, Age, Height, Net Worth

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Johanna Leia Bio, Birthday, Age, Height, Net Worth
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Johanna Leia is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, former model and reality star, and a social media influencer. She is also the mother of the UCLA shooting guard Amari Bailey and is often also noted as the ex-girlfriend of the Canadian singer Drake, the son of Sandi Graham.

Leia is the very woman for whom the Canadian artist Drake booked a whole Dodger Stadium just to have one date with her. While Leia has had associations with some famous names, over the years Johanna also has made her own waves.

Turns out Johanna does have stories to tell either from her past or her recent days. Read who she really is in addition to answers detailing her biography, her history, career, and even her net worth.

Johanna Leia Age, Birthday, and School

Born in 1981, Drake’s ex-girlfriend Leia is 42 years old as of 2023. She celebrated her last birthday on 19th Feb of 2023. She was born in Los Angeles, California. As for her parents, Johanna is the daughter of Joan Edelberg (also known as Joan Leslie). Johanna grew up in Evanston, a suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago native and businesswoman Johanna Leia
Former reality star from Bringing Up The Ballers Johanna Leia. Shutterstock

During high school, Johanna also played basketball as well as volleyball. She, however, says it was the former that she was more passionate about. In fact, she apparently also held a couple of records at high school.

Johanna, however, quit playing basketball primarily because of two reasons. She hated the suicides; a conditioning drill, and also thought that she couldn’t be girly and be a pro basketball player at the same time.

Johanna Leia Relationships; She Has Two Children From One Of Her Former Partners

While Leia’s current relationship status is a bit ambiguous, in the past, she was the partner of the ex-NFL player of the Indianapolis Colts, Aaron Bailey. It however is unclear if the former couple was ever married.

When she was with Aaron, Leia, now age 42, welcomed two children, Amari and Savanna. Johanna, who celebrates her birthday on Feb 19, says she’s been a single mother for most of her children’s lives.

The Just Living founder and businesswoman Johanna Leia with her son Amari Bailey and Savanna Bailey
Ex-model for Elite, Ford, and Wilhelmina Johanna Leia with her son, Amari, and daughter Savanna. Instagram

Her son, Amari is currently one of the most promising basketball players. He is the shooting guard for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins.

Speaking of her relationships, the 42 years old, Leia in the summer of 2021 was quite the talk of the town for her alleged relationship with the singer Drake as mentioned. They however secretly ended their thing later that same year. Leia now allegedly is dating an NBA star of the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant.

Johanna Started Modeling At Age 16; What Does She Do Now; Her Career

Johanna was a model for around 17 years. The mother of two started young at age 16 first working for Elite, Chicago. The modeling agency is the very one that started the Monster Ball actress Halle Barry’s career in addition to the supermodel Cindy Crawford. As a model, Johanna also used to work for Ford and Wilhelmina.

Before modeling, Leia wanted to go to the University of Missouri and study broadcast journalism. She, however, pursued modeling.

Drake's former girlfriend Johanna with her basketball player son, AmariDrake's former girlfriend Johanna with her basketball player son, Amari
UCLA shooting guard Amari with his mother and businesswoman Johanna

Johanna now is a hard-working entrepreneur and influencer. She is also a real estate broker. She is the owner of a sports marketing firm; Leia runs The Just Living, a talent agency for aspiring basketball players. Johanna furthermore used to own a youth basketball camp, Superstar.

In the meantime, Drake’s ex-girlfriend Johanna also watches her son and other young talents play basketball from the courtside.

Leia additionally posts content for her social media sharing her life on and off the court which subsequently is increasing her reach around the cloud. Speaking of social media, Leia also frequently promotes the product from the brand, Fashion Nova.

In 2017, Leia stepped into the television world by featuring herself in the Lifetime reality show called Bringing Up Ballers. It generally showed the daily life of five Chicago-based families as they tried to get their respective sons into pro basketball. The show occasionally also featured Johanna’s son and her daughter. The real drama, however, failed to become a sensation and the show therefore couldn’t get any more seasons past the first one.

How Tall Is Johanna Leia?

During an interview with the Tidal League in Oct 2021, Leia said she is five foot ten inches tall.

How Rich Is Johanna Leia? Her Net Worth

In light of the aforesaid credentials and the posts from her social media, Johanna, also known as Leia, looks like a woman who exudes wealth and success. Her social media posts paint a picture of a life filled with luxury and each image does look exotic and depicts the richness of some sort. As a celebrity and businesswoman, she apparently also has numerous streams of income that must have contributed to her financial well-being. From high-profile brand endorsements to her expertise in the real estate industry, Johanna sounds like she is a savvy businesswoman.

Los Angeles born ex model Johanna with her daughter Savanna
Johanna Leia with her daughter Savanna. Instagram

While her exact net worth remains a mystery, one can only assume it to be a staggering sum. Some may even venture to say that her net worth is the stuff of legends. The only thing that is lacking is the marking of her net worth in a definitive figure. What’s available are only hints and clues. Still if one is to go out on a limb, the safe bet should be any number from half a million to even a couple of nine figures.


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