Is Rachel Dratch Married? Inside His Love Life & Relationship

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Rachel Dratch is an actress known for her role on Saturday Night Live (SNL). She has also appeared in films and shows including Click, Sisters, Wine Country, The King Of Queens, Monk, and 30 Rock, among others. Dratch has been around for quite a while.

The actress is now in her late 50s and still active in the acting game. Outside her professional aspects however many assume she has a plain life; a secret partner and a low-key family. She though has had an adventurous dating phase and even a couple of serious relationships.

Scroll all of them in the sections below. Know how many partners Dratch had in the past. Also, know if she married any of them and made a husband or two.

Rachel Dratch Love Life & Relationships

No, Dratch isn’t married at the moment. This might be the most sought-after concern regarding the SNL star’s personal matters. While the actress has put a lot of her say on this issue in front of the public and even in her book, Girl Walks Into A Bar…, she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to walk down the aisle just yet.

Speaking of her book, the 58-year-old has written since she cheated the traditional norm by having a baby (more down below) out of wedlock, she no longer cared about marriage. She furthermore writes marriage as a silly social convention to her. Dratch, at times, however, has also admitted to considering the importance of being bound by a legal contract.

In any case, Dratch is yet to walk down the aisle and have a husband.

Rachel Dratch Had A Partner With Whom She Shares A Son

Dratch in her book, Girl Walks Into A Bar, says she met a man named John Wahl in a bar in 2009. Wahl is a consultant based in California in the natural foods industry. Then after six months of meeting Wahl, the Lexington-born actress became pregnant with his child. And on Aug 2010, Dratch welcomed her son, Eli Benjamin.

Rachel Dratch with her ex-boyfriend, John Wahl at Pebble Bar in June 2022
John Wahl and his ex-girlfriend Dratch at Pebble Bar in June 2022 in New York. Getty

Speaking of her pregnancy, the comedienne in 2010, told People that it was a rather shocking thing to her. As such the actress previously had bought into the knowledge that pregnancy becomes difficult once you’re over 40. She also admitted to letting go of the idea of having kids. Dratch initially had intended to keep her motherhood private but she changed her mind after the press started their own theories. She had also planned on not revealing the father of her baby.

Rachel with her dog and son in March 2023
Dratch with her dog, Ruffles, and her son, Eli in March 2023 via Instagram. Instagram

On the other hand, speaking of Dratch’s relationship with Wahl, it is unclear how long they were together. The Cut in May 2019 said that Dratch and Wahl weren’t a couple anymore.

However, Entertainment Weekly in Jan 2022, reported that Dratch and Wahl were a couple and that they were living together in New York City.

They anyway have been on good terms and living near each other to raise their son together. Nevertheless, there certainly is a narrative surrounding Dratch and Wahl’s dynamic.

She Had Several Boyfriends; From A Gentleman To Addicts

Dratch has admitted that she hasn’t been much good at dating. The Dartmouth graduate has said that she had “single lady panic” for years. She also was worried about not having found a partner to settle down with. It however all ended with Dratch becoming a mother in 2010.

Dratch at Rockefeller Plaza in Feb 2015 in New York City
Rachel in Feb 2015 in New York City at SNL’s 40th Anniversary. Getty

The Massachusetts native says motherhood has knocked out dating for her for years.

In her book, Dratch nevertheless has written some accounts of her ex-boyfriends. The actress apparently had her first boyfriend when she was in seventh grade. His name was Mike and the actress went out with him for a week after which the two broke up. Dratch says the relationship ended because she was spending too much time with her friends instead of him.

The First Serious Guy In Dratch’s Life

In eighth grade which was after Mike, Rachel dated a boy named Chris who according to her was a gem. Chris asked Dratch on a date through a telegram. The two remained a couple until junior high. It was Dratch who initiated the ending of the relationship.

Chris however once again asked Rachel out when they were “sixteen or seventeen.” The Sisters actress agreed but she did so reluctantly which she says was because of her inferiority complex. Chris found out that the future Tony Award winner never wanted to go out with him but only agreed to for the sake of him being a nice guy. The two did go on a date but Dratch says it was an unpleasant appointment. That was that from Chris after which his chapter in the Wine Country actress’s life ended.

Dratch admits that things with Chris are something she considers as the period she wishes she could take back.

Rachel at Barclays Center in Aug 2023 in New York City
Rachel Dratch in New York City in Aug 2023 at Barclays Center. Getty

Rachel passed up many nice guys after Chris as she says she was more into “Fonzies.” She writes she dated three addicts during her dating phase. The first was alcoholic but he has since recovered and is friends with Dratch. The next was a pothead who was a comedian. The last was a sex addict.


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