Is Tiffany Cross Married To Husband or Dating a Boyfriend? Her Love Life

Is Tiffany Cross Married To Husband or Dating a Boyfriend? Her Love Life
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Tiffany Cross is a veteran media personality, political analyst, and author. No matter how professionally occupied a person is, he/she at least deserves to have a stable love life. So, does it imply Tiffany as well? Is Tiffany married or has a boyfriend?

Despite being in the media industry for more than two decades, people have no clue about Tiffany’s boyfriend or husband. She reportedly is not married yet.

Read below to know about her love life along with her past.

Tiffany Cross’s Husband: Is She Married?

If you imagine that this 44-year-old talented woman is already hitched by someone then you are wrong. To everyone’s surprise, Cross is unmarried till the date of today and doesn’t have a husband.

Tiffany Cross, media personality, journalist, author
A picture of Political Analyst and Author, Tiffan. Source: Tiffany’s Instagram

In today’s era not being married in your 40s is not a very new thing. Maybe Cross has been busy establishing her professional life due to which she might have chosen not to marry.

There is no concrete reason for her not being married to anyone yet. Rather, many claim Tiffany might still be looking for a perfect match for herself.

Is Tiffany Dating A Boyfriend? Her Love Life

Although The Cross Connection host is very outspoken, Cross does not speak much about her love life in the media. Being in the limelight of the media for so long, Tiffany has not ever hinted to us about her dating a boyfriend or having any romantic relationship.

Even though Cross is private about her personal life, she once posted a tweet and an Instagram post that made people curious about her relationship. In the tweet, she posted a before and after picture with a guy. She wrote,

“#ThenAndNow Twenty years later. Then…#MyFirstLove. Now…my #LifeLongFriend. He was a no then. He made us wear #BlackAndGold #WeAreOld but #WeStillLookGood Quick stop in the #Atl #FlashbackFriday”

Tiffany Cross's husband, boyfriend, media personality, journalist, wedding
The Post Tiffany made on her Insta.

The tweet and post received a lot of attention since people assumed that Tiffany had a partner for past 20 years and was very secretive about it. Yet the Instagram caption made it clear that he was her first love and now a lifelong friend. In a reply to a tweet that asked Tiffany to have been together with the person for 20 years, she also replied,

we’re not together! That’s my high school prom date. We tried to recreate our prom photo. He’s married to a beautiful woman, and they have two kids. But he and I have remained friends throughout the past two decades. We’re competing over who can stay the youngest! 🙂

Regardless of Tiffany not being currently into to her high-school prom date, they looked really good together. People tweeted about how good a couple they would make together.