Is Lizzie Velasquez Married? Her Husband & Net Worth

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Is Lizzie Velasquez Married? Her Husband & Net Worth
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  • Lizzie Velasquez Is Not Married Yet.
  • She Has Had A Couple Of Boyfriends In The Past.
  • Velasquez Has A Net Worth Of $500,000.

Have you ever wondered if the woman, Lizzie Velasquez, the so-called ugliest woman has married and has a husband or not? The answers may not be as expected but turn out Velasquez has had few or two romantic affiliations.

Velasquez is a motivational speaker and anti-bullying activist who has inspired millions of youth worldwide. Lizzie has a rare disease that prevents her from gaining body fat. Because of her appearance, Velasquez has been the target of neglect, hatred, and disgusts her whole life.

There however are also increasing numbers of people who have supported, defended, and praised her. She is also famous for being the author of the autobiography, Lizzie Beautiful The Lizzie Velasquez Story (2010).

Is Lizzie Velasquez Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Simply put, Lizzie hasn’t married a husband as of 2023. As far as anyone who has been following her for a long time knows that Lizzie rarely talks about this facet of her life with the public. But one thing has been quite certain, Velasquez hasn’t walked down the aisle nor she has a husband. She has often said that she is too busy for romantic business.

Texas born motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez
Activist and YouTuber from Austin Texas Lizzie Velasquez. Instagram

About marriage, Lizzie has said that she is always quite busy and occupied with lots of other things to think about that. During an interview with Popdust, the Texas-born motivational speaker said while she has an interest in dating, she often lacks time for them. She however did mention that her ideal guy ought to have a good sense of humor, good values, less crazy standards, and someone who gets along with her family.

Does Lizzie Velasquez Have A Boyfriend?

While Velasquez is yet to marry, back in 2012, there were rumors claiming that she was dating Roman Arispe. Arispe apparently is her best friend and roommate from college. The supposed couple also made joint appearances on Youtube many times.

However, in 2014, Lizzie uploaded a video to directly address the rumors about the boyfriend. In the video with the title, Do I Have A Boyfriend, Velasquez says that she has no boyfriend because she is rather busy with her career.

Speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez with Roman Arispe
Roman Arispe with his friend and motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez.

Furthermore, Lizzie and Roman themselves have made a video on the former’s YouTube channel where they have together confirmed that there isn’t anything romantic going on between them.

Lizzie also says her ideal date would be to go on a date, have a drink, or a movie and a long walk. She apparently also loves the idea of endless talk.

During the interview with Popdust, Lizzie also revealed that motivational speaker Bill Rancic is the perfect man in her thoughts. She said that she loves Rancic “so so much.” While Velasquez has never met Bill in real life, she says he has inspired her in so many ways. Lizzie said she adores and respects Bill so much and for her, he is the ultimate perfect man in her thoughts.

Velasquez Was In Two Relationships

Also in one of her books, Dare To Be Kind, Velasquez writes that dating isn’t as straightforward for her as it is for most people her age. She says she often wonders about people’s real motives whenever she meets them in person or online.

Velasquez however has confirmed that she has been in relationships. Apparently, the motivational speaker has been in two major relationships so far according to People. In an interview, Velasquez said she and one of her ex-boyfriends were so incredibly close for so many years. She revealed that they had undeniable chemistry from the very beginning. Lizzie however didn’t mention the boy’s name.

The next guy she dated did have a name, Kyle. Lizzie reportedly met him on a dating app. The two however were on different paths.

Lizzie Velasquez’s Net Worth

So far, the net worth of Lizzie Velasquez remains a mystery. Several words of mouth nonetheless say that Velasquez may be rich with a net worth of somewhere between $500,000 to even in the realm of millions of dollars.

It is exactly unclear how motivational speakers like Velasquez make their money but some of them, at times, have been reported to make quite a lot.

In the case of Lizzie, there are a few avenues from where she may be making her living. Velasquez also has her books to add to her wealth. So far, she has written a handful of best-selling books.

Speaking at events and conferences also brings quite a lot of wealth to people like Lizzie Velasquez. YouTube revenue is also something to consider when speaking of her net worth.

Public speaker against bullying and motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez
Author and anti-bullying activist Lizzie Velasquez.

Furthermore judging from her Instagram, Velasquez seems to be living quite a comfortable life, especially in terms of finances.

In any case, the accurate net worth approximation of figures like Lizzie has always been a darksome subject matter. It particularly could be because Velasquez is a motivational speaker and she really isn’t in the business for the sake of money.

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Lizzie Velasquez

Velasquez, real name, Elizabeth Ann Velasquez was born on March 13, 1989, in Austin Texas. She is the daughter of a retired principal Guadalupe and Rita Velasquez, a woman of Mexican ancestry.

Lizzie Velasquez, motivational speaker with rare congenital condition called Marfanoid progeroid
34 years old Motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie is the eldest child of Rita and Guadalupe. She has two younger siblings named Chris and Marina Velasquez.


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