Untold Facts About Angel Carter Husband & Net Worth

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Know who really is the husband of the celebrity sister, Angel Carter. Carter is a singer, television personality, social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur. She also is famous for her relationship with singer-songwriter record producer and dancer Aaron Carter.

She is also the younger sister of one of the Backstreet Boys members, Nick Carter. And yes we are talking about one of the brothers-in-law of Nick. Turns out he or the husband of Angel has a rich resume in the corporate sector with a multitude of high-profile work experiences and more. Know him in the headings below.

Besides, we will also touch upon the professional side of Angel Carter including her net worth & her financial accomplishments.

Who Is Angel Carter’s Husband?

Angel Carter’s husband is Corey Conrad. He is the Senior Vice President at Caruso. Conrad is additionally a brand partnership associate at the company. He apparently is very good at offering a solutions-based management style.

Corey Conrad with his wife Angel Carter.
Angel Carter with her husband Corey Conrad.

Over the years, Conrad has worked with a multitude of big companies like Hublot, LVMH, Bentley, Pandora, GQ, American Express, Danone, Pernod Ricard, Morgan Stanley, Alessi, Assouline, VanDutch Yachts, Audi, Tom Ford, Aston Martin, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, and others. Carter’s spouse is based in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Corey is a graduate of Belmont University with a degree in Business Administration, Music Business. He studied at Chantilly High School.

Aaron Carter's sister Angel Carter with her husband Corey.
Caruso brand partner Corey with his wife and Aaron Carter’s sister Angel Carter.

Conrad’s previous work experiences include roles such as segment producer, Hollywood reporter, and director of sales and marketing at Harry Morton Holdings. He furthermore worked for the SBE groups as a Senior Director of Brand and Global Partnerships.

That said, one could say, Carter’s husband has made a good name for himself in sales, popularity, and growth.

Corey was born in 1987.

How Is Angel Carter Relationship With Her Husband?

Conrad and Carter met each other for the first time. They reportedly dated for about two years. Apparently, Angel once told her friends that she wasn’t interested in dating Corey and that they would never date.

According to Carter, things started to pan out for the two because of Conrad’s persistence.

Aaron Carter's sister, Angel Carter with her husband and senior vice president at Caruso, Corey Conrad.
Belmont University graduate Corey Conrad with his wife and Aaron Carter’s sister, Angel Carter. Blogspot

The couple got engaged in April 2013 with the wedding taking place on Feb 8, 2014, at New Hall Mansion in Piru California. Five years after the wedding on Jan 4, 2019, Carter and Conrad welcomed their first child, a daughter named Haper Noelle Conrad.

Angel Carter Net Worth

Although it lacks real confirmation, some sources nonetheless claim that Angel Carter has a net worth somewhere around half a million to a full seven figures.

Meanwhile, her artist and famous brother, Nick Carter has a net worth of over $35 million.

Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter with his sister Angel Carter and brother Aaron Carter
Late Aaron Carter with his sister Angel Carter and Nick Carter. Getty

While Angel is not in showbiz like her brother Nick, she apparently is a reputed businesswoman on her own. She owns an interior design studio. Angel focuses on creating designs for families.

Although it is a mystery how much Carter makes through her interior design business, from the looks of her social media lifestyle, she does come across as a well-off being.

Worth mentioning is in Nov 2022, shortly after her twin brother, Aaron’s death, Angel filed to take control of her late brother’s estate.

At the time, Aaron had a net worth valued at $550,000. The wealth included personal property worth $200,000 and real property with a net value of $350,000.

Late musician and singer Aaron Carter with his twin sister Angel Carter.
Interior designer Angel Carter with her late brother Aaron Carter. Getty

Although Angel filed for control over Aaron’s estate, she apparently kept the late singer’s son, Prince as a potential beneficiary of the overall wealth.

Angel’s brother Aaron tragically passed away at the age of 34 at his California home on Nov 5, 2022.

Angel’s other siblings include Nick Carter, a sister, Bobbie Jean Carter, a half-sister, Virginia Marie Carter, a half-brother, Kaden Brent Carter, and a step-sister, Taelyn Dobson. Angel also has one other sibling Leslie Carter who passed away in 2012 from a drug overdose.

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Angel Carter Is Married To Corey Conrad

Carter is married to the senior vice president at Caruso (a real estate company), Corey Conrad. They started their relationship sometime in 2011. Three years later on Feb 8, 2014, the couple married at the Newhall Mansion in Piru, California.

Aaron Carter's sister, Angel Carter with her husband and senior vice president at Caruso, Corey Conrad.
Belmont University graduate Corey Conrad with his wife and Aaron Carter’s sister, Angel Carter. Blogspot

Angel initially wasn’t interested in dating Corey and had even said to her friends that she would never date him.

It apparently was Conrad’s persistence that made Nick’s sister go out with him.

Conrad asked Angel to marry him in April 2013. The pair welcomed their first daughter, Haper Noelle Conrad, on Jan 4, 2019.


Who Is Corey Conrad?

Conrad is the husband of Nick Carter’s sister, Angel Carter. He is the vice president of brand partnerships and strategic alliances at Caruso.

When did Corey Conrad and Angel Carter marry?

Conrad and Angel married each other on Feb 8, 2014, at New Hall Mansion in Piru California.




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