Jasmine Guy’s Daughter Imani Duckett- Unrevealed Facts About Her

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Jasmine Guy’s Daughter Imani Duckett- Unrevealed Facts About Her
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Imani Duckett is a renowned American actress known for her role in the TV movie named Open (2020). However, she is mostly recognized in the media as the daughter of American singer and actress, Jasmine Guy.

Well, despite the fact that Imani has chosen a career in the entertainment industry, she has not achieved an anticipated success so far. Over the years, the actress has only made an appearance in a handful of TV movies. So, what is she up to? Besides her professional Imani’s love life has also been equally intriguing. So, is she dating anyone?

Today we will be discussing everything about Imani Duckett including her personal life, professional life, net worth, and many more. Enroll in the article below to know more about Imani.

Imani Duckett’s Early Life and Education

The celebrity kid, Imani Duckett was born on 28th March 1999, to her star mother Jasmine Guy and her father Terrence Duckett. Her zodiac sign is Aries and she belongs to African-American ancestry. Moreover, Imani is a single child to her parents and she does not have any siblings.

Imani Duckett With Mother Jasmine Guy
Imani is the single child of her parents

Talking about her education, she first attended her schooling in her hometown, Atlanta. After that, she joined The New York University Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in May 2017 in arts. Her mother even shared Imani’s Graduation picture and Prom on her social handle.

Imani Duckett Rose To Fame Because of Her Star Mother Jasmine Guy

As aforementioned, Imani rose to fame because of her star mother Jasmine Guy. Born on March 10, 1962, Jasmine is a well-known actress widely known for her role in the 1988 TV film School Daze. She has worked on numerous projects like A Different World, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more.

Imani Duckett  Is Also An Actress Like Her Mother Jasmine
Imani followed her mother’s footsteps and started her acting career

Over the years, she has appeared in dozens of movies and TV series, for which she has also received several awards including the NAACP Image award four times. She was awarded as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Apart from movies & TV shows, she is also a singer & has released several albums and singles which include Jasmine Guy (1990), Another Like My Lover (2020), “Try Me” (1990), & many more.

Thanks to her mother’s fame, Imani also often becomes a subject in the media. Further, Jasmine often shares photos of her daughter on her social media, which has also increased Imani’s popularity.

Her Parents Part Their Ways When She Was 9

After ten years of marriage, Imani’s parents Terrence Duckett and Jasmine Guy decided to divorce. Their separation was formally announced on April 8, 2008, when he was only 9. When parenting Imani, Terrence acted more like an absent father. According to a few tabloids, Terrence neglected his parental duties to the point Jasmine could not bear leading to their decision to divorce.

Talking about the same, she once said in an interview,

“He Didn’t have time for us”

Following the legal separation, Imani’s father Terrence even filed for Imani’s custody but he lost to his wife and even had to pay child support of $1469 each month.

Following the incident, Jasmine again launched a lawsuit against her former husband as he was not making his child support on time. She claimed that he stopped giving child support in May 2010 and she owed a total of $39,663.

How Was Imani Duckett’s Relationship With Her Father?

Imani’s father Terrence Duckett is a Healthcare consultant by profession. He is currently working as a Chief Strategy Officer at OnePacePlus. Born on May 22, 1962, the former celebrity spouse had not quite a good relationship with his daughter. As mentioned earlier, he was more like an absent father which is why Imani and her father could not spend much time together.

Imani's father Terrence Duckett
Imani’s father Terrence Duckett was absent

Although Terrence wanted his daughter’s custody, he never fulfilled all his responsibilities towards her. Imani mostly spends her time with her mother Jasmine. Looking at their social media, we can know that Imani is closer to her mother than her father.

Imani Started Her Career as a Model

Before working as an actor, Imani was a model. However, she had a major interest in acting and followed in her mother’s footsteps. Her dreams finally came true when she got to debut in a play named Serial Black Face in 2016.

The same year in 2016, she also appeared in a documentary series Unsung Hollywood. Eventually, in 2020, she appeared in the TV movie Open where she portrayed Luna. Unfortunately, she has not achieved major success as an actress so far.

In the last few years, she has only appeared in a couple of movies, which is pretty less compared to her time in the industry.

Is Imani Duckett Dating Someone? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

The famous media personality is very private about her love life. She has not revealed anyone as her boyfriend. Going by her social media posts, she seems to be single since there are barely any posts that hint at her being in a relationship.

Also, there have been no reports of her past relationships and affairs as well. That said, we hope she finds a partner for herself in the future.

Is Imani Available on Social Platforms?

Imani seems to be quite active on her social platforms. She is available on Instagram under the name @imani.guy.d. She usually posts about her friends and family. Imani has about 4k followers on her Instagram.

Likewise, her mother is highly active on her social media and has over 330k followers. We can see her posting about her daughter frequently on social handles.

What is Imani Duckett’s Net Worth?

The celebrity kid is earning good and has been able to amass quite a good amount of fortune throughout her journey. However, she has not revealed exact details of her net worth.

On the other hand, her mother Jasmine Guy has been able to amass a great amount of fortune. The well-known star has been able to gather about $4 million as of 2022.