Where Is Enrica Cenzatti Now? Facts About Andrea Bocelli’s Ex-Wife

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Where Is Enrica Cenzatti Now? Facts About Andrea Bocelli’s Ex-Wife
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Enrica Cenzatti is an ordinary Italian woman who shot to fame as the first wife of the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Besides, her ex-husband is also a multi-instrumentalist who is more prominent for his opera singing.

The singer and his ex-wife dated for several years when they were young and eventually tied knots making their relationship official. Similarly, the former couple also welcomed two kids in their marital bliss. However, the husband and wife later separated, ending their ten years long marriage as things didn’t work their way. Subsequently, her ex-hubby dated and married his second wife, Veronica Berti, who is 25 years younger than him.

So, what about Enrica Cenzatti? Did she too marry her second husband like Andrea Bocelli? Where is she today? Read the piece below to find all the answers regarding Andrea Bocelli’s first wife, Enrica Cenzatti.

How Old Is Enrica Cenzatti In 2022? Her Early Details, Age, and Education

Born in the year 1970, Cenzatti is 52 years old now. She was born in Tuscany, Italy, and therefore, holds Italian citizenship. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on March 26. Since Enrica doesn’t like to dwell in public and media, she loves her hush-hush life. Thus, no information about her parents and any other family members is available.

Meanwhile, for her studies, she enrolled in school and college in her hometown. However, Andrea’s wife hasn’t talked about which institutions she attended for her academics. She was a high school student in Pisa, Italy, when she met her ex-husband.

Who Is Enrica Cenzatti’s Ex-Husband, Andrea Bocelli?

Cenzatti is the first wife of the famous Italian singer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrea Bocelli, who is more prominent for his opera singing. He can also play many instruments such as piano, flute, guitar, and more. However, he is visually impaired and underwent many physical difficulties in his childhood like brain hemorrhage and congenital glaucoma.

Andrea Bocelli in opera theatre
Enrica Cenzatti’s ex-spouse Andrea Bocelli in the opera theatre
Source: Facebook

Andrea started his career by playing pianos in the bars in the evening and competing in local contests. Later, he shot to fame signing his first contract with Sugar Music Label for which he won the 44th Sanremo Music Festival.

Since his foremost contract, he has recorded 15 solo albums, three greatest hits, and nine complete operas. He has sold over 75 million records all over the world making the album, Romanza, one of his best-selling albums. In addition, Bocelli’s songs and albums are nominated and have also won many accolades, bringing classical music to the top of the international pop charts.

Her Ex-Spouse Bocelli Is Fully Blind

Yes, the former husband of Enrica Cenzatti is fully blind now. He was born with visual impairment and could see slightly until the age of 12. Regardless, he then completely lost his vision in a football accident.

He suffered a brain hemorrhage when he was hit in the eye playing goalkeeper during the game, which left him blind for his whole life. Doctors couldn’t bring his eyesight back despite many unsuccessful attempts.

Enrica Cenzatti Met Her Ex-Husband When She Was in High School

Enrica and Andrea were very young when they came across each other. The singer was in the early phase of his career, doing evening shows in the piano bars while his ex-wife was a high school student. It was his voice that attracted Cenzatti to her one-time spouse.

Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli in their wedding
Enrica Cenzatti with her former husband Andrea Bocelli in their wedding
Source: fanpix.famousfix

The celebrity spouse was just 17 years old when she first saw him and started seeing each other more often afterward. The chemistry between them sparked and the couple began dating. After a love relationship of some years, the former couple decided to spend the rest of their life together.

Following their decision, the pair walked down the aisle on 27 June 1992. The duo was happy with their nuptials for a very long time. The former husband and wife also became parents to two beautiful children during their wedding.

Cenzatti Divorced Her Former Partner Bocelli After a Decade-Long Marriage

Even though everything was great in the earlier years, things, unfortunately, stopped working between them after some years. Eventually, the pair decided to part ways after ten years of their marital relationship in 2002.

Although the reason behind the separation was cited as irreconcilable differences, the couple hasn’t come forward to talk about the reality behind it. Both of the parties have zipped their lips.

Andrea Bocelli and his second wife Veronica Berti
Enrica Cenzatti’s ex-spouse Andrea Bocelli with his second wife Veronica Berti
Source: Pinterest

After the divorce, the Italian singer’s news of dating his second wife and manager, Veronica Berti, the same year in 2002 was all over the media. Cinzatti’s ex-hubby even announced the arrival of his child, Virginia, with his spouse on 21 March 2012. Eventually, Andrea married Veronica on 21 March 2014.

Meanwhile, there is no news or information about Enrica being in a relationship with any other guy. Maybe she is still single or is dating a secret man.

Enrica Cenzatti Shares Two Sons With Her Former Spouse

As we mentioned earlier, Enrica became a mother of two during her nuptials with her ex-hubby Andrea. She along with him welcomed her first son, Amos, after three years of their marriage, on February 22, 1995.

In due course, the 52 years old gave birth to her second child, Matteo after a gap of a couple of years on, October 8, 1997. Though the pair were delighted with the arrival of their children, they didn’t celebrate parenthood together. Yet, the father and sons would see each other time and often.

Enrica Cenzatti with ex-hubby Andrew Bocelli and her sons
Enrica Cenzatti with her former husband Andrea Bocelli, and sons: Amos and Matteo
Source: express.co.uk

The mom of two raised her kids alone as they were young while she ended her courtship with Andrea Bocelli. She stayed and still lives with her sons in Comune, Versilia where she used to live before.  Nevertheless, her ex-hubby shifted to Forte del Marmi on the Mediterranean with his current wife Veronica Berti.

What Is The Net Worth Of Enrica Cenzatti?

Well, as Enrica Cenzatti is a completely private person, her professional life is also behind closed doors. Except for the fact that she is the first wife of the Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, she hasn’t revealed anything about her career. However, she must be doing some jobs to look after herself as she is an educated person.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Andrea Bocelli is the owner of millions. He has a net worth of $100 million which he has amassed through his successful singing career. As the ex-duo are still good friends, it might be possible that he is looking after his ex-wife’s expenses to some extent as well. Nonetheless, we aren’t sure about it.