Kebe Dunn: Her Marriage, Career, Relationship With Husband Michael Rapaport

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Kebe Dunn: Her Marriage, Career, Relationship With Husband Michael Rapaport
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Kebe Dunn is a celebrity wife of actor, Michael Rapaport, known for films like Higher Learning, Metro, Cop Land, Deep Blue Sea, The 6th Day, Dr. Dolittle 2, Big Fan, and The Heat.

Rapaport who has made over 100 appearances in films and TV shows has been married to Dunn since the mid-2010s. In some way, Dunn and Michael have a romedy Esque story; the couple reigniting their affections for one another after over 10 years.

Know how they found the opportunity to adore each other by and by. In transit, also read a drawn-out narration of Kebe’s life; from her folks to her ongoing undertakings.

How Old Is Kebe Dunn? 

Dunn, who was born on November 10, 1970, is now in her early fifties. Celebrating her 50th birthday in Nov 2020, the True Romance star’s wife, on her Instagram, wrote,

“Another year up and although I am under the weather my spirit is filled with joy. Now into my fifties, I am can say that I am just beginning to honor what I most value.”

She added despite her age, she is constantly facing lessons and wrote she was grateful for a full heart.

Kebe Dunn, the wife of actor Michael Rapaport is now in her early 50s.
Michael Rapaport’s wife, Kebe with her artist mother, Michelle D Lee

Kebe, the daughter of Michelle D Lee, a fine artist/painter, additionally wished for more peace as well as the ability to understand collective humanity and compassion.

While Dunn rarely misses discussing her affection for her craftsman mother, she hasn’t revealed much with regard to her dad.

Kebe Dunn And Michael Resumed Their Relationship After 14 Years Of Their First Date 

Assuming they first started dating back in the ’90s (as per Kebe’s Instagram, Aug 1993), broke up in between, and patched up in the late 2000s, Kebe and the Deep Blue Sea actor have been together for decades.

Kebe Dunn and Michael Rapaport first started date in the early '90s, broke up, and then dated again in the late 2000s.
Michael Rapaport and Dunn started their relationship in 1993 but broke up after some time.

They though have been in a marital ride for only a couple of years. The Atypical alum and Dunn first began their relationship in the ’90s but would split after some years.

Rapaport then went on to date several other women one of whom he made his wife and also had two sons with, Julian Ali and Maceo Shane.

With Whom Was Michael Married Before Kebe?

Prior to redating the daughter of a modern art painter, Rapaport was the husband of Nichole Beattie. She is the writer, and producer of TV shows like Beyond, Law and Order, The Walking Dead, and For All Mankind.

Dunn’s now-husband was married to Beattie for seven years (m. 2000).

Kebe Dunn's husband, Michael Rapaport with his ex-wife, Nichole Beattie.
Before Kebe, Michael was married to The Walking Dead writer, Nichole Beattie with whom he had two sons.

The courtship though wouldn’t last long and the Prison Break star and the mother of his sons would separate in 2007.

It was only after then Rapaport and Dunn rekindled the old romance.

Michael And Dunn’s Marriage Could Last Forever

Having celebrated a wedding in 2016, Rapaport and Kebe’s second-time affection for each other is seemingly lasting longer.

They apparently have been on plain sailing since the late 2000s.

Kebe Dunn and her actor husband, Michael Rapaport from films like Deep Blue Sea, Higher Learning, True Romance.
Kebe Dunn and Rapaport, who married each other in 2016 – posing for an Instagram post in Oct 2019.

In an interview with Kenya Moore of WWHL, Rapaport, who has now rebranded himself as a podcaster and a sports pundit, said,

the second time around (with Kebe) was the best time around.

Despite their failed relationship that happened way back in the time without anybody’s knowledge, Kebe and Rapaport are now really keeping it strong.

Why People Couldn’t Believe Michael Dating Kebe? 

When the media and the outsiders first knew about Rapaport and Dunn’s romantic dynamic, they were quite shocked mostly because of the former’s this particular movie.

As such, if not for Michael’s portrayal of Remy, a racist character in the 1995 film, Higher Learning, people may not have found it that surprising in knowing Rapaport had been dating a black woman.

Further, albeit few, most of his other partners had been white.

What Does Dunn Do For a Living? 

While it is unclear what Rapaport does in the present for a living, she has a few or two acting credits from the past, per IMDB.

Kebe made her screen debut with the 2005 rom-com movie, Love for Rent as a nurse.

Kebe Dunn, wife of Michael Rapaport has had some minor roles in few or two TV projects.
Kebe had a minor role in the film Love For Rent and in the series, In Session With Jonathan Pessin

The wife of the New City-born actor also played a shoe saleswoman in the 2012 short-lived series, In Session with Jonathan Pessin.

Her last on-screen credit includes Tournament of Laughs (2020), a reality comedy competition for TV in which her husband Michael also appeared.

Kebe Dunn’s Net Worth

While Kebe’s better half, Rapaport is evidently a millionaire with his net worth resting somewhere in the region of $12 million, a similar assertion may be somewhat arguable in the case of Dunn, herself.

This is by and large in light of the fact that the spouse of Rapaport is yet to uncover anything about her walk of life much less what and the amount she pulls in monetarily.

However, what has been clear is that Kebe and her better half have been carrying on with a seriously well-off life since the start of their marriage or even before.

Michael, an Ashkenazi Jewish and descent of Polish and Russian family, has made it quite apparent his present spouse likes to spend on luxurious things.

Paparazzi have often caught the two shopping at ultra-expensive stores.

They furthermore have also made headlines in the past for trading properties worth millions of dollars.

Other Facts 

  • Rapaport once revealed his wife, Kebe is a devoted shopper who often loves to buy herself a number of bags and garments. Michael says it was thanks to her that he improved his fashion choices and dress more his age.
  • Dunn unintentionally made Rapaport the super fan of Bravo’s The Real Housewives series.


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