Things About Kelsey Asbille Ethnicity & Nationality You Didn’t Know

Things About Kelsey Asbille Ethnicity & Nationality You Didn’t Know
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Kelsey Asbille’s ethnicity created a lot of tension after she was cast in Yellowstone where she portrayed the role of a character that belonged to an indigenous community. The debate was mostly about the fact that the role could have been better justified by an actress who came from a similar ethnic background.

So, what is her racial background? Not only this but we will also talk about Asbille’s nationality, family, & parental background. Also find out about her marriage, net worth, & more.

Kelsey Asbille Ethnicity & Nationality

Belonging to American nationality Kelsey has mixed ethnicity. She is the daughter of a Chinese father and an American mother. In a W Magazine profile, Asbille identified her heritage as part European, part Chinese, and part Cherokee.

Despite having a Chinese father, she was born in America itself. She was born and grew up in the state of Columbia, South Carolina, United States.

Actress Kelsey Asbille
Actress Kelsey belongs to mixed ethnicity. Source: Kelsey’s Instagram

It is pretty hard to believe that she will be turning 31 years old in the year 2023.  Kelsey has been in the field of acting since she was in her early teens. She follows Christianity as a religion.

Kelsey Asbille Ethnicity Rose The Yellowstone Controversy

Anyone who has watched Yellowstone might be quite aware of the controversy that was raised due to the casting of Kelsey in the series. Kelsey plays the role of a Native American wife in the drama, which was not quite accepted by most Americans.

The controversy first came out when the Native American actor, Adam Beach commented about the failure of diversity in the Yellowstone project. He later fueled the issue when he brought out the statement Asbille had given about her being a part of the Cherokees and said,

“Yellowstone is telling the world that there are no Native actresses capable of leading a TV show. Unless your great-great-great grandparents are Cherokee.”

The dispute brought in by Adam was accepted by many other Americans too. They hugely considered Kelsey to be the wrong person for the role. Although most of the cast members for Yellowstone consisted of Natives themselves, the public was feeling that the Natives actors are not getting enough opportunities in the television field.

Kelsey Asbille Parents: Where Is Her Family Originally From?

As mentioned earlier, Kelsey took birth to a mixed-ethnic household. Her father’s name is Brigadier General Dr. Jim C. Chow, and her mother is Jean Chow. Her father was originally from China and her mother was from America. Although we do not have information on how Kelsey’s parents got together, it’s quite assumable that it might have been a love marriage.

Both of her parents are very supportive and lovely. They motivated her to work and make her name in the field Asbille was always interested in and supporting her today too. She got a huge opportunity to walk on the ‘Top Gun: Maverick” Red Carpet along with her dad. She shared the precious moment on her Instagram account.

Kelsey Asbille with her father James C Chow in red carpet.
Asbille and her Chinese father, Dr. Jim C. Chow make an appearance together in Red Carpet. Source: Pinterest

She wrote,

how it started >>> How it’s going

thank u to @garymantoosh @worstgirlever @glenpowell (you absolute scene stealer) & @paramountpics my pops has been waiting 30 years for this moment YALL HE MADE TOM LAUGH

We do not get to see Kelsey’s mother around as much as her father. Not only her dad and mom, but the actress is also pretty close to her grandmother as well. The grandmother and granddaughter duo shares a beautiful bond.

She Has Two Younger Siblings

If you read carefully above, we have mentioned that Kelsey is the first child of the family. Kelsay has a younger brother and a sister who is the youngest of the family. Her brother’s name is Forrest Chow and her sister’s name is Kiersten Chow. Both of her siblings today have grown up and are living an independent life. Forrest is a DJ and Kiersten is a musician.

An old picture of Kelsey Asbille with her siblings and grandmother.
Kelsey Asbille (Right) with her brother, Forrest (right), Grandmother, and sister Kiersten.

All three kids seem to share a very beautiful bond. Although they have not been showing off their personal life to the media world, they also have not been into any controversies until today.

Kelsey Asbille’s Husband: Is She Married?

Kelsey has been in the world of television for more than a decade today. Many people watch her on television and also might imagine her love life. For your information, Asbille does not have a husband as she is not married yet.

Although the fashion model has not tied the knot, it is not so that she does not have a love life. Kelsey has been in several romantic relationships and is also in one at present.

Who Is She Dating a Boyfriend?

Kelsay Asbille has been dating British actor Willian Moseley. They have been together for 10 years now and are sharing a happy relationship.

The pair first met on the set of their action-thriller movie, Run. They played lead roles in the movie as lovers and turned into real-life lovers in the same year. Similar to Kelsey, her boyfriend, William too started his career in the movie industry at an early age.

Kelsey Asbille with her boyfriend William
A picture of Run actress with her boyfriend and co-actor, William Moseley. Source: hello magazine

The celebrity couple has kept their love life so private that people often question if they are together or not. In 2018, the couple was rumored to have broken up, but it was not true. They are going pretty strong together.

Before William, Asbille had two other known relationships. She was with actors Hutch Dano and Ethan Peck around the years 2009-2011.

What Is Kelsay Asbille’s Net Worth?

As a top-notch actress and model, she has a net worth of $3 million as of the year 2023.

Her most famous drama series released in 2018, Yellowstone raised her income to millions. Along with this, Asbille has also given several other masterpieces such as Wind River and Fargo.

Kelsey Asbille in Met Gala 2023
Kelsey Asbille during Met Gala 2023. She has a net worth of $3 million. Source: Getty Images

The prominent actress is just turning 31 and has her whole future ahead of her. Kelsey has just started to get recognition for her work and her beauty. She also made her very first appearance at the Met Gala 2023.

We will surely get to see Asbille getting much more success in the upcoming years of her life.