Shahs of Sunset’s Shervin Roohparvar: His Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, & More

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Shahs of Sunset’s Shervin Roohparvar: His Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, & More
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Shervin Roohparvar is an American entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, with huge dominance in the tech, hospitality, and tech industry. However, lately, he has gained huge recognization for his appearance in the entertainment industry for his role in the Bravo’s hit reality show Shahs of Sunset.

Besides, he has also appeared in many other TV series. No doubt, he has gained huge success because of his TV shows, & entrepreneurial skills, but what about his love life? Is he married or dating a girlfriend?

In this article, we will talk about some interesting facts about his love affairs, career, & net worth as well. Let’s begin?

Shervin Roohparvar Bio, Early Life, Education

A successful TV personality Shervin Roohparvar was born on 21st August 1980. He was born to Iranian parents, but they moved & settled down in the United States. Well, he is very close to his mother & often comes up with beautiful posts with her mother on his Instagram. Back in 2018, he posted a sweet clip of him kissing his mom on Insta. Check this out.

Growing up, Roohparvar was very good at his studies. And as rumors have it, he even took up medical science and even did a degree in plastic surgery. However, he eventually quit it taking up entrepreneurship, and built his own IT company.


He has a younger brother and a sister. And like any siblings, they share a great relationship together. On the sibling’s day back in 2017, he even posted a beautiful photo with them together on his Insta.

Shervin Roohparvar With His Brother & Sister
Shervin Roohparvar With His Brother & Sister

Age & Height

As of 2021, he is 41 years of age and stands 6 feet in height.

Shervin Roohparvar Famous For Shahs of Sunset

Like we said earlier, Shervin is a successful TV personality mostly known for his work in Shahs of Sunset. The American reality television series on Bravo TV showcases the life of Persian Americans in Beverly Hills, and how they balance their families and traditions.

He made his first appearance in the series in 2015 and was a regular cast until the 2021 season. It also stars other actors like Ryan Seacrest, Vim Shanmugam, Lisa Silver, among others.

Apart from this, he has also appeared in a few other TV series like The Shahs Come Clean with Nadine, & Watch What Happens: Live. Further, he also made a special appearance in the 2017 series Hooked on Fashion Tour: Live from Hollywood.

Shervin Roohparvar Is Also An Immensely Successful Entrepreneur

While Shervin has achieved immense popularity in TV, he has also been leading a successful career as an entrepreneur. Based in Silicon Valley, he has found success not only in the tech and hospitality industry but also in the nightlife and retail industry.

Further, he has also been a part of numerous startups, one being his project as Partner for Munition, which is a high-end headphone line. Similarly, he has also invested in Aston Manor/Maison Tavern hospitality group.

Most recently, he stepped into the Fashion industry and has launched a few fashion stores as well. Around 2016, he also founded a clothing line and a restaurant. Apart from all these investments, he is also into charity and has been a huge support for organizations like PARS Equality and the Aryana Health Care Foundation.

Who Is Shervin Roohparvar’s Girlfriend?

The love life of almost every celebrity creates huge curiosity and the case is the same with Shervin. But is he dating anyone? Well,  was in a relationship with his girlfriend Annalise Carbone, a model from Sydney, Australia.

Shervin Roohparvar Girlfriend Annalise Carbone
Shervin Roohparvar Girlfriend Annalise Carbone

In fact, there are reports that they are together for over 6 years. After the two began dating, Annalise even left Australia and moved to Los Angeles to be with him. But like it happens with all relationships, the couple went through a lot of controversies. He was even accused of cheating his Annalise.

Besides, he has also been linked with his Shahs of Sunset co-star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi. But the truth is they have never dated and are rather good friends.

Is He Ever Married?

Well, Shervin is not married yet. Or at least, he has not revealed it just in case he secretly has a wife. Moreover, he does not seem to have any plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

That said, we would love to see him married to a perfect partner.

Reza Farahan Called Shervin Roohparvar A Fakest Human Being And A Con Artist

Well, one of Shervin’s co-stars on Shahs of Sunset, Reza called him a con artist during his interview with Andy Cohen. He even accused him of trying to have sexual relations with Golnesa’s sister Leila.

Here Is a clip from the interview.

He Sued a Woman For Extortion

As per TMZ, Shervin sued a woman for trying to extort thousands of dollars. The woman reportedly alleged him of trying to slip her a date rape drug.

According to the legal documents, Roohparvar and the woman met for the first time in Vegas after they connected on social media. Soon enough, they met in a hotel room and even had drinks together. But as he said that he had to go for a business meeting, the woman, as per him, started shouting obscenities.

Moreover, she also claimed that Shervin had drugged her, however, the cops present on the scene took no action. It didn’t end at that but as per Shervin, the lady threatened him a month letter stating she would rat him out to production companies if he didn’t give her $350k.

How Much is Shervin Roohparvar’s Net Worth?

As an entrepreneur, Shervin undoubtedly makes a great deal of money. In fact, he is a tech giant and has several retail businesses and restaurants. But what exactly is his net worth? Well, as per sources, he is worth around $6 million as of 2021.

Further, with his new career in the TV industry, he has been adding much more to his already huge wealth.

He Is Active On Social Media

Like most other celebrities, Shervin enjoys social media. He is on all major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook, where he goes by Alphasherv. On his Insta, he already has over 15k followers, as of 2021. Not to mention, he pretty much gives insight into his personal and professional life via his posts.