What Is Enrique Murciano Net Worth?

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What Is Enrique Murciano Net Worth?
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Enrique Murciano, an American actor rose to fame for playing FBI agent Danny Taylor in Without a Trace (2002-2009). Began acting in 1997, the Black Hawk Down actor has come a long way with his dedication to his craft. Over 25 years of his acting career, no doubt that he has amassed a good amount of money. In that case, is his net worth in millions?

Further, Enrique has been critically acclaimed following his character Ben Almora in the Netflix hit series The Night Agent alongside Kari Matchett and Gabriel Basso. With this, his popularity has heightened to the next level which of course increased his rate as an actor as well. So, how much wealth he owns at present?

Read in detail about Enrique Murciano’s salary and fortune in the following piece of article.

What Is Enrique Murciano’s Net Worth In 2023?

In 2023, Enrique Murciano has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Without any doubt, he earns this massive amount from his career as an actor in the American Entertainment Industry.

Enrique Murciano is a millionaire
Enrique Murciano’s net worth is $5 million

Since the year 1997, the Miami native has been continuously working as an actor in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Coming up to 2023, his career has, even more, sparked with his consistency and dedication in his business which assist him to list himself as a millionaire.

Enrique Murciano’s Salary As An Actor

To date, the 49 years old actor neither has disclosed the amount he charged for a movie or series, nor the aggregate money he made. But, having 25 years of career in the acting field, Enrique has already accomplished a lot as an actor, and as per sources, such an experienced performer makes up to $63,895 per year.

Lately, he has worked on several hit projects so, as per our assumption, his salary as an actor must have increased as well.

How Much Salary Did Enrique Charge For The Night Agent?

In the 2023 Netflix hit thriller series The Night Agent, Enrique Murciano appeared as Ben Almora in a total of 10 episodes. Jumping to number 6, The Night Agent successfully listed itself as Netflix’s most popular show of all time. So, as a part of the most famous series, how much did he make from the show?

Enrique Murciano earns good amount as an actor
Enrique Murciano

Well, the amount of money he is being paid in The Night Agent hasn’t been revealed in the media yet. However, since the gross income of the series is well, we believed that the star cast also amassed big money.

Enrique Murciano Owned A Million Dollar Home In Los Angeles

Back in 2009, Enrique had bought a home in Los Angeles at a cost of $1.6 million. He resides there for almost 7 years and then he put it for sale for $1.7 million in Realtor.com.

As per the Realtor.com listing, the 2709 square feet house was first constructed in 1962 in an area of 0.46-acre land. And the home’s location was in the Woodrow Wilson neighborhood of Sunset Strip, Hollywood Hills.

As of now, we like to believe that his house must have been sold at the price he marked. So, the money he made from the house undoubtedly contributed a lot to his net amount.

Further, he also is the owner of a car Cobra 427 which cost $1,943,750 on average.

Enrique Murciano’s Income Sources

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Some investments in property
  • As a producer

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