Matt Rife Ethnicity, Parents, & Family Background

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The famous comedian, Matt Rife has unexpectedly increased his popularity and with all the fame, there has been a lot of curiosity about his family background. After all, a lot of guys and gals are curious as to what kind of ethnicity he has that makes him so hot.

Let’s find out.

Matt Rife’s Ethnicity

The talented actor, Rife, belongs to the White American ethnicity and was born and grew up in Columbus, Ohio to White parents.

Comedian Matt Rife ethnicity is white
Rife holds an American Ethnicity. Source: Instagram

Most probably, due to his ancestry connection, Matt chose to stay close to his roots which can be seen through his comedy routine. He even has not changed his accent, something that a lot of people do once they gain fame.

Matt Had a Difficult Childhood; His Father Died By Suicide

Rife was born on September 10, 1995, as the only child of Michael Eric Gutzke and April Rife. They gave birth to Matt at a very young age, around their late teens.

Though he makes us all laugh, he himself has a tragic backstory. His father Michael died by attempting suicide on March 5th, 1997. At the time of his death, Matt was only 18 months old while Michael himself was just 20 years old.

Upon the family’s patriarch’s passing, Matt’s mother April had a very hard time in life. Later, she married Jason Sievers who worked as a mechanic.

From April’s new relationship, Matt has two stepsiblings, a sister, Taylor Chilton, and a brother, Christian Sievers.

Matt with his mother.
Matt with his mother, April Rife. Source: Instagram

Rife shares a good bond with his mother, stepfather, and his step-siblings. He and his mother April are active on Instagram and regularly share pictures of themselves.

Rife’s Grandfather Was Like a Father Figure To Him

After Matt lost his dad, the whole that it left was fulfilled by his paternal grandfather, Steven Rife. The grandfather and grandson shared a beautiful bond.

Matt’s establishment in his career at a young age was only possible due to the support his grandpa provided to him. Hence, they were more like friends instead of grandpa and grandson and shared many loving moments.

Young Rife with his late father.
Matt lost his father to suicide when he was just a year old. Source: Instagram.

His grandfather served in the United States Navy at an early age. Unfortunately, Matt had to lose his grandfather, Steven on November 29, 2022. Upon his passing, he shared a sad post thanking his loving grandfather for all the support,

This morning I lost my best friend in the entire world. My grandpa Steve❤️
The greatest man I’ve ever known. I’ve never loved someone so much. If I’ve ever made you laugh- it’s because of him. Words can’t describe what he meant to me or hope much I’m going to miss him every single day for the rest of my life. But I have to believe I’m going to see him again so that I can feel whole again. Thank you so much for being my best friend, my teacher, my father, my grandfather, my inspiration, my soul, my everything. This hurts so fucking much.
I love you papaw.

Matt with his grandfather Steven
A picture Rife shared with his grandfather the day he lost him to death. Source: Instagram.

The post clearly shows their incredible bond with one another.

Does Matt Have A Family Of His Own?

The comedian has been working regularly in the entertainment industry for the past 13 years. Maybe due to his busy involvement in professional life, he has not started a family yet.

Matt is not married, however, as of September 2023, he is dating American actress and dancer Jessica Lord. Prior to her, Matt dated many famed celebs including Kate Beckinsale and Lucy Hale.

Recent picture of actor and comedian Matt Rife.
Comedian Matt has not yet started a family of his own. Source: Instagram

Besides, Rife today is busy with his stand-up comedy shows, tours, and several other businesses as well. Coming from an unstable family, it is a great thing for him to be this successful at such an early age.

Successively, the world will surely get to witness much more progress in Rife’s life in the coming years.