Meet American Painter Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, Doja Cat Mother

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Meet American Painter Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, Doja Cat Mother

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is better known as the doting mother of American singer and rapper Doja Cat. Her daughter dabbed into the music world as a teenager and gained wide recognition following her song Mooo! She released her first studio album ‘Amala’ in the same year.

Well, the young artist achieved wider attention after came with the second studio album ‘Hot Pink’ which peaked at the top 10 of the Billboard 200. And like any proud kid, Doja credits her immense success in the music world to her painter mother Deborah.

Here are numerous unknown facts that you didn’t know about Doja Cat’s mom including her artworks and more.

Doja Cat’s mom Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and father belong to two different ethnicity

Sawyer’s daughter Doja Cat was born on October 21, 1995, in Los Angeles, Califonia. She belongs to a mixed ethnical background. While her mother Deborah is white, her dad Dumisani Dlamini is black and hails from South Africa.

Doja spent her childhood in NY, particularly in the Bronx and New York City. She lived in the city for around five years and then went to Oak Park and joined ballet, tap, and jazz dancing classes.

Doja Cat is the daughter of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer.
Doja Cat, the daughter of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer.
Source: Instagram

Doja used to dance and also competed in many programs in Los Angeles. She dropped out of high school while in 11th grade in order to focus on her music career.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Career: Her Painting Works and Love for Music

Deborah grew up in a family of Jewish. She was a painter and also loves to sing. While talking about her mother, Doja once stated,

“My mom was a painter and loves to sing behind closed doors. My father is a South African actor who danced in broadway musicals for Lion King. I took a little bit of everything from both of them.”

Doja touts her mother was the greatest influence in her music career. During her childhood, her mom would often play music from several established singers like D’Angelo, Jamiroquai, Wind & Fire, Tupac, and Erykah Badu in the house.

The singer told in an interview with the rapper and actor Dumbfoundead that her mommy was quite into hip-hop despite her race. She said,

“was kinda a hip-hop head, really ironic because like — I’m Jewish, my grandma’s Jewish, she’s white, and she was never exposed to music like that until she started meeting people and was like, wow I really love this.”

Doja further added,

“Once she had me, she would play a lot of Erykah Badu, a lot of Fugees, and Jamiroquai and Seal, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, a lot of stuff like that…”

What about Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s current work?

Elizabeth Sawyer has never talked about professional endeavors publically. But her daughter told in a 2020 interview with  DJ vlad told that her mom is a designer for men’s clothing.

Here is the clip check it out,

What is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s Net Worth?

The exact amount of Deborah’s net worth is yet to be revealed. But her daughter Doja has a net worth of $4 million, as per the guesstimation made by Celebrity Net Worth in 2021.

The artist, who is just 25 at present has racked such a considerable fortune from her flourishing music career within and a few other works.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Love Life: Her First Meeting With Her Ex-Partner

According to her former hubby Dumisani Dlamini‘s interview with TshisaLive, the former duo came across during his America tour in the 1990s. Upon meeting, they hit it off immediately. The two were in a loving relationship for years. But, it still remains a mystery if the two ever turned their love affair into marriage.

In addition to Doja, the ex-couple also shared another daughter, however, the identity of the girl is yet to be revealed.

Dumisani’s Homesickness and Break up with Deborah

The actor Dumisani after his U.S. tour settled there. But, things become complicated when he started suffering from homesickness. Right there and then he made a plan to come back to his home country South Africa with the family.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's ex-partner Dumisani Dlamini.
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s ex-lover Dumisani Dlamini.

However, things didn’t work according to the plan as the rest of the family wasn’t ready to go to Africa. But Dlamini eventually left the United States and his family too. Since then, Deborah and Dumisani are not together.

Dumisani’s relationship with children

Dumisani shares a beautiful relationship with both of his daughters. Doja once told the outlet, The Fader, I don’t hold grudges against him or anything in any way.” Doja also confessed that she still has a healthy respect for her dad who often comments on her Instagram posts.


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Who is Deborah Sawyer’s ex-Partner Dumisani Dlamini?

Dumisani is an actor from Durban, a city in South Africa. He made his acting debut appearing in the 1992 musical drama movie Sarafina!. He then appeared in Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday in 1997. His other projects quickly followed like Stander and Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target.

Dlamini landed his first job as an associate producer in the 2008 documentary Of Journey, Home and Treasure. He also worked in The Seven of Daran: Battle of Pareo Rock and Entabeni in the same year.

In 2009, the actor portrayed Priest in Project MorningStar.

What about Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s current relationship status?

Elizabeth has always kept things out of the public glare and has never revealed her real identity to date. Furthermore, the woman is also less active on social media. Therefore, it is hard to trace out if Elizabeth is dating anyone or still single.

While talking about her now-former-partner Dumisani, he also remains secret about his love life.

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