Is Ari Fournier Still Dating Her Boyfriend Cole Sprouse? Her Bio

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Is Ari Fournier Still Dating Her Boyfriend Cole Sprouse? Her Bio
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Ari Fournier is an upcoming Canadian model. She became a prominent face in the media after Ari began dating an actor, Cole Sprouse. Rumors started when paparazzi spotted the hot duo holding hands together in early 2021.

Upon watching the pair, one thing certainly came to the mind of many, how did this Canadian model Ari come into the picture, and who is Fournier, btw?

Well, we’re sure many of you are curious to know about Ari Fournier’s life. We will find out about her career, nationality, and more!

Ari Fournier’s Age, Nationality, and Parents

She was born Arilou Fournier on August 28th, 1998, in Canada. And her age is 24 as of 2022. She belongs to the French-Canadian ethnicity and grew up on a farm with cattle all around, especially horses and cats.

Ari was brought up on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec. The place is famous for its French culture.

Her mom was also a model back in the ’80s, which also inspired her to follow the same path. Growing up, she used to check out her mom’s photographs in many magazines which pushed her toward modeling.

Apart from her mom, Ari’s father was also a vital part of her upbringing. He was the one who instilled in her the values of being grounded and humble. She is also quite close to her dad and she once shared a throwback picture with him on her Instagram account.

Ari Fournier parents
Ari with her father.

Ari is quite private when it comes to her family because of this there’s not much that we know about her life. However, we do know she has one sister who goes by the name Gabe on Instagram.

Her College

Ari Fournier graduated high school from a local school in Montreal. It was around the same time while studying at the school that she scored her first modeling gig. A modeling agency scouted her after she started sharing pictures on Instagram.

After finishing high school, she went full into the modeling world. We can assume she hasn’t joined any college since she started modeling.

Ari Fournier’s Modeling Career: When did she start modeling?

For Ari, her career as a full-time model started during her early teens. One thing that is common amongst many models is that they start off pretty young. Similarly, Ari got her first modeling gig call at the age of 15. A local modeling agency came across this radiant teen through her Instagram account.

The agency called her up at their office and after taking a bunch of polaroids, they asked her to sign a contract with them, which she did sign.

At the time, she was still in school because of which she did modeling only on the weekends and sometimes in-between weeks.

Upon finishing high school, she went to China for a gig. According to Ari, modeling in China was one of the most challenging things she ever did. After working it through China, she went to several fashion capitals of the world including Barcelona, Milan, and London.

Fournier is currently repped by Elite Model Management

As of now, she works under Elite Model Management, NYC. So far, Ari has modeled for several brands including Asus and Aldo.

We can say the model is still in the beginning phase of her modeling career and we’re sure she will definitely become one of the greats later on. And after the overnight fame she received because of her association with Riverdale star Cole Sprouse, her career might just propel further from here on out.

Whatever the case may be, Ari is relishing her career, something which she takes deep pride in. She is quite passionate about the field and here’s hoping we get to see her become a supermodel soon.

Ari Fournier Is Now Dating Her Boyfriend Cole Sprouse

In February 2021, Ari became the center of media attention after she was spotted with one of the talented actors, Cole Sprouse. At first many thought it was just a friendly meeting between the two, but their closeness spoke volumes about their relationship.

Paparazzi spotted them holding hands together as they walked down the street of Vancouver. Cole took his date to many of his favorite locations. This was the first spotting between the two of them.

Ari Fournier boyfriend Cole Sprouse
Ari with her rumored boyfriend, Cole. Source: Page Six

And the couple officially began dating in March 2021. Since then, the duo has also posted several photos of themselves on their social media handles. Back in August 2022, Fournier posted PDA photos with her beau on the occasion of his 30th birthday and wrote,

“Hard to describe with a couple photos how much fun we have together & how much I love celebrating life everyday with you. I’m truly the luckiest girl in the world 🤍 Happy birthday my love, here’s to 30 🎉❤️‍🔥.”

So, it looks like the two are pretty into each other.

Ari Fournier dating 2021
Ari and Cole strolling in the street of Vancouver.

Besides, this is the only time we have found out about Ari’s dating life. On the other hand, a Canadian model was previously linked to the model Reina Silva and actress Lili Reinhart.

She is active on social media

As she is a model, Ari Fournier is active on Instagram wherein she posts a lot of pictures. Apart from her Instagram account, she also operates a YouTube channel.

She used to share blog-style videos on her channel, however, she isn’t as active on YouTube these days as she used to be.


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