Meet Craig Carton’s Wife Kim Carton; Their Married Life in Detail

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Kim Carton is recognized as the wife of an American radio and television personality, Craig Carton. He is the co-host of a sports radio program called Carton and Roberts. Craig previously co-hosted the radio channel named Boomer and Carton which also became the most listened-to show in WFAN history.

Besides, Kim and her husband have been in a marital relationship for over two decades. They also share kids together. Prior to their marriage, they had a love story like a fairy tale.

Here in this article, we will discuss Kim’s professional and personal life.

Who Is Kim Carton? Details On Her Age, Family Roots

Kim Carton is reportedly a successful entrepreneur but is famous as the wife of Craig. As per reports, Carton was born in 1975, in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. As of 2023, the celebrity spouse is 48 years old.

Like every celebrity spouse, Kim has preferred to live a life far from the prying eyes of the media. Craig’s wife hasn’t shared any personal information that relates to her family background, parents, and others.

Besides, Kim’s husband Craig was born Craig Harris Carton on January 31, 1969, in New Rochelle, New York. He was a victim of child sexual abuse while at a summer camp. Apart from this, the radio host went to study at New Rochelle High School. Later, Carton studied at S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

What Does Kim Carton Do For A Living?

As mentioned above, Kim is a businesswoman. As per some online sources, Kim is involved in the clothing industry. She reportedly founded a charity welfare Tic Toc Stop Foundation along with her husband Craig.

The main motive of the organization was to help children who are suffering from Tourette Syndrome. Besides, her husband Carton started his career in broadcast in 1991. He landed his first job at WGR Radio in Buffalo. The following year, in 1992, Craig went on to work at a commercial radio station WTAM in Cleveland.

Kim Carton's husband Craig with his radio host partner Boomer
Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton.

He later left the East Coast and relocated to Denver. Later on, Craig started working at KKFN 950 Am, The Fan. His morning show led him to rise in prominence.

Kim Carton And Her Husband Craig Carton Are Now Married For More Than Twenty Years

Kim Carton and the radio host walked down the aisle in Oct 1999. Their wedding was held in a very private ceremony in front of their close friends and family. As per Craig, Kim was his first love and wife.

He said,

“I can only take some of the credits, as the majority of it goes to two other people: my ridiculously devoted and awesome wife, Kim, and my personal saint.”

According to him, Craig would’ve never gotten to New York as a radio talent if Kim wasn’t in his life.

Kim Carton and her husband were in a relationship which nearly ended but later ended up getting married
Kim and her husband Craig

Well, it has been more than a couple of decades since their marriage, and they are still together. The flip side of the story is many online tabloids have reported they are no longer together. As it hasn’t been confirmed by the couple themselves, we, however, cannot say it for sure.

How Many Kids Do They Share?

Kim and her husband have welcomed four kids together. It is believed that Kim was pregnant with their first child just three months after their marriage.  Later on, they welcomed their first child, a daughter Mickey J. Carton. Then, the pair became parents for the second time to their son Sonny D. Carton.

Kim Carton was pregnant with Craig's child just three months after they got married
Kim and her husband’s first child Mickey

Sonny is following in his father’s footsteps. Further, their third and fourth children were sons, Lucky T. Carton, and Anthony I. Carton.

Kim And Craig’s First Meeting

Kim and her future husband Craig first met in 1996 at a Labradors Pub in Philadelphia. It was the pub Carton owned. He actually operated it alongside his three friends with a total of $80k investment. They named it ‘Labradors’ because they had two black labs named Mason and Jordan.

One day, Kim came in with her best friend. Her friend was a huge fan of sports, and also had a crush on Carton, having become a devout listener of his radio show on WIP. Kim approached her now husband to go on a date with her friend. However, Craig kept turning the convo, as his eyes were on Kim.

It was love at first sight for Craig. After the first meeting, they started talking frequently on the phone. At the time, Kim even had a boyfriend. Gradually, Craig began calling from random pay phones to avoid her boyfriend knowing it was him.

Kim And Her Husband Craig Nearly Ended Up Being A Stranger

After going out on dates several times, Craig, unfortunately, had to relocate to Florida for his work. They didn’t talk for around six months.

Surprisingly enough, on his 29th birthday, the TV host received an unknown gift in the mail, a cool candle, candle holder, and balloons. He tried tracking down where they came from. He then called the store in Philly that sent them. Unfortunately, the owner was told to keep the details a secret from the customer. Later, Craig asked only one question saying, was an unknown person wearing Rollerblades?

The store owner replied yes, and Craig was sure it was from Kim. A few days later, the Boomer and Carton host got to know through one of her friends that Kim was coming down to South Beach for a wedding and wanted to get together. They spent the next night together.

Since Kim had a boyfriend, the TV personality thought that controlling their budding romance would be the best idea. He later ended up dropping Kim back at her friend’s house. The pair didn’t talk again for almost a year.

Kim And Craig Got Engaged In Denver

A year later, Carton was in Denver, Colorado on Christmas Eve. He decided to call Kim without any second thought. They had a sweet conversation for the whole night. Eventually, Kim agreed to fly out to Denver.

There, Carton started a company named Vegas Experts with his friend Marc Lawrence. A day before Kim arrived, Marc called Craig and told him they needed to have a meeting with a huge advertiser who had offered them $1 million, in New York. He then told Kim to meet him at the airport, in New York. As per the plan, they met there and went out that night with Craig’s friends.

On April 1, 1999, they moved together to Denver. Within the next three months, they got engaged.

Where Is Kim Carton Now?

Kim Carton hasn’t shared anything about her whereabouts. Similarly, not even a single online source has talked about Kim’s personal life like what is the celebrity spouse doing nowadays or where is Kim now.

But per sources, Carton now lives in New York, New York.

What Is Kim Carton’ Net Worth?

Like Kim’s personal life, her net worth has also become something to wonder about. As of 2023, her estimated wealth is $1 million. Besides, her husband Craig Carton has a net worth of $4 million. He has earned his money as a radio host.


Is Kim Carton still married to Craig Carton?

Yes, Kim and her husband Craig have been married for decades now.

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