How Is Jay Weiss Life At Present? Everything About Kathleen Turner’s Ex-Husband

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How Is Jay Weiss Life At Present? Everything About Kathleen Turner’s Ex-Husband
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Jay Weiss is a real estate developer and a former musician from New York. Weiss is better known as the ex-husband of actress Kathleen Turner who is famous for films like Body Heat (1981), The Man with Two Brains (1983), Crimes of Passion (1984), Romancing the Stone (1984), and Prizzi’s Honor (1985).

Weiss and Kathleen Turner were in a marital tie for 22 years with a daughter in between. Hollywood knows Weiss’ ex-wife, Turner for her distinctive, gritty voice, who is also the recipient of two Golden Globe Awards. She was also a sex symbol of the ’80s and an electric one of the first few femme Fatales.

Conversely, there’s a significant amount of muzziness when it comes o details regarding her former husband, Weiss, be it personal or professional. Below lies some headings all respectively narrating the history, relationship of Jay and Kathleen, their divorce, the current whereabouts of Weiss, and so on.

Who Is Jay Weiss?

Weiss was born around the year, 1955. He hails from a Jewish family. However, he has not revealed much about his family background.

He is a property developer as well as a real estate investor. Weiss once was also the lead guitarist of a rock band, The Suits. In Dec 1996 Weiss and his rock ‘n’ roll blues band, the Suits released its first CD, Ties That Bind.

Is Famous As the Ex-Husband of Kathleen Turner 

As we said, Jay gained fame after his marriage to actress Kathleen Turner. Weiss ​married the two-time Golden Globe-winning actress, Turner in 1984.

The businessman/musician met the ’80s sex symbol when she was trying to buy an apartment and he happened to be one of the properties owners. She eventually rented one of his New York apartments.

Jay Weiss met his now ex-wife, Kathleen Turner when she was looking for an apartment in New York.
Jay Reiss with his wife of 22 years, actress Kathleen Turner from the films like Body Heat, and Crimes Of Passion

Jay asked Turner to marry him in the middle of Second Avenue on one knee.

A Reform rabbi, Rabbi Seligman of the Central Synagogue in Manhattan, married them. Though their wedding didn’t take place in a synagogue, said Turner.

Four years after their engagement, they welcomed their daughter, Rachel Ann Weiss.

Jay’s Wife, Kathleen Didn’t Convert To His Religion But His Practice

The Crimes Of Passion star revealed she didn’t convert post her nuptials to her Jewish husband but went on to have a certain amount of Jewish tradition and identity. The couple also celebrated all the Jewish holidays.

After the marriage, the Missouri-born actress took some part in her Jewish husband’s religion. Turner also agreed to raise their daughter in Judaism. Their daughter also attended Jewish classes.

As for Weiss, he too would cope well with being Mr. Turner – the Eighties were his wife’s golden years when she starred in The Wars of the Roses, Prizzi’s Honour, and Peggy Sue Got Married.

When married Weiss used to strum his Stratocaster in a bar band while Kathleen sang along in cowboy boots and tootsie glasses.

For years after the wedding, Jay and Kathleen resided at their home in Manhattan, just next to the synagogue by the Lincoln Center on 65th Street. In 2003, the couple also bought the place in NYC for $2.9 million.

Turner says Weiss, for most of their marriage, was good except for his occasional fits of pique on his part. He once strongly objected to her playing a prostitute in Crimes of Passion.

Why Jay Weiss And Kathleen Turner Ended Their Marriage

The Jewish property dealer, Weiss and Turner would officially end their marriage in 2007.

In an interview, Kathleen revealed the reason behind her and Weiss’ split was because of her guilt in that among the two she was the one who was putting in less effort.

“Sometimes I’ve wished I was more normal. I had a 22-year marriage and tried to be accommodating. I’d make the movie companies give me long weekends or provide extra tickets so my daughter and husband could come to me,”

said the actress from the fame of Beautiful (2000).

Jay Weiss, a real estate developer was married to Kathleen Turner from 1984 to 2007.
Jay Weiss and his ex-wife, Kathleen Turner ended their marriage in 2007 having married in 1984

She furthermore admitted the effort was all on Jay’s side – “that he did all the supporting – which made me feel guilty.” Turner concluded it was one of the reasons it ended. She said she, on the other hand, was also experiencing oppression.

Though in another interview, she revealed the reason for the breakdown of the marriage was simply because they had both changed.

“I wanted to keep expanding my world and travel more and live overseas more, He kind of wanted to get smaller. It was a question of how we saw our lives,”

said the mother of one in an interview.

Kathleen Turner, who never remarried after being split from her husband of 23 Years said she was hurt by the end of that marriage.

After The Divorce, Jay And Kathleen Remained Best Friends

Although they felt they had to end their more-than-two-decades of courtship, Kathleen and Weiss remained good friends even after the divorce, in fact, “best friend,” says Turner, herself.

Shortly after the finalization of their divorce, Kathleen revealed, Weiss wrote her a little note that read: “You are, and always will be, my best friend.” It’s nice.’

Turner has often stated that she regained confidence after meeting Jay and to this day she calls him – the man of her dreams, a man, with whom she gained a rebirth.

The Academy nominee is still on good terms with Weiss. Apparently, Turner and the father of her daughter still have lunch every week.

Kathleen insists she still has strong feelings for him, despite the fact they are no longer in a romantic relationship.

Does Jay Weiss Have A New Wife And A Family?  

In Jan 2008 while talking with First Five Worlds, Turner’s ex-husband did confess he had just started dating another woman. Further, reports and speculations-wise, he is married and has a family besides the one he created with his Hollywood former partner.

Kathleen Turner ex-husband, Jay Weiss is married to a new wife and has a family with her.
New York-based real estate developer, Jay Weiss reportedly remarried after his divorce from Kathleen Turner.

Though considering Weiss’ apparent low-key life, there isn’t much to say about his current spouse or family. On the other hand, his bygone wife, Kathleen has been single for a decade since she and Weiss parted their ways in the late 200s.

Although Turner has said she dated a few or two guys since divorcing her husband, she though is yet to marry another man.

“I don’t think I want to marry again. I wouldn’t have to anymore because I won’t have any more children and I think that’s primarily the purpose of marriage – to protect a child,”

reasoned the now 67-year-old actress.

Jay Wiss Has a Daughter With Kathleen

With Turner, Weiss shares a daughter, Rachel Ann Weiss. His daughter is a singer and has been in love with music since she was a young girl. Jay’s daughter, Rachel started taking guitar lessons when she was a teen.

With his ex-wife, Kathleen, Weiss has a daughter, Rachel Ann Weiss.
Jay Weiss’s daughter, Rachel Ann Weiss, on the left, with her mother, Kathleen Turner.

Her first album, Dear Love, came out in 2012. The only child of Weiss and Turner toured the country after her first album was released, and she still performs at venues in New York City and beyond.

Weiss and Kathleen’s daughter had also briefly considered acting and had a small role in Little Monsters (1989) when she was a very young child.

Interestingly, Rachel was also an extra in one episode of the iconic NBC sitcom Friends.

Jay Helped In Saving His Ex-Wife, Kathleen Turner’s Life, And Career 

The resident provider, Weiss whilst still the husband of Kathleen turned out to be a huge factor in saving her life and even helping her get back in her career.

In the early-’90s, when Weiss’ ex-spouse went to see a doctor after experiencing inexplicable pains and fevers during the filming of Serial Mom the doctors initially told her it was an early stage of arthritis and there was nothing to worry about.

Despite the sharp pain in her feet and hands, Turner would continue to work.

How Jay Weiss Helped Kathleen During Her Arthritis? 

However, by mid-1994 Kathleen could not get out of bed without assistance. Her left hand no longer moved and every turn of her head would send a shooting pain in the neck. She admits it was the first time in her life, she felt a sense of despair.

Soon steroids began to rule her life. She also became an alcoholic and was on the verge of suicide. Her doctors warned her that in the near future, she may lose the ability to move. She would eventually lock herself in a family house, cutting off from the outside world.

Then her husband, Jay found the doctor who was able to put the actress back on her feet. The miracle doctor canceled a bunch of old medicines and began pulse therapy with only one basic drug. With medications, gyms, and so on, former Mrs. Weiss started to recover.

Equally important was her husband’s tremendous moral support. Rachel’s father was with her around the clock. A month later the Virgin Suicides actress began to swim in the pool and soon walk.

Is He A Rich Businessman?

While by some accounts and stories, he certainly seems to have been a financially sound guy since his time with Turner, there never has been a mention of his wealth in full detail. Especially the numbers behind his net worth.

Although his former wife, Kathleen is a millionaire with her fortune standing over $20 million or so, whether Weiss, himself is a millionaire or not is open to debate. And possibly to the widest extent.

Was Jay Wiss Really Responsible For The Murder Of 87 People? 

Turner and Weiss were in their sixth year of marriage.

Some arsonists burned down the property in Harlem on which Weiss owned the lease. The fire took the lives of 87 people. A potentially crippling lawsuit followed, but the former husband of Turner eventually was able to free himself of all the liabilities.

He pleaded guilty on May 6, 1992, to building code violations and agreed to pay $60,000 in addition to performing 50 hours of community service. The money went to a Bronx community service center.

Later, his now ex-wife revealed Jay had gone suicidal for a while post the fire accident.


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