Meet Jacob Jules Villere, Peter Porte Husband: Hidden Facts about him

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Meet Jacob Jules Villere, Peter Porte Husband: Hidden Facts about him
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Jacob Jules Villere is a well-known banker with a lot of clout in the industry. Despite having had some success in the banking industry, he is best known in the media for his relationship with American actor Peter Porte. And since their marriage in 2018, he has received even more media attention.

So, how is his marriage to The Young and the Restless Star going? Since when are they dating? Let’s find out all the answers related to their relationships.

In addition, we’ll also talk about his job, relationships, family, and a lot of other fascinating things about him.

Who is Jacob Jules Villere?

Jacob is a professional banker who has worked in the industry for many years. He served in many top positions, and as of 2021, has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President at Capital One Bank.

Previously, he worked as the vice president of the firm, when he was promoted in 2016 after more than ten years in the industry. Since then, he has been in charge of the West Coast Corporate Banking team.

Jacob, a Louisiana State University graduate, worked for Certegy as an auditor before joining Capital One. Beginning in the year 2001, he worked there for two years till 2003. He also worked as an accountant at Arthur Anderson for a short time.

Jacob Jules Villere married soap opera actor Peter Porte: Their relationship

Jacob is a married man, as we previously mentioned. On October 7th, 2018, he married American actor Peter Porte from The Young and the Restless fame. Their wedding took place at Latrobe’s on Royal in New Orleans.

Both of them looked handsome in common navy and cream-colored attires. The ceremony was done in a secret manner with only friends and family in attendance.

As of now, the couple has been married for a few years and seems to be having a wonderful time together. Peter also shares photos of Jacob on Instagram, and the two of them are absolutely cute together.

The Beginning of their relationship: How did Jacob and Peter meet?

Even though the couple exchanged vows in 2018, they had previously been dating since February 2015. Jacob and Peter met for the first time at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XXI.

Upon meeting each other for the first time, they hit it off right away and began hanging out together. Soon afterward, they went to several events and got to know each other before making the decision to tie the knot.

Peter Porte threw a wild bachelor party

Prior to the wedding, Peter, like every other celebrity, threw what seemed to be a lavish bachelor party. Peter dressed up in a sexy skin-colored nightgown with his five other friends to celebrate his wild bachelor party.

Though Peter did not share the photos from the party, Darren Bluestone, one of Peter’s friends, couldn’t help himself and shared a few.

Peter Porte’s husband Jacob Jules Villere loves travelling

Jacob has a strong desire to explore and has already visited a number of exotic locations around the world. He has traveled to locations such as France, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Greece, Canada, and Israel with his new husband Peter.

Apart from that, he also visited several states in the United States, including California, New York, Florida, and North Carolina. What’s more, he considers New Orleans to be his favorite destination, having visited it over ten times.

In addition, Jacob and his husband Peter have new plans for the future. He announced in a recent interview that he plans to go scuba diving in Australia and helicoptering over Iceland, Paris, London, and other locations.

Did Jacob Jules date someone before marrying Peter?

Although there has been no mention of Jacob dating someone other than Peter, it appears that Peter has kissed a few men. We came across a lot of pictures of Peter kissing guys while looking for information about his love life.

Though they appear to be a romantic couple, Peter was actually posing for the 175th issue of the Australian magazine DNA. Furthermore, images became a contentious topic in the media.

Jacob’s social media activity

Jacob is on Instagram and Twitter, but his account is private, and he prefers to keep his personal life private. On the other hand, his husband Peter is a well-known celebrity with over 70k followers on Instagram.

He often shares information about his life with Jacob. The pair enjoys going on vacations to various locations and spending time together as a couple.