Untold Truth About Chris Potoski: Into His Personal & Professional Life

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Untold Truth About Chris Potoski: Into His Personal & Professional Life

Chris Potoski is a businessman who owns a boutique property development and digital assets management. Potoski is the CEO and founder of Tracey Jordan Properties and TJC Assets Management. He is also famous in the media as the husband of a pornographic actress, Tracey Lynn Livermore, known professionally as Brandi Love.

It’s always a tricky situation when one is related to someone in the adult industry. More often than not people and media target and question their choices, lifestyle, relations, and much more.

So has Chris Potoski gone through such a situation? Is he really supportive of his wife’s professional endeavors? And how did they meet each other in the first place? Know all these along with some other facts regarding Chris Potoski in the following details.

Chris Potoski Was Raised In Juvenile

Chris Potoski was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1972. He spent the majority of his junior high and high school years in the care of  The State of Michigan at a facility called Eagle Village. In an interview, he said he actually has fond memories of Eagle Village and the people there.

Brandi Love's husband, Chris Potoski spent his childhood in Eagle Village, Michigan
Brandi Love’s husband, Chris Potoski spent his childhood in Eagle Village, Michigan. Source: Getty

The entrepreneur added he still buttons the top buttons of his shirts when he hangs them up. He said when he thinks about the Emig family or Reed City High School, it brings a smile to his face.

After Eagle Village, Chris was put on a state program called independent living. The state then provided him with an “allowance” and a terrific “social worker, Bob Kozlowski. He finished traditional high school on his own money. He received his GED and decided he was either going to college or into the military.

Potoski Has A Double Major In Kinesiology And Psychology

Chris applied to Ferris State University but they rejected him numerous times. He then moved to Big Rapids MI, lived in a rented room, and showed up at the admissions office every single day.

Potoski eventually got admission to Ferris State but later moved to Central Michigan University and graduated with a 3.8 GPA and a double major in Physiology & Psychology.

While in college he didn’t get much in the way of formal training in technology except Word Perfect and DOS.

Because of his independent living status, he was able to obtain a number of grants and student loans to help pay for college. He worked nearly full time throughout and more than full time in the summers.

Chris Potoski Is A Succesful Businessman

Love’s husband kicked off his career in 1995 when he became a business development director in Curative Health Services in New York. After spending five years at the company, he moved to Florida, where he worked as a vice president of the National Healing Corporation.

As the vice president, Potoski founded the No Rivals Media Company. There he served as the chief executive officer for four years. He later started a digital assets management company known as TJC Assets. He’s been with the company since 2004.

In 2009, Chris co-founded a software company, Invixis, and served as its chief operating officer until 2014.

Additionally, from January 2011 to February 2013, Potoski served as the vice president of Regent Medical Solutions.

Potoski also founded his own company known as Tracey Jordan Properties. The business specializes in providing luxury properties and a boutique experience to vacationers in Michigan’s famed Inland Waterway in the state’s prestigious Northwest corridor.

Chris Potoski’s success in business has earned him multiple President’s Club awards. While thriving in business, he also auditioned and secured a role in a 2008 TV series documentary, Penn and Teller. He appeared alongside his wife in an episode titled, War On Porn. The multiple business owner is also a tech geek having keen knowledge in PHP, HTML, Java, and more.

Potoski Is Supportive Of His Wife Brandi Love’s Profession 

Potoski and former model turned adult film entertainer, Brandi Love married on 10th February 1994 in a private ceremony. The couple has been together since. Together, they share a daughter (born, 2000).

Due to Love’s affiliation with the adult film industry, she and her husband, Potoski decided to keep their daughter’s identity private. It wasn’t until their 23rd wedding anniversary during which they publicly revealed their daughter.

Chris Potoski and Brandi Love met during their college years
Chris Potoski and Brandi Love met during their college years. Source: Getty

Chris met his bride and best friend in college and married before graduation. In the middle of their graduation, they hopped into a Ryder Truck and moved to Florida.

They then unpacked the Ryder truck into their apartment in Ft. Lauderdale and headed to Mexico. The couple took close to four months and backpacked through the country.

People have often wondered if Brandi’s businessman husband ever had a problem with his wife’s profession. Interestingly, Potoski, himself is the one who co-formed and funded the adult company for his wife. They are also business partners of Grapevine Greetings, which designs custom labels for wine bottles.

His In-Laws Fought For His Daughter’s Custody; How Chris’ Heart Attack Led Him And His Wife To Porn

Reports stated Brandi’s parents and Chris’s in-laws wanted custody of the child because they felt she was not in an ideal surrounding owing to Brandi’s line of work. Chris and his wife countered the decision and managed to keep their daughter.

Apparently, before Brandi decided to try a career in pornography, Chris had a stress-induced heart attack. This became one of the reasons that led him and his wife to start making adult content from home. It was in March of 2004. For the previous three years, he had been flying an average of 240 flights a year and was home about 9 days a month.

This increased the risk of their child growing up in the wrong environment.

The grandparents contacted child protection services to rescue the daughter. However, after a series of investigations the authority found nothing compromising about the child’s immediate environment that could be a cause of concern for the child. Chris and his wife ultimately got the right to keep and raise their daughter.

Amidst the custody, the businessman and the adult film actress set up a website to help get support from people and other adult film professionals who had also gone through a similar experience. The site was called Parent In Adult.

Potoski’s Wife Was Kicked Out Of An Event; Her Views On Cancel Culture

The 48-year-old wife of Chris Potoski was kicked out of a conservative event. In July 2017, Love and her husband attended the Student Action Summit, (a function by Turning Point USA), in Tampa, Florida. They had paid around $500 for a VIP ticket.

But the other attendees suddenly kicked her out after backlash from parents and Christian organizers. Chris’ spouse later commented the incident was extremely hurtful and disappointing. She argued it was an egregious example of cancel culture.

She said despite her love and support for Charlie Kirk’s organization, she was banned. Love added it was hypocritical. The businessman’s spouse, Love initially arrived at the Tampa Convention Center as an enthusiastic attendee, posting numerous photos of herself on Twitter promoting the event.

The Christian conservatives, however, began criticizing her presence saying the organization’s decision to allow an adult film star to attend an event targeted at 15 and 16-year-olds. Within hours, the adult actress received an email from organizers that she was no longer invited to be part of the event.

What Is Chris Potoski’s Net Worth?

As a successful businessman, Chris has earned a decent lifestyle and makes a decent amount of money. As far as his net worth is concerned, he is worth around $8 million as of 2022.