Minka Kelly Children And Husband: Story Of Her Abortion And Relationships

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Minka Kelly Children And Husband: Story Of Her Abortion And Relationships
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The actress from The Roommate, Minka Kelly is famous not just because of her marvelous career, but also her personal life affairs. So far, in her showbiz journey, Kelly has linked with a number of well-known celebrities. In fact, she has had many meaningful relationships with stars like Jesse Williams and Brian White.

In addition to this, there’s always been a question mark on if Minka has any children. Furthermore, what is the story behind her abortion? In this article, we will be debunking the truth on this, as well as explore actress, Minka Kelly’s relationships.

So, let’s get started!

Does Actress, Minka Kelly Have Children?

As of 2023, the Charlie’s Angel actress does not have any children. In fact, she is not even married yet. Since the news of Kelly’s abortion surfaced, many of us wondered if she had had any babies after that. Hence, to clear all the confusion, no, Minka is not a mother to any kids. The 43 year-old actress is simply focused on making herself the #1 actress in Hollywood. Therefore, it is quite obvious that she does not have enough time on her hands to raise kids.

The Searching For Sonny Actress Abortion Story

In 2019, as Alabama put a ban on all kinds of abortions, Kelly decided to speak up about it. Furthermore, she shared her own story of how she previously had an abortion done and it was “the smartest decision” she’s made so far.

Besides being an actress, Minka is also a philanthropist. Thus, when such an inhumane law was passed, she did not stay put. The 42-year-old artist is among many such women who had to choose abortion in exchange for moving ahead in their life. Moreover, she stands by the fact that access to legal abortion is the right of women worldwide.

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Furthermore, she also explained how going ahead with the abortion did not just help her but also helped her young boyfriend at that time. Not only this, but it also helped her “unborn fetus”. Instead of being born to unready parents, Kelly and her then-boyfriend decided it would be good to get rid of the pregnancy.

After going through her story, you will realize that the actress did justice to her unborn child. If she had gone through with the pregnancy, the kid would not have had a present mother. In addition to this, Kelly also could not have had time to build the acting career we’re so fond of today.

Is Kelly Currently Dating The Imagine Dragons Vocalist?

Around late 2022, US Magazine released an article claiming a love affair between Minka and Dan Reynolds. As per the article, the two starts started dating in December of 2022. Furthermore, a reliable source also mentioned that the relationship was “going great” and the two were “incredibly happy” with each other.

Minka and Dan enjoying their time together, spotted by paparazzi during their date
Minka and Dan enjoying their time together, spotted by paparazzi during their date

The source explained further,

“Being back on the singles’ scene after long relationships has been a challenging adjustment for each of them, so they’re taking their time and easing into it as opposed to running before they can walk, so to speak. But so far, so good, and they’re having fun, getting along great.”

Since then, the rumored couple has been caught by fans on multiple occasions. However, to this date, they have not revealed the truth about their being together. Since both celebrities came out of a dreadful breakup – Kelly with Trevor Noah and Reynolds with Aja Volkman – they seem to be taking time to know each other properly before the media and fans get involved in their relationship.

Nonetheless, it is happy to see our beloved artists enjoying the love they deserve. It is just a matter of time that Minka and her alleged boyfriend, Dan, let the world know about their relationship. In the days to come, we wish the pair nothing but the best!

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All About The Actress’s Long-Term Relationship With Trevor Noah; Why Did They Stop Dating?

Before the Radioactive singer came into the picture, Minka was in a committed relationship with comedian, Trevor Noah. The two began dating around September 2020. For over 2 years, the former couple had an on-again-off-again kind of relationship. To elaborate further, they separated in May 2021 and reconciled a year later. Similarly, in the May of 2022, the ex-duo called it quits for good.

Minka Kelly's ex-boyfriend Trevor
The former duo, Minka and Trevor

During their time together, Noah and Kelly often posted cute pictures of each other on their respective social media handles. Going through their pictures, it felt like the two were madly in love with each other. Unfortunately, that was not the case in real life. In reality, even if the star couple loved each other dearly, it was not enough to save them from breaking up.

Talking more about the actress’s relationship with him, Trevor and his former partner are believed to have quarantined together. Thus, their love affair might have begun way before the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world. Besides this, nothing much is known about their relationship. As both of them are well-renowned celebrities, Kelly and Noah kept most parts of their relationship to themselves.

Minka Kelly Has Had Many Famous Boyfriends; A List Of Her Relationships So Far

Believe it or not, but the Friday Night Lights artist has had more than just a few famous boyfriends. So far, we have talked about her rumored relationship with the Imagine Dragons singer, Dan Reynolds, along with her former relationship with Trevor Noah. Now, let us tell you that besides these two, Minka has dated many other handsome celebrities as well.

Jesse and Minka spotted together
Jesse and Minka spotted together

Beginning the list with Brian White; Kelly dated the Ray Donovan actor for a year in the early 2000s. Likewise, she was linked with Donald Faison, following his heartfelt divorce in 2006. Next on the list is the famous, Chris Evans. Minka and the Captain America actor dated around 2007. They also had an on-and-off relationship.

In addition to them, she has had fruitful yet short relationships with personalities like John Mayer and Josh Radnor. Finally, her relationship with actor, Jesse Williams is also well-known. The two celebs have been social media-approved since 2017. However, they had to walk on separate paths after people criticized Kelly for ruining Williams’ marriage with Aryn Drake-Lee.


Is Minka Kelly already a mother?

No, Minka Kelly has not given birth yet. However, as a young girl, she was pregnant but aborted her child later on.

What is actress, Minka Kelly’s relationship status in 2023?

Although Minka Kelly is yet to confirm, she and singer, Dan Reynolds are dating each other in 2023.

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