Paula Badosa’s Husband: Did She Get Married To Her Boyfriend?

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Paula Badosa’s Husband: Did She Get Married To Her Boyfriend?
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Paula Badosa, a professional tennis player from Spain, is one of the top-ranked athletes in the world. In addition to this, the tennis player is now dating her handsome model boyfriend, Juan Betancourt. For 2 years now, the couple has been enjoying their time together and really has brought happiness into each other’s lives.

Now, the question here is, has Juan become Paula Badosa’s husband yet? What is their relationship like?

So, let’s jump right into it!

Paula Badosa’s Husband; Has She Already Married?

As far as we know, Paula is not married yet as of 2024. She is extremely focused on her game at this moment. After entering the list of the top 10 female tennis players in the world, Badoa has the need to maintain her position on the said list.

Therefore, with most of her attention elsewhere, the 26-year-old has not decided to marry anyone.

Paula Badosa Is Now Dating a Boyfriend

Although the tennis star has yet to marry, Paula is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Juan Betancourt. In fact, the two have been dating since 2021. Scrolling through their respective social media, the love birds seem to be having an amazing time with each other. Perhaps in the days to come, they might announce their engagement soon; but in the meantime, fans need to be patient.

Top 10 Tennis Player Paula in the world with her partner
A lovey-dovey picture of the beautiful couple – Paula and Juan

Who Is Her Boyfriend Juan Betancourt?

Born in the year 1990, in Havana Cuba, Betancourt is a model and an actor. Over the years, Juan has worked with a number of influential brands. Giorgio Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier are some of such brands.

In addition to this, Betancourt has also been a significant part of big-shot magazines like Vanity Fair, GQ, and Vogue Spain. Not only this, but Badosa’s boyfriend is also best friends with the world-renowned designer, Tom Ford. As a matter of fact, Betancourt and Ford have likewise worked together several times.

33 y/o model-actor Betancourt
Betancourt posing for Dior

Apart from his modeling gigs, Juan is also into acting. So far, he has appeared in a number of TV programs and shows, including Masterchef Celebrity and El Desafio, a Spanish game show. Moreover, he has appeared in the Netflix film, The Law Of Thermodynamics (2018).

Paula And Juan Have Been Dating For 2 Years

Paula and Juan began seeing each other somewhere around 2021. Now, since the very beginning of their relationship, the pair did their best not to reveal the truth to their fans. Additionally, they even have not opened up about how and when they met each other.

Juan and Paula are boyfriend and girlfriend
Paula and Juan have been dating since the early 2020s.

But, in September 2021, Badosa posted a series of pictures of her handsome man that erased all the confusion. Apparently, it was Juan’s birthday and she wanted to let the world know the man who swept her off her feet. In the caption, she wrote,

“Happy bday to the one and only. Let’s keep growing together. Love you.”

Since then, the duo has not stopped flexing each other through their social media. In that bargain, it also warms our hearts to look at the power couple together. They sure seem to complete each other!

The Love Birds Are Each Other’s Travel Buddies

Because of Juan’s profession, he usually has to roam around the world, posing for many brands. Moreover, since he began dating his athlete girlfriend, Betancourt does not seem to travel alone. Even more so, if you go through his Instagram, you will find many pictures of the duo on luxurious vacations. It seems the love birds truly are each other’s travel buddies!

Betancourt Supports His Girlfriend’s Profession; He Is Also A Fan Of Tennis

You found the one when you have an extremely supportive partner who is a fan of what you do. That is exactly the case with Paula and Juan.

Time and again, the model is often seen playing tennis with his girlfriend. In addition to this, he also attends Badosa’s game and seems to cheer her on with his heart.

Badosa And Betancourt Are Taking Their Time On Deciding When To Marry

As previously mentioned, it has only been 2 years since Badosa started dating her model boyfriend. On top of this, she is young and is focused on her profession in her current day. Similarly, her partner is also busy with his work in modeling and acting. Therefore, the pair do not seem to be thinking about marriage as of 2023.

Tom Ford model, Juan Betancourt
Juan is always happy by Paula’s side!

Although Paula previously joked about how she was “waiting” to get engaged in a “year or so”, she later revealed that she had too many things on her plate at the moment. Thus, right now, she does not plan to marry her boyfriend, Betancourt.

Maybe in the far future, when she feels like it’s time, the pair finally marry.

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