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Parker Schnabel has been a matter of talk since his active part in the television series, Gold Rush. Most of you might have ideas about his family life if you are a regular follower of the Gold Rush show. Schnabel belongs to a family of gold miners and made a legacy by following his family’s path.

With an individual’s growing appearance around the media, everyone gets concerned about their personal life mainly their love life. And so are we in the case of Parker.

Is the young gold miner married? Who is Schnabel’s wife? Here, in this article, we will get to know about his private life including his girlfriends and partners.

Is Parker Schnabel Married? His Wife

No, Parker is not married as of 2023 and he seems to be pretty much involved in his career. Parker, who is notorious for keeping his love life a secret, has not been in a relationship publicly for a long time. Schnabel who will turn 29 in the coming July is yet to find the love of his life. He seems busy excelling in his occupation of gold mining and shining brightly through his television series.

Gold Rush actor and Goldminer Parker
Goldminer, Parker Schnabel is not married yet. Source: Instagram

Although Parker is not committed to anyone to the date, it is not so that he has not been in any relationships ever. The charming miner has been involved with several beautiful women throughout his shows itself.

Read further to know about Schnabel’s romantic relationships.

Schnabel’s Love Life: Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Currently, Schnabel does not have any partner and is living a single and adventurous life. Parker and his family have been in the field of gold mining for the past three generations. Not only professional life but Schnabel’s private life too got light through his show.

Despite being very private about his relationships, Parker’s past girlfriends always got into the limelight in a very short time. So, who has he dated till the present time?

Parker’s Ex-girlfriend: Ashley Youle

As you read earlier, the gold miner has always been involved in his work very passionately. His passion for his work also got him into a few romantic relationships in his life.

Schnabel met his first reported girlfriend, Ashley Youle in Australia in the year 2016. The couple were in their early twenties when they started to date each other. Ashley is a veterinary nurse by occupation.

Parker Schnabel and his ex-girlfriend Ashley
A picture of Schnebel and his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Youle.

The nurse got a chance to be a part of the Gold Rush show the same year when she got invited to spend summer mining in Alaska by his then-boyfriend, Schnabel. Despite being in a very good relationship including the success of the show, the relationship could not last long. According to Parker, he feels responsible for the breakup of the couple. In an episode of Gold Rush’s 8th episode, he shared that,

As successful as our season was, there was, for me, one pretty big failure. Ashley and I broke up. I just never made the relationship a priority, I didn’t make her a priority. And honestly, she deserves a lot better than that.

Youle is currently in a happy relationship with Mitch Baker. She is an active user of Instagram and often shares pictures of her along with her partner.

Is Schnabel Dating Anyone Today?

As you have already read above, the charming gold miner is living a single life recently. After his separation from Youle, his name also got involved with gold miner and model Tyler Mahoney. She was also a part of a season of Gold Rush which came out in 2020.

Despite of huge spark seen between the two co-actors; Tyler cleared out in a Q&A session that she will not entertain any questions regarding their relationship besides professional ones. She also mentioned that Parker and she enjoy working with each other and are good coworkers. In 2021, Tyler uploaded a picture with her boyfriend which made it clear that she was not dating Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney
Schnabel and Mahoney worked as co-actors in a season of Gold Rush in 2020.

Before Mahoney, Parker was also rumored to be dating Sheena Cowell in 2018.