Who Is Monica Crowley Husband? Did She Even Get Married?

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Who Is Monica Crowley Husband? Did She Even Get Married?
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Despite the fact that she never got married, questions about Monica Crowley’s husband and relationship have been creating a buzz. Besides, she has had a relationship with a few high-profile men. Her boyfriend includes film producers like Bill Seigel. 

Read the below piece of article to know in detail about Monica’s marriage and relationship.

Who Is Monica Crowley’s Husband In 2023? Her Married Life

As of 2023, Monica’s husband is out of the question as she is not married. Since she is already in her 50s now, it doesn’t seem like she has any further plans to tie the knot and have a family together with her spouse.

At present, the former Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of Treasury is completely occupied with her career. She is currently working as the host of a nationally syndicated radio show, The Monica Crowley Show. In the show, she talks about politics, culture, history, and many more.

Was Monica Crowley Married To Alan Colmes In The Past?

No, Monica and Alan were never married to each other but had family relations. Yes, you hear it right. They were family to each other but not husband and wife.

Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes
Monica Crowley with her brother-in-law Alan Colmes

As a matter of fact, the late blogger and radio host Alan was married to Monica’s sister Jocelyn Elise Crowley who is a professor of public policy at Rutgers University. So, Colmes was the brother-in-law of Crowley. The two have worked together on Fox News as a contributor.

Did Monica Marry Her Alleged Boyfriend Bill Seigel? 

Back in 2007, Washington Post reported Bill Seigel, as Monica’s boyfriend. They attended events together as a couple and were even rumored to have engaged. But the saddest part was both Bill nor Monica ever labeled their relationship & revealed if they got married. Monica’s alleged husband died on December 11, 2018, at the age of 55.

Monica and the late producer Bill Seigel
Monica with her rumored boyfriend Bill

Just to add, the conservative pundit Crowley had been photographed together with producer Bill on numerous occasions. At present, as far as the media is informed, Monica is neither in a relationship nor married at present.

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Crowley’s Childhood Crush; Who Was Her First Love?

While having an exclusive talk with NBC News, the podcaster Crowley revealed that growing up she had a huge crush on Duran Duran. The fun fact is that her childhood crush Duran Duran is not a person rather it’s a musical group consisting of five band members Simon, Nick, John, Andy, and Roger. Regarding this, she said,

 I was a typical American teenage girl, who was sent swooning over five boys from England called Duran Duran. Like just about every other girl my age, I was obsessed with them, spending countless hours listening to their exuberant pop music: “Rio,”

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