Bailei Knight Father, Mother, Wiki-Bio, Age

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Bailei Knight Father, Mother, Wiki-Bio, Age
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Bailei Knight is one of five children of former music executive and CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight. Likewise, her mother Michel’le is also a successful singer and songwriter. She has given numerous hits in the 80s and 90s, and she continues to woo the audience with her voice and singing.

But Bailei, who seems to be pretty lucky to be born in such a successful celebrity family, has also gone through her share of struggles. With her father being convicted of murder back in 2015, things were not easy to cope with.

But how is her life at present? What does she do for a living? There are numerous things about Bailei that are unanswered, and in this article, we are going to reveal every bit of her personal and professional life.

Who is Bailei Knight?

The beautiful Bailei Knight is the daughter of Suge Knight, and singer-songwriter Michel’le. She was born on November 28, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. Born in an elite family, she spent quite a luxurious childhood and had a great relationship with both her father and mother.

Bailei With Her Mom Michel'le on Her Fourth Birthday
Bailei With Her Mom Michel’le on Her Fourth Birthday.

Well, Bailei is not the only child of her parents. She rather has four half-siblings, Taj Knight, Suge Jacob, Posh Knight, Andrew Knight, Sosa, and Legend Knight, from her father Suge’s other relationships. Similarly, from her mother’s relationship with Dr. Dre, she has a half-brother named Marcel Young.

Bailei’s Parents Were Illegally Married For Six Years

Suge and Michel’le had a pretty interesting marital relationship. While the couple got close to each other when Michel’le was coping with her addiction to alcohol, they got married in 1999 when the former CEO was in jail for a probation violation.

However, after being in a relationship for over six years, Bailei’s mother Michel’le went on to file for divorce just to discover that their marriage was invalid. As per the report obtained, Knight was still in a marital relationship with his ex-wife Sharitha.

Well, with all the divorce proceedings, Michel’le also filed for child support charges against her ex-husband Marion Suge Knight. As per the reports by Wall Street Journal, the singer asked for a total of $40,476 in three months of unpaid court-ordered spousal and child support

In addition to $40,476, the mother of Bailei also reportedly demanded $13,492 in child support each month for her child Bailei.

Her Father Is Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison on manslaughter Charges

Bailei’s father Suge has been imprisoned on several occasions on charges including robbery, shooting, altercation, and whatnot. But on January 29, 2015, Knight crashed his car into two-man. Well, the tragic incident resulted in the death of his friend Terry Carter, the co-founder of Heavyweight Records.

Bailei Knight As a Kid With Her Father Suge Knight
Bailei Knight As a Kid With Her Father Suge Knight.

Another victim in the incident was filmmaker Cle Sloan, who was left with mangled foot and head injuries. Well, the security footage video obtained from the incident showed the former Death Row Records Ceo running over the victims. Also, the eyewitness present at the spot stated the crash looked intentional.

Almost after three years of trial and proceedings, in September 2018, Knight pleaded no contest and the Judge sentenced him to 28 years in prison. He is currently imprisoned at RJ Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego.

Bailei Knight Was Horrified of Her Father’s Footage of Killing His Friends

It is heartbreaking to see your parents being charged with murder. And the case was the same for Bailei as well. She came to know about her father’s crime when she was just 12 and her mother reportedly sat her down to show the footage of her father’s car running over two men.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Michel’le Toussant revealed that the only reason she told her daughter the news of her father’s crime was because she didn’t want her to get to know about it from someone else. She said,

The moment I received the call saying what had happened with Suge, I knew I had to tell Bailei before anyone else did. I talk to her about everything. Children today are far, far smarter than I ever was, so it wasn’t an option for me to try and keep it from her. So I picked her up from school earlier than normal, sat her down and said everything that I knew.

After knowing about the incident, the first thing Bailei asked was about the two men and not her father. In a video recorded in CCTV cameras at Tam’s Burgers in Compton, Los Angeles, we can see Knight confronting Sloan in the parking lot after which he hits him with his red truck knocking him down.

There again, he ran over Sloan with his truck and also hit Terry Carter, 55, crushing his head.

Career: Bailei Does Odd Jobs To Support Herself

We rarely see celebrity kids work for nominal pay. But unlike most of the star kids, Bailei despite being the daughter of a successful singer and record producer works to support herself.

As per her Facebook profile, she works in the sales department of a shopping and retail company named Foot Locker. The online retail shop primarily sells footwear; sports shoes, and casual slippers as well.

Besides, she is still a teenager in high school and is still to get into a solid career.

Is She Dating a Boyfriend?

Well, talking of Bailei’s love life, she is already above 18, and a girl is pretty likely to have a boyfriend. But the case doesn’t apply to her. Going by what she has mentioned on her Facebook, she is single at present.

But again, there is an obvious question, has she ever been in a relationship? Unfortunately, there are no details on her past romantic relationship.