Vladimir Putin’s Late Brother Albert Putin: His Death, Parents, and Early Life

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Vladimir Putin’s Late Brother Albert Putin: His Death, Parents, and Early Life
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Albert Putin was the older brother of Russian president Vladimir Putin (aka Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin). His brother Vladimir was voted the most powerful politician in the world four times between 2013 and 2016 and is also the second-longest currently serving European president after Alexander Lukashenko. He has also been the part of Russian Intelligence Organization in the past.

Born as the first child of his parents, Vladimir Putin’s brother died in infancy. But still, being the oldest sibling of the powerful president of Russia, people do have curiosity about him.

So, today, in this article, we are talking about Vladimir Putin’s brother. Since Albert died as an infant, the below piece will focus more on his family background, siblings, and parents, and also on the Russian president’s political career.

Who Is Albert Putin?

He is the late older brother of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

When Was Vladimir Putin’s Brother Albert Putin Born?

He was born in 1930s.

Is Albert Putin Still Alive?

No, he is not alive. He died when he was just around a year old as an infant.

How Did Albert Die?

He died during his infancy reportedly because of starvation.

Albert Putin Died Soon After His Birth: His Family And Parents

Albert Putin was born eldest to his father Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and his mother Maria Ivanovna Putina in the 1930s. Around the time of his birth, his dad Vladimir was a conscript in the Soviet Navy and later served in the interior ministry of the Soviet Union, NKVD. While his mom Maria was a factory worker.

Albert Putin couldn't survived by his parents
Albert Putin Parents in their young age

Similarly, the newborn Albert was growing up under the care of his parents. But, unfortunately, Putin left the world before reaching 1 year of age. He, sadly, died as an infant. However, the cause of Albert’s death never came to the media.

Albert’s Family and Ancestry 

As per some researcher’s speculation, Albert’s ancestry may have some link with one of the oldest clans of Russia ‘The Putyanin Clan‘, which has a connection to all the European royal families.

Further, talking about his family background, his paternal grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich Putin was a Pominovo native who served as a personal chef for the Russian political theorist Vladimir Lenin and soviet union leader Joseph Stalin. Likewise, Albert’s paternal grandmother was Olga Ivanovna Chursanova.

In the same way, Putin’s grandparents from his mother’s side were Ivan Andreevich Shelomov and Elizaveta Alekseevna Buyanova. His maternal grandmother Elizaveta was killed in 1941 by the German Occupiers during World War II, while his maternal uncle disappeared amidst the war.

Albert Putin’s Siblings

Following his death, his parents welcomed two sons later, Viktor Putin and Vladimir Putin.

Viktor was his parent’s second child who was born in 1940. But sadly, Albert’s brother Viktor also died at the age of 2 in 1942 due to diphtheria and starvation during the Siege of Leningrad, a military blockade by Nazi Germany’s force in World War II. Later his family found out that Albert’s first sibling was buried at Piskarevskoye Commentary with 500,000 others.

Albert Putin was a oldest one among his parent's three sons
Albert Putin’s famous brother Vladimir Putin

Putin’s second brother Vladimir was the last and only living child of his parents. He was born on October 7 1952 in Leningrad Soviet Union which is now called Saint Petersburg, Russia, and is currently 70 years of age. As aforementioned, Putin is considered one of the World’s most powerful politicians. Let’s have a look at Albert Putin’s famous brother’s career.

Albert’s Brother, Vladimir Putin’s Short-Bio

Vladimir Putin, one of the world’s most famous politicians doesn’t need any introduction. As we all know, Putin is the current president of Russia. He has lately been considered the autocratic ruler due to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He started his career in 1975 by joining KGB, the Soviet Union’s main security agency. At first, he served at KGB as the second chief directorate and then transferred to the first chief directorate. After serving in KGB for almost 15 years, Vladimir slowly shifted to politics.

He later became the first deputy chairman of the Saint Petersburg Government. And then, he became the country’s prime minister in 1999 and was eventually elected as the president of Russia in March 2000. In the 2008 election, he lost his presidential position but, later in 2012, Albert’s brother was reelected as president. Again in the 2018 election, he was re-elected for fourth-term president. He is going to serve in the position till 2024.

Albert Putin’s Parents Survived The World War II; What Had They Gone Through?

During World War II, his parents lost almost their family members. Due to the Siege of Leningrad, they suffered a lot and somehow survived the situation.

Albert Putin's Parents were World War II survivor
Albert Putin’s parents with his youngest brother Vladimir

Several years after, Albert’s politician brother Vladimir talked about it. He told that his father had five brothers and all of them died during the war. He further said,

“I often heard grown-ups talking about it during my childhood. It was a catastrophe for the family. My mother lost her family too. No one in my family was left untouched by the siege. Everyone put up with sorrow, despair, tragedy.

According to Putin, the most surprising part about his parents was they never cursed the enemy despite losing all the family members in war. In this regard, the Russian president  stated,

 But the surprising thing is that they didn’t hate the enemy.”

Obvious is that the war resulted in despair and sorrow among the people. But looking at the politician’s statement about his parents, we can say that the sufferers did have a humanitarian value alive inside them.

Albert Putin’s Parents Are No Longer Alive; They Died In 1999

Born on February 23, 1911, Albert’s dad, Vladimir took his last breath at the age of 88. He died on August 2, 1999, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Likewise, Albert’s mother Maria also died in 1999, the same year her husband died. Though several online portals claimed her death in 1998, her son Vladimir’s statement in the essay published in Russkiy Pioneer magazine in 2008 cleared that she lived until 1999. Maria Ivanovna Shelomova’s body was buried at Serafimovskoye Kladbishche, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Is Albert’s Brother Vladimir Putin A Billionaire?

Albert’s brother Vladimir Putin is one of the wealthiest men in the world with an estimated net worth of $70 billion. He is also reported to have an asset worth $200 billion.

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