Where is Chelsea Conrad Now? Her Current Whereabouts

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Where is Chelsea Conrad Now? Her Current Whereabouts
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Chelsea Conrad is one of the daughters of the late actor, Robert Conrad and his second wife, LaVelda Fann. Now, as a child of two famous artists, her life has been an open book ever since a young girl. Although a few details here and there are yet to be disclosed, Chelsea often stays on the radar and knows how to make a grand entrance.

So, in this article, we will be discussing her early life as a star kid, her current whereabouts, and many more. Let’s dive right into the article below.

Profile Summary

FatherRobert Conrad
MotherLaVelda Fann
Siblings2 – Kaja Conrad and Camille Conrad
Half-Siblings4 – Joan Conrad, Nancy Conrad, Christian Conrad & Shane Conrad
Known ForThe daughter of actors, Robert Conrad & LaVeldaFann
Net WorthUnspecified

Chelsea Conrad’s Early Life And Parents

The Hawaiian Eye actor, Conrad, and his former wife, LaVelda Fann welcomed their daughter, Conrad around the 1980s. Due to privacy concerns, her exact date of birth is unknown. However, we believe that the star kid must be in her mid-to-late 30s as of 2024.

By birth, Conrad is an American national with a mix of German and Irish ethnic backgrounds.

Chelsea's mother and father
Actors, Robert Conrad and LaVelda Fann together

Education and College 

She went to Bret Harte High School in Calaveras County, California. Following that, Conrad did her further studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Conrad Has 3 Sisters & 4 Half-Siblings; Who Are They?

The star kid grew up alongside her two sisters, Kaja Conrad, and Camille Conrad. They had a lovely bond growing up. 

Keeping her own siblings aside, Chelsea also has 4 other half-siblings. Her dad was previously married to his first five, Joan Kenlay, and gave birth to two daughters and two sons. Joan Conrad, Nancy Conrad, Christian Conrad, and Shane Conrad are the names of her older half-siblings.

Robert Conrad’s Daughter Chelsea Conrad Is An Interior Designer

Chelsea is an interior designer by profession. Her official page for work goes by the name, @circdeco on Instagram. It is a Nashville-based company that specializes in creating chic and sustainable interiors.

Moreover, if you go through the posts on her page, you can see how beautiful her work is. She really is the talented daughter of Robert. Hopefully, in the days to come, her business will grow twice – all the best to her.

C. Conrad as an interior designer
The proud designer of a refurbished kitchen – Chelsea flaunting her work

Who is Chelsea Conrad Dating in 2024?

Going through her Instagram profile, we found some lovey-dovey pictures of her with a guy, posted in Jan 2023. Chelsea wrote in the caption,

“There are absolutely no words to describe the amount of light you’ve brought into my life.”

Chelsea and her partner
The lovely picture of an alleged duo

Although Conrad doesn’t reveal her boyfriend’s name, the two seem to be much into each other.  

Conrad and Her Former Boyfriend Noah Szubski Had Some Legal Drama

Before coming together with her current partner, Chelsea was in a relationship with her former beau Noah Szubsuki. Her former bf Noah used to work for the Daily Mail Online as an executive.

As per sources, the former flames dated for years before their long-term relationship ended around 2015. Following their breakup, a series of unnecessary legal battles began between the two.

To further elaborate, while together, the ex-couple had adopted a dog, who later became an integral part of their lives. So, obviously, after separating, the former love birds fought hard to decide who was going to take their pet – that’s when things got ugly.

Apparently, Szubuski took this whole matter to court. As per sources, Noah was demanding full custody of their pet. This did not sit right with Conrad. Surprisingly enough, Chelsea related the whole fiasco to her ex-boyfriend not being able to perform well in bed.

In an official statement, she said,

“…was unable to achieve and maintain an erection, so [Conrad] and [he] were only intimate about four times per year for three years.”

At last, it was actually Conrad who won the legal battle and got to take her 5-year-old Doberman home. 

How Was Conrad’s Relationship With Her Late Father Robert? 

The late actor Conrad was close to each one of his kids. However, Chelsea seemed to have shared a deeper, meaningful bond with him, above all her other siblings. Even presently, the designer constantly shares pictures of her late father on her Instagram.

After the death of the Wild Wild West star on 8th February 2020, the whole world was stunned. Nonetheless, we cannot compare this with the hurt his daughter might have had to go through after his passing away. Moreover, even after 3 years of his demise, the celebrity daughter still seems to miss her dad dearly.

Where Is Chelsea Conrad Today?

As per her Instagram, Conrad lives around Nashville currently. Knowing that her work is based in the city, it is pretty obvious that Conrad calls Tennessee her home these days.

Robert Conrad's 3 daughters
Chelsea with her sisters, Kaja and Camille


How many daughters did Robert Conrad have with LaVelda Fann?

The actor had 3 daughters- Kaja, Camille, and Chelsea with his ex-wife Fann.

Is Chelsea Conrad also an actor like her parents?

No, Chelsea is an interior designer living in Nashville, Tennessee.

How much is Chelsea’s net worth?

She is said to have inherited her late dad’s $10 million fortune and is an heir to her mother’s $2 million net worth.

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