Who Is Daniel LaBelle’s Wife? His Love Life & Relationship

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Who Is Daniel LaBelle’s Wife? His Love Life & Relationship
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Daniel LaBelle’s wife, Bailey LaBelle is somewhat a content creator just like her husband. In the meantime, his spouse LaBella is also a development specialist and a mother to a son.

Speaking of her husband, Daniel LaBelle is a social media influencer, comedian, and photographer from Kenosha County, Wisconsin. People note him for sharing comedy and stunt videos on social media platforms. LaBelle admittingly is a physical comedian as most of his content includes physical activities.

But let’s redirect our attention to the couple, Daniel and Bailey, and explore their relationship in depth. En route also delve into the fascinating intricacies of their origin story, when they exactly married, and the current state of their union. Additionally, it would be valuable to learn more about Bailey as an individual.

Daniel LaBelle Wife Bailey LaBelle; Their Wedding

LaBelle is the husband of a development specialist, Bailey LaBelle, born Oct 8, 1993. Although it is unclear when and how Daniel and Bailey met, the couple married on Oct 21, 2016. Together, they are also parents to a son, James David whom the husband and wife welcomed on Dec 28, 2021.

Mrs. LaBelle also occasionally collaborates with her husband and as a result, the development specialist has gained a substantial following on Instagram and TikTok.

Physical comedian Daniel LaBelle with his wife Bailey and their son in Sep 2022
Development specialist Bailey LaBelle with her husband Daniel LaBelle and their son on Sep 2022. Instagram

Daniel LaBelle’s wife Bailey herself is a content creator who shares her daily lifestyle theme videos on her bailey_nicole_labelle TikTok account. Through her socials, Daniel’s life partner Bailey also shares her past battles with Fertility and how the duo got through it.

Besides, both Daniel and his wife Bailey are devout Christians.

Daniel LaBelle Wife Bailey Was Athletic In High School And College

Bailey studied at Zion Benton Township High School (2008 to 2012). Daniel LaBelle’s spouse Bailey was also on the Varsity Track and Field, Basketball, and Softball. She was additionally on the Honor Society.

She likewise is a former student at Carthage College (2012 to 2016). The wife of a physical comedian, who belonged to Alpha Lambda Delta Fraternity, was also on the varsity track and field as well as an intervarsity Christian fellowship.

Daniel LaBelle wife Bailey LaBelle was on varsity track and field during high school and college, Daniel LaBelle's Wife
Daniel LaBelle’s wife Bailey LaBelle studied at Zion Benton Township High School. Instagram

Bailey formerly worked as a development specialist at Friends Of Alliance. She likewise served the same role for Uline and The Club at Strawberry Creek.

In the past, Bailey was a lifeguard at Port Shiloh Pool in Zion Illinois too. Following that the celebrity spouse worked as a Beverage Cart Attendant at Strawberry Creek in Bristol Wisconsin. In the meantime, Bailey was also a babysitter at several Private Homes. She furthermore was an associate at Uline in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin.

What Does She Do Now?

Daniel’s spouse now works as a development specialist at Care Net Family Resource Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She apparently has been with the company since Mar 2020.

Daniel LaBelle’s Wife is on Instagram

Daniel LaBelle clearly thrives on social media. Through his socials, the social media icon also promotes brands such as Amazon and Old Spice.

Meanwhile, his wife, Bailey as mentioned is also as active on Instagram as her comedian husband. In fact, Bailey often pops up in some form in her partner’s shenanigans be it on Youtube or other likewise platforms. However, unlike Daniel’s Instagram, her social media mostly includes stills of her husband and their newly born baby.

Like Daniel LaBelle, Bailey LaBelle also uses Instagram and she has over 20,000 followers, Daniel LaBelle's Wife
Bailey LaBelle with her and Daniel LaBelle’s son. Instagram

Occasionally, Bailey also shares what her family really looks like, her parents, and others. From her Instagram, one could easily deduce that Mrs. LaBelle holds her family really close to her heart as well as her love for God. All in all, Bailey’s life is pretty expressive over on her Ig handle.


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