Who Is Gilligan Stillwater? Marriage, Career, & Husband Billy Gibbons

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Who Is Gilligan Stillwater? Marriage, Career, & Husband Billy Gibbons
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Gilligan Stillwater is famous around the world as the wife of music legend, Billy Gibbons. She was rarely in the spotlight, however, after they got married, she started appearing quite a lot.

In many of the events, we can see her with her spouse, looking all gorgeous. Billy sure is lucky to have her in his life. She is beautiful, intelligent, and supportive of her husband.

Today we’re going to find out all the intricate details about Gilligan and know in detail about her married life.

Who is Gilligan Stillwater? Her birth name is different

We all know Gilligan as the wife of Billy Gibbons. Her husband is a renowned musician who is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, ZZ Top. While talking about her upbringing, she was born and raised in the United States.

Born in March 1965, her birth name is Ellen J. Oetjen. Later on down the line, she changed her name to Gilligan Stillwater due to undisclosed reasons.

What is Gilligan’s ethnic background?

Billy’s wife belongs to German ancestry. Her surname traces its origin in the state of Bavaria in Germany. Several generations back, her ancestors moved to the US.

Upon marrying Billy, she moved to Texas and resides there at the moment.

What about her family? Siblings and Parents

We all know how celebrities tend to keep their personal life behind closed doors and Gilligan has done an exceptional job at that. There is literally no information out there regarding her biological parents and siblings if she has any.

On the other hand, her husband Billy also rarely talks about his wife’s family.

Gilligan Stillwater married Billy in 2005

Billy was never in a committed long-term relationship before he got his eyes on Gilligan. After he started dating Gilligan, he knew she was the one. Consequently, he decided to settle down at the ripe age of 54.

The lovebirds exchanged vows in a super-secret ceremony on December 14th, 2005. It was the first wedding for both Stillwater and Billy. Since marriage, there has been no news about any sorts of marital problems between the duo.

Gilligan is happily married to Billy Gibbons since 2005
Gilligan is happily married to Billy Gibbons since 2005

We can say they are living a happy married life.

As for why Billy waited so long before tying the knot and what made him change his mind, he told Rolling Stones,

“I could have gone down the aisle a number of times, but I came to the conclusion that this life is too short and you got to do everything you can while you can. I finally said, ‘Ok, let’s try it out.’ It’s been a splendid thing.”

How and since when are Gilligan and Billy dating?

Gilligan and Billy first came across in the late 80s. At the time when they first met, Gilligan was only 15. As she was underage, Billy refrained from engaging in a sexual act with Gilligan until she comes off age.

As for Gilligan, she was kind of intimated by Billy at first because of his sensational career. However, a few meetings in Europe made them a little bit closer. Gilligan eventually fell for him.

Another interesting part about their relationship is that it was Stillwater’s grandma who indirectly influenced Billy to marry Gilligan. The story went, Billy and Stillwater once visited her 100-year-old grandmother who asked when is he going to marry her granddaughter. Upon hearing such words, he felt it was time. Subsequently, he proposed and they got married.

Does Gilligan Stillwater share any kid with Billy?

As of 2021, the husband and wife of approximately 16-years are yet to become a parent. And it looks like we won’t be seeing any kids for a foreseeable future.

Gilligan was only 15 when she first came across Billy
Gilligan was only 15 when she first came across Billy

Given Billy and Stillwater’s age, it is naturally hard for them to bring forth a biological kid. Nevertheless, there are options of adopting kids. Many celebrities opt for this method and who knows, maybe Stillwater and her husband might do the same.

Confusion regarding if Gilligan Stillwater wrote the hit song, Missin’ Yo Kissin’ or not

Many of you might have heard that Stillwater is the one behind the hit song by ZZ Top, Missin’ Yo Kissin’. The song was released in 2018 and performed during Billy’s 2018 tour.

However, it was later found ‘Miz Gilly’ was the one who wrote the song. She came up with the song whilst waiting at the lobby of Foam Box Studios.

Now some people speculate Mizz Gilly is Gilligan’s nickname while many begs to differ.

How Much Is Gilligan Stillwater’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, Gilligan has a net worth estimated at $2 million. She makes money mostly from her career as a manager.