Truth About Steelo Brim’s Wife? His Gay Rumors, Girlfriend, & More

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Truth About Steelo Brim’s Wife? His Gay Rumors, Girlfriend, & More
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Sterling “Steelo” Brim is an all-rounding American TV personality. In addition to being a comedian actor, Brim is a TV producer as well. He is famous through MTV’s comedy clip show, Ridiculousness. Despite his great success in acting, fans are always eager to learn about Steelo’s wife and the girlfriends he has dated so far.

Despite all the proof of his romantic engagements, there is a range of media & fans who believe Brim is gay. So, is there any possibility of him being gay?  

Therefore, to get a better perspective on the subject matter and find out the actual truth about Brims’ marriage, wife, girlfriend, & gay rumors, stay tuned with us. Let’s find out all his secrets. 

Steelo Brim Does Not Have A Wife As He Is Unmarried

As we said Steelo is not married yet. He is 34 years old in the present day and has achieved a lot since he entered showbiz as a 19-year-old boy. From his first role in the movie, Hardball, to co-hosting a comedy show on MTV, Brim has seen it all. Now, the only question that has been left unanswered in his life is the question of marriage.

However, he sure is in a loving relationship with a fashion blogger and Instagram model, Alahna Jade. So, does he plan to marry his present girlfriend soon? Keep reading to find all the answers.

Steelo Brim’s Girlfriend, Alahna Jade; When Did Steelo Begin Dating Her?

As we have already mentioned, the beautiful blogger-cum-model, Alahna Jade is the present love interest of Brim. So, how and when did they first start to date? This question is a mystery in itself.

Beauty blogger, Alahna is Steelo Brim's present gf
A lovey-dovey picture of Brim with his present love interest, Alahna Jade

On 27th September 2020, Brim posted some tweets that hinted at him having a girlfriend. As per the actual tweet, Brim asked his fans a question – “Why do white people think Tabasco sauce is hot sauce?”. Following this, one user suggested he get the answer from “the one he is dating”. To this, Steelo casually replied,

Awwww u mad. And who do I date? My gf is black but I’ll wait.

Moreover, this tweet of his definitely suggested him of being in a relationship with someone – we just did not know it was Alahna at that time.

After a series of such subtle tweets, Brim took his time to show off his gorgeous girlfriend on Instagram. In 2023, the couple is believed to have been together for almost 3 years. Both Alahna and Sterling often post cute pictures of them being madly in love with each other on their social media accounts. And, fans agree, that the two love birds do look wonderful together!

MTV’s Ridiculousness Actor, Brim Is A Step-Dad To His Partner’s Son

In addition to dating his girlfriend, Alahna, Brim became a stepdad to her already existing son. Although the actual name of Jade’s son is unknown, we sure know that Steelo is a good father figure in the little boy’s life.

Alahna's son is Steelo Brim's step son
A lovely family of 3 – Brim, his girlfriend, Alahna, and her son

Furthermore, he often posts cute pictures with his stepson – proof that he is no less than a dad to his girlfriend’s kid. Not only this, but the comedian also has accepted him as a part of his family. On the Christmas of 2022, Brim, his partner, Alahna, and her son were pictured together as a happy family wearing matching holiday pajamas.

Is Steelo Planning To Go Get Married To His Girlfriend Alahna?

Although we are still uncertain, it is believed that Steelo started dating Alahna in 2020. Therefore, in 2023, the couple could celebrate their 3 years of togetherness. However, we have not yet come across the news of Brim marrying Jade anytime soon. Yes, the pair is head over heels for one another but they also seem to be taking time and being patient in their relationship together. For now, as Steelo’s fans, all we can do is wait and hope for the best for him and his partner.

Brim’s Failed Engagement With Conna Walker

He might not be married today but Steelo Brim almost got married to his ex-girlfriend in the past. Before Alahna and her son came into Brim’s life, he was committed to another woman. Conna Walker, the CEO of House of CB, was once the woman who swept this podcaster off his feet. He even planned to marry her in the past but things did not work out well.

Fashion designer, Walker is Brim's ex-gf
Steelo Brim’s ex-partner, Conna Walker – she is the CEO of House of CB

2015 was the year Steelo begin dating fashion designer, Walker. In less than a year, in 2016, the news of him proposing to his then-girlfriend surfaced on the Internet. Moreover, it was actually Brim who confirmed his engagement rumors through his Twitter. The now-deleted tweets were posted around May 2016.

The former couple never really hesitated to express their love for each other. Both Conna and Sterling often flaunted the good parts of their relationship, either through tweets or posts on Instagram. So, what went wrong?

The actual reason that led to the end of Brim’s relationship with Walker is not well known. Moreover, fans speculated about their separation when both of them deleted their lovey-dovey tweets from Twitter around early 2020.

Steelo Brim Gay Rumors; Everything You Need To Know

Some time back, a ridiculous rumor broke out claiming that the Ridiculousness co-host, Steelo is gay. Nevertheless, this was just a rumor and not the truth – Brim never complied with whatever other people were talking about him.

"Ridiculousness" co-host and producer, Sterling Brim
Sterling “Steelo” Brim – podcaster, comedian, and actor

Furthermore, it was actually the rumor of Sterling kissing another man on his show that led his fans into thinking he might be gay. Maybe it was just a one-time thing, we do not know the full story.


Is Sterling “Steelo” Brim married?

No, as of 2023, Sterling “Steelo” Brim is not married.

Who is Brim girlfriend?

Brim is dating his girlfriend, Alahna Jade. She is a beauty/fashion blogger and an Instagram model.

When did Steelo begin dating Alahna Jade?

Steelo began dating his current partner, Jade in 2020.

Does he have a kid?

Brim is the stepfather of his partner’s already existing son.

Who is Sterling’s ex-girlfriend?

CEO of House of CB, Conna Walker is Sterling Brim’s ex-girlfriend.

Is Steelo gay?

No, he is not gay. He is a straight man with a girlfriend.

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