What Is Stan Cadwallader Net Worth?

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What Is Stan Cadwallader Net Worth?
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Down lies a full detail on Stan Cadwallader’s net worth; something that has been the topic of concern ever since the death of his late partner Jim Nabors. While Nabors himself was quite wealthy with a net worth of over $40 million, just how much he left to his widower Cadwallader is a question that many have been asking lately.
There are also several properties of Nabors the fate which hasn’t been decided yet or the will of the late singer and actor for that matters. Read all these in the deep dive ahead.

What Is Stan Cadwallader Net Worth?

Cadwallader’s net worth could be anywhere from tens of millions of dollars to some $20 or $30 million. While it’s natural for people to assume Cadwallader’s personal net worth must have increased after the death of his celebrity partner Jim Nabors whose wealth during his death equaled about $40 million, it is unclear what portion of that did Stan inherit.

It nevertheless is certain that the wealth Cadwallader received from his dead partner is no minor sum. There are also several properties of Jim Nabors to consider when speaking of his widower’s net worth.

The late actor and singer Jim Nabors with his partner Stan Cadwallader
Supposedly a millionaire Stan Cadwallader with his partner Stan Cadwallader.

As such a couple of years after Jim’s death, his family members presumably including Cadwallader listed the late singer’s beachfront property in Diamond Head, Hawaii for close to $15 million. Other notable assets were a farm in Hana on Maui and a home in Montana. Worth mentioning is because of Stan and Jim’s marriage, according to Pay Tax Later, no Federal or Hawaiian estate or inheritance taxes are due at death because of the unlimited marital deduction.

Nevertheless, since Jim’s family is yet to publicize his will, it remains a mystery how rich Stan Cadwallader has really become.

Stan Cadwallader Is From Michigan

Jim’s husband Stan Cadwallader was born Stanley D Cadwallader on Nov 30, 1948. He spent most of his childhood in the state of Michigan. He studied at Petoskey High School in Petoskey Michigan.

Cadwallader later moved to Hawaii and it was where he met his future husband Jim Nabors. But before that, Stan was working in the Honolulu fire department and was living in a boat.

Actor, singer, and comedian Jim Nabors with his partner Stan Cadwallader.
Former fire department worker Stan Cadwallader with his late partner and actor and singer Jim Nabors. Civil Beat

Cadwallader and Jim met in July 1975. The two crossed each other’s paths at the Ala Moana shopping center. They next remained a couple for 38 years before tying the knot on January 15th, 2013. They had their wedding at Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle. The ceremony came a month after the state of Washington legalized gay weddings.


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