Who Is Nicole Linton Husband? Details On Her Boyfriend and Dating Life

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Who Is Nicole Linton Husband? Details On Her Boyfriend and Dating Life
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Nicole Linton gained notoriety for an unfortunate car crash in August 2022, and she was eventually charged with 6 counts of murder and 5 counts of vehicular manslaughter. Battered with multiple accidents prior and ravaged with mental issues, the question remains to be asked: who is she, and who is Nicole Linton husband?

Prior to the accident, Nicole Linton had been rumored to have a wild college and love life. It was even rumored that Nicole Linton had a husband and that she was reportedly linked to a famous Olympian athlete.

So, the question remains to be asked; who is Nicole Linton husband? Who is her Olympics’ athlete boyfriend?

Who is Nicole Linton Husband?

Nicole Linton was never married, but she was in a long-term relationship with Germaine Mason, a well-known Olympic player. Nicole Linton reportedly had planned to marry Germaine Mason, and they were on excellent terms in their relationship. But things took a turn for the worse for both of them; Germain Mason died in 2017. Things started getting worse for Nicole after this incident, after already being battered with mental issues.

Nicole Linton Late Partner Germaine Mason

Germaine Mason was a well-known Olympic player who represented his home country of Jamaica. He was a track and field athlete and had won a silver Olympic medal for his country. This special feat made him very famous in his home country.

Nicole Linton’s long-term boyfriend, the Olympic medal-winning Germaine Mason

His friends described him as a kind soul with a fire inside him for competition. Unfortunately, his stellar career never saw him leap above the stars, as he died in an unfortunate motorcycle accident in 2017.

What happened to Nicole Linton after her boyfriend’s death?

Despite suffering from declining mental health, people called her a very kind person with a beautiful soul even after the accident. She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder after this incident. Witnesses close to her said that her behavior had changed after the death of her long-time partner.

Her family also claims that she suffered from an epilepsy seizure in 2018.

Who Nicole Linton dated in the past?

Friends close to her claim that her college life was filled with multiple love interests throughout the 4 years of college. People say she definitely had her fun share of college life. However, Nicole was a bright student by all means. She did very well in college and even got on the Dean’s list at Howard. But at the same time, she was plagued with mental health issues in and out of college. Friends of hers claim that she used to be wild and would be partying out all night every night.

After college, she also worked as a waitress in a stripper joint. This has led to speculation that she also had multiple relationships with men who would frequent the stripper’s joint. However, any sources claiming this haven’t been verified.

Who is Nicole Linton dating now?

Though her mental health was in decline after the death of her long-time partner, Nicole Linton did have a boyfriend prior to the infamous crash. Reportedly, she had fought with her boyfriend prior to the crash. Her family also point out that she showed signs of epilepsy and seizure before the crash. However, this remains to be verified by the lawyers and medical examiners.

Either way, it doesn’t look like Nicole Linton is looking to get into the dating life, as she has currently more important issues to confront. Her boyfriend’s identity is currently not known.