Who Is Kat Stickler? Her Bio, Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Who Is Kat Stickler? Her Bio, Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth
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Kat Stickler is a TikTok comedian, mother, an SNL cast member, and a Florida-based influencer. Stickler has close to 9 million followers on Tiktok, almost 1 million on Instagram, and a little less than 50 thousand subs on YouTube.

The brunette Stickler is definitely worth the look at TikTok. Over at the platform, Kat is known for making hilarious impressions of her mom, for her witty banter, lip-synch routines, pranking her close ones, and keeping it as real as possible.

She is also known through her YouTube channel where she conducts frequent q and a’s, addresses her viewers and also shares just about what is going on with her life. Take a look at all those things in addition to having a detailed wiki about Kat Stickler; starting from her parents, her career, marriage, motherhood, divorce, how rich has she become, and all.

Kat Stickler Is Hispanic From Her Mother’s Side 

Kat is the daughter of a Hispanic mother which she says helped her to become fluent in Spanish. She also has a younger brother, Chris.

Stickler though really hasn’t mentioned who her father is. The now 27 years old, Kat was born in Oct 1994 in Miami, Florida.

Though her Facebook says she is a native of Honolulu, Hawaii. As for her education, Kat reportedly went to Kaimuki High School and later studied at the University of Miami from where she graduated in 2016.

How Kat Stickler Started Her TikTok Career? 

Kat during an interview revealed she started her career as a TikTok influencer in May or June 2020. She added the idea came to her when she was at home in quarantine during the pandemic 2020 and was looking for a creative outlet.

Tiktok felt like a safe space and I just let loose!

said the Florida-born Ig star. Kat once admitted she knew her TikTok would get big as she’d admired and learned from the app. She thought hers was also going to resonate with a lot of people.

Tiktoker with almost 9 million followers and an Instagram influencer from Miami, Kat Stickler.
27 years old TikToker and YouTuber from Miami Florida, Kat Stickler.

And the Youtuber believes it sure has. Kat has stated she wants to stick to providing people with comic relief since it makes her feel “so good.”

Stickler Was A Law Student 

Before TikTok, Kat used to be a law student while her ex-husband ran his own sales team; he was a director of business development. Kat says by studying law, she was trying to be a perfect version of herself but stopped once she was pregnant with her daughter.

While she admits everything she had thought of doing went out of the window, once she knew she was having a baby she decided to go with the flow. This would also become the point where she thought of becoming an influencer.

27 years old TikToker and YouTuber from Miami Florida, Kat Stickler.
An Instagram influencer with close to 1 million followers Kat Stickler. Instagram

Within less than a year, she and her former partner had amassed millions of followers on TikTok and a couple of hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.

After her newfound fame alongside her ex-husband, Kat quit her lawyer aspirations and shifted herself to becoming a full-time content creator.

Stickler Married And Became Pregnant With Her Ex-Husband All Within Three Months   

Kat was married to a former content creator, Mike Stickler with whom she made several skits. Kat and her ex-husband Mike’s initial relationship happened rather quickly with the couple meeting, getting married, and expecting a baby all within a span of three months.

During the 2020 global lockdown, Kat and her ex-spouse Mike also managed to become an overnight sensation with their viral comedic videos about their marriage. The ex-couple collaborations went on to garner millions of views and likewise followers.

HGTV Obsessed co host, Kat Stickler with her ex-husband and fellow social media star, Mike Stickler. 

She and Mike when together would also welcome a daughter, MK, Mary Katherine in Nov 2019. Kat’s popularity also grew after started sharing her pregnancy journey with her fans.

She and her baby father were also the hosts of HGTV’s podcast, HGTV Obsessed.

27 years old Instagram influencer, Kat with her daughter Mary Katherine from her marriage with ex-husband Mike Stickler
Kat with her and her ex-husband, Mike’s daughter Mary Katherine.

Of her job on HGTV, Kat once admitted she had never thought of being on the show. When together Kat and Mike also launched a series,  Things I Love About My Husband on their YouTube channel.

Their Divorce And The Reasons 

For all that they were looking like the “it couple” to many of their followers, Kat Stickler and Mike regardless would part away in March 2021. The parents of one daughter surprised many of their followers when both of them came out publicly to announce their partition.

Whilst announcing her break up with the father of her daughter, Kat said

Hey guys, we just wanted to come on here and address some of the rumors about Michael and I being separated.

Kat then added the hearsays, “unfortunately” were true and that she and Mike were indeed separating. She said by confirming their breakup she and her ex-husband were trying to be transparent with their followers who had been with them from the beginning.

Kat and Mike, nonetheless, are still co-parenting their daughter, MK. While neither Mike nor Stickler revealed the real reason behind their split, the latter once while talking about the separation implied that the separation might have something to do with him.

When Mike revealed the breakup through his own video he said how Kat was not at fault for whatever happened but it was him who needed to work on his own life regarding a lot of issues. Part of the reason Kat hasn’t talked about the cause behind her divorce is that she and her husband apparently
has signed an NDA with respect to their separation.

Kat Stickler Is Already With Her New Boyfriend

After the divorce, Kat during an interview confessed she was struggling with coming up with new ideas for her social media. She, though, said one can also be funny on their own and while it sucks to be single, people can still find laughter.

For a while, Kat appeared all alone on her socials post her divorce from her ex-husband Mike. Then in Sep 2021, the mother of one gave a hint that she might be already with a new partner.

Kat with her new partner and Miami based engineer, Cam Winter.
Kat Stickler with her new boyfriend Cam Winter.

And eventually, the theory turned out to be a reality as Kat was evidently dating her best friend’s brother, Cam Winter.

Stickler took a while to announce her relationship with her boyfriend Winter. Earlier she had made several TikTok videos with her new boyfriend, Cam’s face cropped out. Cam’s an engineer from Tampa, Florida.

Kat Says She Loves Instagram Of All

While Kat is abundant across all of the social media outlets, the Miami native says her favorite is the image-sharing space, Instagram which to her apparently seems more personal and also the place where she gets to interact with her followers more through DMs and comments.

Most of her posts include her short skits, her behind-the-camera updates, and pictures of Kat with her daughter, boyfriend, and her mother, among others.

How Rich Is Kat Stickler; What Is Her Net Worth? 

While a decided summing up of Kat’s overall net worth might still take some time to be out in the open, one can nonetheless see clearly that Stickler is in a good place in terms of financial securities.

Estimates regardless believe she very well might have a net worth somewhere from a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars to as high as $1 million.

All the brand promotions, her above-the-average vacations, and the occasional glimpses of her home do tell that Kat is anything but a financially struggling social media star.

Thanks to the perks of being a social media star, she & her former partner were also able to upgrade their abode from a 600-square-foot apartment to a home where her daughter had plenty of room to run around.


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